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    BACKGROUND/INTRODUCTIONThe business environment has grown increasingly and fiercely competitive to meet the emerging challenges

    and face the competence of the opposite team. The situation has forced companies to go for outsourcing

    way and to concentrate on the core competency. However, there are certain activities that companies want

    to keep with themselves as it is considered to be integral part of the company's existence. When it comes tothe maintenance and welfare of the employees, a company cannot take any risk and likes to have a

    continuity perspective.

    Keeping in mind the difficulty of tax calculation, various regulatory formalities and salary structure

    variation, companies are looking for a whole sole payroll management system that can take care all of it.

    Many companies have come forward to extend their lending hand in developing a payroll software

    solution, suitable for all salary processing matters.

    It provides you the state of art graphical user interface based Payroll Management System that are

    especially designed to take over the monthly pressure of a company's personnel or finance department. The

    system has entrusted people with more work and delegation to the work on important issues i.e. business of

    the organization can be done quite easily through this system.

    Through this system, a company can better manage its payroll system and makes this complicated function

    a lot easier. The purpose of the software is to provide user-friendly, and other user-definable preferences

    such as Salary Heads and Salary structures, huge library of periodical statutory reports required under PF &

    ESI, TDS Law, Advance Register, Leave Register, flexible reporting and many such others.

    The word "Payroll" signifies different meaning to different person. However, it includes every employee of

    a company who receives a regular wage or other compensation. Some employees may receive a steadysalary while others are eligible for hourly based payments. Using the payroll management system, a

    company can easily calculate gross salary for individual employee on different grounds.

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    Tools Platform, Languages

    Structures of Payroll Management







    Data Structures


    Process Logics

    Report Types

    Future Scope

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    To assist and ease the works of the Retail Outlet of Any Type of Companies, in

    particular, Payroll Management System is being developed. This would comprise

    the features that can be operated easily. Payroll Management System would take

    care of the day to day Attendance of All Employee. It covers activities fromkeeping the details of day to day In, Out ,OD etc.

    The master and transaction activities are divided in modules so that

    the activities can be operated easily. The regular backup to the data can be taken

    and the backup data can be restored effectively.

    So, the Payroll Management System assists the employees of Company in each andevery aspect of In and Out.

    The Payroll Management System is customized software and developed according

    to the needs of Any Type Company.


    1. Manage the daily attendance for the employ of the


    2. Date wise reports

    3. Easily maintainable and updateable

    4. Timing setter

    5. Shift wise attendance manageable

    6. Multi level attendance entry

    7. Multi level Reports

    8. One software deals with multi company attendance


    9. Easy to handle

    10. And lastly secure and reliable

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    Tools and Environment used

    GUI Tools: C++ /Database / PHP / HTML.

    Internet: Active X

    Operating System: Window 7, window XP, Window 98

    Data Flow DiagramA data flow diagram is a graphical technique that depicts, information flow and the transforms that are

    applied as data move from input to output. The data flow may be partitioned into levels that representssoftware at any level of abstraction. In fact DFD may be partitioned into levels that represent increasing

    information flow and functional detail. A level zero DFD called a context model, represent the entire

    software element as a single bubble with input and output data indicated by incoming and outgoing arrows


    Each process represented at level is sub functions of the overall system depicted in the context

    model. The data flow diagram is a graphical tool that can be very valuable during the software requirement

    analysis. However the diagram can cause confusion if its function is confused with the flow chart. A DFD

    depicts information flow without explicit representation of processed logic.A few simple guidelines can aide immensely during deviation of a data flow diagram:

    1. The level zero DFD should depict the software as a single bubble.

    2. Primary input and output should be carefully noted.

    3. Refinement should begin isolating processes, data items stores to be represented the next level.

    4. An arrow and bubble should be labeled with meaningful names.

    5. One bubble at a time should be refined.

    There is a natural tendency to over complicate the DFD. This occurs because the analyst attempts to show

    too much detail too early or represents procedural aspects of the software in the information flow.The refinement of DFD continues until each bubble performs a simple function that is until the processes

    represented by the bubbles perform a function that would be easily implemented as a program component.

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    Data flow diagrams for the various Modules

    DFD for the Register Employee.

    Employee Data

    DFD for the Edit Employee Data

    Employee Table















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    DFD for the Register a Employee Live


    DFD for the Edit a Employee Live





    Record retrival




    Live Table





    Record retrival




    Live Table


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    DFD for the Details or Search of a Employee




    Record retrivalRESULT

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    Complete System Analysis and Design

    From the inception of an idea for a software system, until it is implemented and delivered to a customer,

    and even after that, the system undergoes gradual development and evolution. The software is said to havea life cycle composed of several phases. In

    Traditional Waterfall model each phases has well-defined starting and ending points, with clearly

    identifiable deliverables to the next phase. Here for the project being submitted I have followed Waterfall

    Model. The Waterfall Model consists of following phases.

    1. Requirements analysis and specification:Requirements analysis is usually the first phase of large-scale software development project. It is

    undertaken after a feasibility study has been performed to define the precise costs and benefits of a software

    system. The purpose of this phase is to identify and document the exact requirements for the system. The

    customer, the developer, a marketing organization or any combination of the three may perform such study.

    In cases where the requirements are not clear e.g., for a system that is never been defined, more interactionis required between the user and the developer. The requirements at this stage are in end-user terms.

    2. Design and specification:Once the requirements for a system have been documented, software engineers design a software

    system to meet them. This phase is sometime split into two sub-phases: architectural or high-level design.

    High-level design deals with overall module structure and organization, rather than the details of the

    modules. The high level design is refined by designing each module in detail. Separating the requirements

    and analysis phase from the design phase is instance of fundamental what/how dichotomy that we

    Encounter quite often in computer science. The general principle involves makings a clear distinction

    between what the problem is and how to solve the problem. In this case, the requirement phase attempts tospecify what the problem is. There are usually many ways that the requirements may be met, including

    some solutions that do not involve the use of computers at all. The purpose of the design phase is tospecify a particular software system that will meet the stated requirements. Again there are usually many

    ways to build the specified system. In the coding phase, which follows the design phase, a particular

    system is coded to meet the design specification.

    3. Coding and module testing:This is the phase that produces the actual code that will be delivered to the customer as the


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