Newsletter Engaging minds. Nurturing success. Inspiring futures. 3. Newsletter . December 2016. Dear

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    December 2016


    REMINDER If you have a child in Year 4 the closing date for applications to transfer school is

    Sunday 15 January 2017

    Goldington Academy has won the Sporting School of the Year 2016 award at the 21st annual Bedford Sports Awards. Our success is down to many factors: over the last year, Goldington Academy was District and/or County winner and/or runner-up in a wide range of sports, including: football, dodgeball, netball, sports hall athletics, athletics, rounders, rugby, tennis and cricket. 50% of our students took part in our wide ranging extra-curricular sports programme. We take part in the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme, and many Year 8 pupils train as sports leaders, with several leaders from Years 7 & 8 helping to run a range of sports clubs for younger pupils.

    We would like to thank the team of staff who help run all our sports programmes, as well as our parents and carers for the support they give us. Mrs Chapman and Mr Lodder

    Engaging minds. Nurturing success. Inspiring futures.

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    Hold the front page!

    Goldington Academy has just been announced as Bedford Sports School of the Year 2016 at the Bedford Sports Awards! I am delighted and very proud of all our staff and, of course, all our students to win this prestigious award! In the words of one of our parents: “Well deserved. They encourage kids of all talents to get involved, be competitive and be proud.”

    So much has happened in 2016: a successful Ofsted; excellent SATs results; additional funding secured for our school and an impressive array of extra-curricular opportunities for our children. This term alone, I have enjoyed drama performances at Bedford Modern School, numerous sporting victories, an informal music concert in our splendid new drama studio, and Year 8 pupils delivering the Anne Frank Exhibition – to name but a few!

    Picking highlights from 2016 is very difficult, but I am always pleased to see new initiatives. Performing ‘Annie’ at The Place Theatre on Bradgate Road was fabulous, as was rewarding more than 300 students at our four awards evenings in July. A favourite of mine is taking almost every Year 5 student to The Chellington Centre (for only £25), where they have the opportunity to enjoy an overnight residential with their new class-mates. Looking ahead, I am excited about our upcoming trips to Holland (hockey) and Andorra (skiing) in 2017 and 2018.

    In the past term we have held no fewer than five separate information or open evenings; key to ensure that yourselves as parents/carers are kept informed about our transition to being an 11-16 secondary school by September 2019. I currently estimate that 140 of the 162 students in Year 8 will stay with us to complete their GCSEs and, with our last 13 teaching appointments all being secondary trained, we are in the perfect position to become an outstanding secondary school.

    If you aware of a family who would like their child to join Goldington Academy at any point, then please be in contact with my PA, Ms Tanya Fearon on the following address: I would also like to remind you that the deadline for applications into Year 5 next year is Sunday 15 January 2017.

    I would like to finish by wishing you all a very peaceful and restful Christmas period from all the staff at Goldington Academy. We look forward to seeing your child return to us on Wednesday 4 January 2017.



    Engaging minds. Nurturing success. Inspiring futures.

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    December 2016

    Dear parents and carers, The end of a calendar year is often a time for reflection and, as I look back at the achievements of the school over 2016, I am humbled by all the dedication shown by our senior leaders, staff and governors. So much work has gone on behind the scenes to ensure that our school is ready to take on the challenges of 2017. At our summer strategy morning, senior leaders and governors were considering who we are, who we wanted to be in the future, what our vision was, and how we could express this in our communications. After much deliberation and brain- storming we decided on the following:

    Engaging minds. Nurturing success. Inspiring futures.

    These words encapsulate us as a school and are lived out in practice on a daily basis. I would like to thank our school community for making us the success we are and I am confident that this energy, commitment and skill will take us successfully into our new phase as a secondary provider, a school that does all of the above, which will continue to evolve and develop, and be one in which all our students will thrive. If you would like to be part of this journey in a more active way, we are currently holding a parent-governor election: please do respond to the recent letter you will have received. If you would like more information, don't hesitate to contact me via the school office, leaving your contact details.

    I wish you all a very happy Christmas and peaceful new year. Warmest regards,

    Diane Field, Chair of Governors



    Throughout the past couple of weeks, a number of Year 8s have been involved in our own engineering club. A company called AECOM, which has been helping us with this competition, has come in every week to talk to us about engineering and the competition itself. The competition is very creative. We have to make a ‘marble challenge’. The marble challenge is where we have to make our own model which can carry 100 marbles in the quickest time possible. There are set rules such as how many bridges we can have and which exits the marbles take. There are a couple of obstacles we have to take on, like how will we get our marbles across the river? This engineering opportunity is a great way to get involved and be creative with science. Lamees

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    As a STEM ambassador, I have participated in a lot of clubs to do with science, e.g. the robotics and science club. Being a STEM ambassador means enjoying the riches of science and teaching it to others. A key STEM ambassador role is to get others included in science activities like the extreme Year 6 science club. This science club, which I run along with Alisha and Taylor-Jane, is a thriving opportunity for Year 6 students to get involved and have fun. Recently, the Year 6 science club has had a smashing time learning about thrust with balloons and straw, and how the air of the balloon is pushed out. We hope to carry on these types of experiments and practicals throughout many weeks.

    Also, as a STEM ambassador, I give one-to-one tutoring to a younger pupil. Whilst doing this, my student and I did a lot of fun science experiments. Another advantage of being a STEM ambassador is helping out in the Year 4 day: this is where a lower school visits and tours the school, taking part in many subject areas. In the science department, we did a very exciting practical where we discovered which type of crisp had the most carbohydrates and nutrients, by setting the crisps alight. This was a fun day for the Year 4s, and even the STEM ambassadors. Being a STEM ambassador is not just about the opportunities you can take, but also the fun and the experience of helping others. Overall, being a STEM ambassador is a great thing to do, and an engaging activity for others and yourself!

    STEM AMBASSADOR (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)


    Since last year, Goldington has been running our all-girls robotics team, Girlbots. This year has been the second year of taking part and the club has been a tremendous success. Our team is trying to show how engineering isn’t just for boys: we can do just as well! An example of this was last year’s competition against other schools with our robot, in which we did extremely well and were even invited to California to compete against other schools. Unfortunately, we only had 3 weeks’ notice, so we were not able to go; however it was an honour even to be asked. For our next competition, we are going to Essex on the 18 January, where we hope to amaze ourselves again and do as well as we did last time. Each year there is a different task for the robots to do in the competition. Last year, we had to program ours to shoot balls in a net over a bar; this year, it is a little more complicated. Our task is to start on one half of the bar separating the court into two, from where we will have to grab star-shaped objects and throw them over to our opponent’s side of the bar. There will be a near zone and a far zone to throw it to (the near zone earning fewer points and the far zone earning you more). However, that is not all of it: there will also be quite a large and heavy beanbag that we have to throw over the bar, which produces more points for us. Lockheed Martin, an engineering company, has been a huge help by giving us a large donation so we could buy more parts to add to the robot. Right now, our robot is fully built and we are just waiting for it to be programmed. Like anyone would, I feel extremely lucky to be a part of this and can’t wait until our upcoming competition. Wish us luck! Tilly

    Engaging minds. Nurturing success. Inspiring futures.

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    December 2016


    Year 8 pupils performed an