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  • Welcome to Christ Church Cathedral Children are welcome at our services. There are toys in the quiet room which is the

    room at the front of the Cathedral on the left hand side.

    PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TAKE THIS PUBLICATION AWAY WITH YOU. Dear Cathedralites I am so thrilled that my friend Angele from Bethlehem is coming to stay a few nights with us here in Nelson at the end of the month. Can you believe that the authorities tried to prevent her from leaving Bethlehem because they thought she might plan to leave her city of birth for ever. Nothing could be further than the truth. Angele Giacaman and her family have got a dynasty in Bethlehem. They make Christian icons. Bethlehem is in their blood. I found it offensive that the authorities would think that eighty odd year old Angela would be wanting to escape the city she loves. Angele is a Palestinian Christian and her local Church incredibly is in Manger Square, the Church of the Nativity where Jesus was reputed to have been born. I cant wait to see her and hear her latest stories. When I get more detail Ill plan a barbeque at the Deanery to welcome her here and to enable her to tell her story to us. It was for great for Patsy and I to spend some days in Christchurch with James, our grandson and our daughters. We also had to do some work on our old house. We continue to hear stories of families 7 years after the earthquake still pondering their future, living with daily uncertainties. Today I finish off the mini-series on Nathanael, that amazing character who had the gall to say Can anything good come out of Nazareth? In the end Nathanael jumped in boots and all to become a Jesus follower. His conversion is an inspiration, its a reminder that you dont have to throw away your brains to become a Christian. In fact Nathanael was one of the brightest students of the bunch and he followed the call to follow the One who changed the world.

    Christ Church Cathedral Nelson

    Sunday Bulletin Sunday 21st January 2018

    3rd Sunday of Epiphany


  • In this modern age of political correctness, its not seen as correct to go and rescue people. Ive always had trouble with this theory as Jesus constantly rescued people. While timing is important sometimes you cannot be sit around for too long to watch people either disintegrate or to degenerate into something really tough. To this end it was great to see a mate of mine Gerald be rehabilitated and to receive much love and attention. Gerald has rescued people all his life. He was the National Field officer for the Ops Boys Brigade. He ate, slept and lived BB 24/7: remarkable commitment. He fell on tough times but continued to rescue people, with young folk trashing his house constantly. Now he is in a safe environment in a much better shape. It was a couple of others in Christchurch who could stand around and watch no longer, who triggered the call to interfere and to get thing done, to rescue a man from a situation that demanded attention. Tricky one because we can often interfere and it can go all wrong and we are then seen as the perpetrators. However when your intent is right, if your intent is to help the person, not yourself, then if it is a mistake then its a very much forgivable one. Its all part of loving our neighbour as yourself. Have a great week. In His service Mike

    Sentence: With awesome deeds you answer our prayers for deliverance, O God our Saviour; you that are the hope of all the ends of the earth, and of the far off seas. Psalm 65:5,6 Collect: Jesus, our Redeemer, Give us your power to reveal and proclaim the good news, so that wherever we may go the sick may be healed, lepers embraced, and the dead and dying given new life.


  • 8.00am Holy Communion (Yellow book) Celebrant The Reverend Allen Michel Preacher The Reverend Allen Michel Readings Jonah 3:1-5; 1 Corinthians 7:29-31; John 1:47-51 10.00am Family Eucharist (Booklet)

    Celebrant The Reverend Nigel Whinney Preacher Dean Mike Hawke Organist Paul Johnstone 5.30pm Choral Evensong Officiant Dean Mike Hawke Preacher The Reverend Murray Campbell Organist Jane Mitchell Introduction Opening hymn 585 The Churchs one foundation Old Testament Reading Jeremiah 3:21-4:2 New Testament Reading Titus 2:1-8, 11-14 Magnificat 362 Tell out my soul Nunc Dimittis Apostles Creed Hymn 10 Abide with me Sermon The Reverend Murray Campbell Anthem Prayers Notices Offertory Hymn 474 Immortal Invisible Blessing Sung Amen Organ Voluntary 3

  • Please pray for Tory Snape who recently lost his sister, Val Smith.

