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Muscular System 600 Muscles. Science Keyterms Muscle Voluntary muscle Involuntary muscle Skeletal muscle Smooth muscle Cardiac muscle Tendon

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Text of Muscular System 600 Muscles. Science Keyterms Muscle Voluntary muscle Involuntary muscle Skeletal...

  • Muscular System 600 Muscles

  • Science KeytermsMuscleVoluntary muscleInvoluntary muscleSkeletal muscleSmooth muscleCardiac muscleTendon

  • Functions of Muscular SystemProvide movement for the bodyProduce heatHelps with the movement of food through the digestive systemHelps you breathHelps with the beating of your heart

  • OcculiSternomastoidPectoralis MajorBicep BrachiiExternal ObliqueSartoriusExtensor DigitorumTibialis AnteriorQuadricepsAbdominalsFacial Buccinators

  • Moving the human bodyMuscle-an organ that contracts and gets shorter- this provides the force to move your body parts.Muscles of thebody

  • Muscle ControlVoluntary muscles- muscles that you are able to controlExamples are leg and arm muscles -most of the muscles that attach to bonesInvoluntary Muscles- you can not move them consciously. They just keep workingExamples- heart , blood vessels

  • Types of Muscles-skeletalSkeletal Muscles-muscles that move bonesAttached to bones by tendonsMost numerous in the bodyLook striped or striatedVoluntary muscles you can control when they move

  • Types of Muscles-Smooth MusclesSmooth muscles- nonstriatedInvoluntary cannot control them consciouslyMove the internal organsContract and relax slowlyExample- small intestine, stomach muscles

  • Types of Muscles-Cardiac MuscleCardiac muscle-found only in the heartInvoluntary you cannot control when it beatsStriationsContracts about 70 times a minute every day of your life.

  • Types of Muscles3 types of muscles?

  • How Muscles WorkSkeletal muscles-when one muscles contracts- another muscle relaxesMuscles always pull- never pushMuscles use glucose chemical energyProduce thermal (heat) energy when they contractMuscles that are not exercised become smallerHow muscles work

  • Muscles and bones work togetherSkeletal system working together with the Muscular SystemWorking togetherLets Review

  • How Muscles WorkWhen bundles of muscles are stimulated by nerve impulses, or signals, they ___contract____________, or shorten. When they relax, the bundles stretch.

  • Types of MusclesThree Types of Muscle Tissue ______________________ ______________________ ______________________

  • What Muscles Do

    ___Muscle___movements help you _________, make your _______ beat, and move food through your digestive system.

  • Types of Muscles ___________________ are involuntary muscles. _________________________Muscles that act on the lining of the bodys passageways and hollow internal organs

  • Types of Muscles

    ______________________ is involuntary and is responsible for the contraction of your heart. Your heart beats 100,000 times each day._____________________A type of striated muscle that forms the wall of the heart

  • Types of Muscles

    Most of your muscle tissue is skeletal, and almost all _________________ are under voluntary control.

    __________________________Muscles attached to bone that cause body movements

  • What Muscles DoSkeletal muscles work in pairs to produce movement.

  • Body MovementsFlexing of the hamstring.When you bend your knee, the quadriceps muscle relaxes and the hamstring muscle contracts.

  • Body Movements cont.Extension of the quadriceps.When the leg is straightthe hamstring musclerelaxes (stretched) and the quadriceps muscle contracts or shortens.


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