    Sincere condolences from all at Nelson Cathedral.


    Nikki is a beautiful, vibrant young lady who, unfortunately, has become acutely unwell. She is needing accommodation in Mapua, preferably

    somewhere quiet within 10 mins of the medical centre. If you, or someone you know can help, please contact Ali Hobson on

    021 1330 768 or

    For our prayers

    Church - *Pray for our mission partners in Australia *Parish of Stoke - Pastoral Ministry and the Pastoral Care Team

    World * Nick & Tessa Laing Medicine & Social Justice Support, Uganda *Pray for peace in Jerusalem

    Community *Pray for visitors to our region *Pray for safety on the roads

    * Sick Shirley Miles, Barbara Pownall, John, James, Andrew, Jean Crockett, Lachlan, Tim Hurd, Elizabeth, Catriona, Roger Williams, Marianne.

    St. Barnabas Prayer| Lord Jesus, we bring to You the hundreds of thousands of Christians in Saudi Ara-bia, migrant workers far from their homes and families, unable to show publicly any-thing of their Christian faith, and taking a risk even to meet together in a home to worship You. We ask that You will bless them with Your own dear presence to cheer and to guide. We pray too for Saudi believers, coverts from Islam, whose very lives are at risk every moment of every day because of their decision to follow You. Keep them in Your perfect peace and protect them from harm. Amen


    Pray for music and musicians

    Eternal Lord God, source of all beauty and harmony, we praise you for the gift of music: for the inspiration given to those who compose it, for the skill and devotion of those who perform it, for the faculties and powers which enable us to enjoy it; and we pray that as by this gift our lives are enriched and renewed, so we may glorify

    you in a fuller dedication of ourselves. Guide the team charged to lead the music in our Cathedral giving thanks for all things in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.



    If you know of someone who is in need of prayer, a visit, home communion, or other support, please let Steve know, and the pastoral committee will respond as best it can. This includes telling us of recent bereavements of parishioners, congregants or families. Don't assume we know, please tell us! We would rather have had ten notifications than none. Help us to help our friends and families!

    Steve Jordan

  • Whats happening this Week

    Total attendance for Sunday 14 January 2018

    8am = 24

    10am = 122 5.30pm = 25

    Total for Sunday = 171

    Week 14 Jan 18 Jan = 24

    House of Prayer and Healing in the Chapel

    Monday, Tuesday, Friday Mornings: 8-9am Wednesday & Thursdays: 9am-12pm

    Feel free to contact Tapita on 021 255 3013 for prayer requests or for further details.


    CAN YOU HELP WITH TAKING THE CHRISTMAS TREES DOWN? The Christmas Tree Festival has been a successful event again this year and at the end of the month it has to be taken down and the Cathedral set back to normal. One of the problems we have is that the group set to do this are getting a little bit older and so we are asking for some younger volunteers to help on the day to get the Cathedral reset. It will involve some lifting, so if you are able to help please contact the office at 548 1008 or

    Time: 10am-12pm on Saturday 27th January Thank you, Jim Wiseman

    Meditation on Tuesday evening takes a break until February 2018. People are welcome to visit the Chapel for a quiet time of meditation anytime in January 2018. There will not be a walking group during the month of January 2018. There will be no flax group or Exercises for health during December and January. Services Next Sunday 28th January 2018 8.00am Holy Communion 10.00am Family Eucharist 12.30-3.30pm Whakatu Maori Mission Community Service 5.30pm Evensong

    Dean Mike preaching at 8am & 10 am services and Rev Nigel Whinney preaching at 5.30pm

    Word and Worship starts again on 4th February

    Flowers for this year

    If you would like to donate towards flowers for 2018

    please fill in the folder at the main entrance.

    Cost: $45.00

    CHRISTMAS TREE FESTIVAL Welcomers needed from

    Boxing Day to end January

    Please contact Patsy Hawke at or

    021 269 0455 / 548 1443 if you have a couple of hours to spare, and are able to fill a slot on th