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MTM Journal vol 1

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MTM Journal is the official journal of the Motorcycle Travellers Meet India. It is a compilation of all the journeys and dreams that were shared at the 2013 meet.

Text of MTM Journal vol 1







    Jay Kannaiyan

    Bharadwaj Dayala

    Avinash Thadani

    Navroze Contractor

    Sangeetha Jairam


    Jay Kannaiyan

  • Letters

    MTM Vision

    Partners & Allies

    Straight and Left - Avinash Thadani

    Riding the World - Bharadwaj Dayala

    Cambodia Tomb Rider - Indimotard

    Ascending Heaven on a Yezdi - Wing Comm. R S R Murthy

    Jammin Global - Jay Kannaiyan

    Riding now, Riding then - Navroze Contractor

    Two Days can change a life - Rohan Ganachari

    Travelling With a Purpose Asim and Ashish

    Filling the Essential Gap Malvikaa Solanki

    From Airplanes to Bikes Prajwal Shivaprakash

    The Invincible Visa Man - Bharadwaj Dayala

    How a Chicken Curry Shrinks the World Jay Kannaiyan

    Trailing Che with Avinash Thadani

    Woman Rider - Sangeetha Jairam

    Riding with the Veteran Navroze Contractor

    Why Bike? Kedarnath

    India Bike Week

    MTM 2014






















    2013 SPONSORS

  • To the Team at MTM,

    Congratulations on your recent motorcycle

    travellers meeting, and thanks very much for

    your kind words - it's great to hear that your

    event was inspired by the HUBB and that you'd

    like to collaborate with us.

    When we first started travelling around the

    world on our motorcycle in 1987, we had a

    sticker on the bike which simply said

    Horizontes sin Limite, or Horizons without

    limits. It was in Spanish because we were

    heading south from Canada towards Central

    and South America, and we wanted to express

    our philosophy of travel and life in a simple way.

    Over the years that we travelled and connected

    with people from all over, we've met a great

    many people, motorcyclists and non, all of

    whom have renewed and strengthened our faith

    in mankind. We have found that people are

    much the same everywhere you go, we all have

    much the same hopes and dreams, we all enjoy

    meeting others, and our curiosity about the

    world is only matched by our interest in the

    people we meet along the way.

    Mark Twain said it well: Travel is fatal to

    prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness...

    Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and

    things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one

    little corner of the earth all ones lifetime.

    Since its beginnings as a site in 1997, we are

    i m m e n s e l y p l e a s e d a t h o w has grown and

    expanded to become a central HUBB for

    travellers to connect and share their experiences

    of the people and places of the world. People

    regularly tell us the site has changed their lives,

    inspiring them to travel, helping them to plan

    their trips and once they're on the road, by

    connecting them with like-minded people

    throughout the world via the 759 Horizons

    Unlimited Communities in 114 countries

    (including 10 HU Communities in India!).

    The inspirational talks, workshops and

    demonstrations that are a part of a Horizons

    Unlimited Travellers Meeting are an exciting

    introduction, guide and first step on the road less

    travelled. Just as important is the opportunity to sit

    together with strangers, whether from around the

    corner or the other side of the world and share your

    ideas and experiences without judgement. This year

    we will be organizing 18 such events - in Asia, South

    America, Australia, Europe and North America.

    Next year, we'd love to include India in that list!

    We're not a big multinational though, there's just

    Susan and I. We can't do it without help from folks

    like yourselves, who appreciate our efforts and want

    to help us continue to build a global community of

    travellers by connecting their national groups with

    international travellers.

    We look forward to working with you, the Team at

    MTM to make it happen!

    Grant & Susan Johnson

    Inspiring, Informing and Connecting

    Travellers since 1997

    HORIZONS UNLIMITEDLetter to Motorcycle Travellers Meet


    02 | motorcycle travellers meet | vol 1

  • Dear MTM India Team,

    On behalf of The Ted Simon Foundation, I'd like to offer our hearty congratulations

    to everyone involved with the first Motorcycle Travellers' Meet in India.

    I've no doubt the event will be a great success and a source of inspiration for all

    those harboring dreams of adventure motorcycle travel.

    The Foundation has enjoyed collaborating with you as event partners. Thank you for

    your support and for helping to spread the word about our work and how people

    can get involved as Jupiter's Travellers or Jupiter's Companions.

    Thanks most of all for inviting Jupiter's Traveller, Jay Kannaiyan, to be a speaker at

    MTM India. Jay has a wonderful story and exhibits an attitude and approach to

    adventure travel that everyone would do well to learn from.

    I wish you every success for future events and very much hope to be able to attend

    in person next time.

    Best wishes from Ted and the Foundation team.

    Yours sincerely

    Iain Harper

    Executive Director


    JUPITERS TRAVELSLetter to Motorcycle Travellers Meet

    25750E ast Lane, Covelo,C alifornia9 5428,U .S.A.

    03 | motorcycle travellers meet | vol 1

  • 2013

    Connect. Share. Learn and Inspire.Stories and journeys of travellers who have

    crossed the boundaries of comfort and the known

    have always inspired us. Being among such

    travellers and achievers is valuable to realise our

    dormant dreams of the road. With utmost joy we

    revel in the company of such travellers and give

    ourselves hope to the dreams of getting out there

    into the unknown. In ways, search for our own


    MTM India is an effort to bring together all such

    stories, journeys and inspiration. To connect with

    travellers who have had the courage to start, to

    take that first step towards exploration and get out

    there following their compass.

    The vision is to connect travellers, global

    communities and organizations who believe in this

    common goal.

    MTM 2013 was a much anticipated and hugely

    successful event. It was the coming together of a

    curious bunch of motorcycle travellers. The

    speakers' list boasted of the likes of Jay

    Kannaiyan, Bharadwaj Dayala, Avinash Thadani,

    and Navroze Contractor. Their enthusiasm and

    participation made the event a success of a level

    that was never before.

    MTM 2013 was a small-scale event that attracted

    a serious bunch of motorcycle travellers that

    made space for personal interactions and an

    intimate experience. The success of the event is

    attributed to our partners, allies, speakers,

    volunteers and the participants. We hope to carry

    the tempo forward by bringing together more

    such travellers, communities and organisations to

    achieve the vision.

    We gratefully thank our event partners Ted

    Simon Foundation and Horizons Unlimited and

    our allies who supported the event. We look

    forward to creating a platform to connect more

    stories, journeys and inspiration in the coming


    This journal is a collection of the stories that was

    shared at MTM 2013. Hope you enjoy reading it

    and hope it inspires you as much as it has inspired


    See you on the road some place..


    MTM Team


    04 | motorcycle travellers meet | vol 1


    We thank our partners and allies for the support

    and for believing in MTM. We look forward to more

    such partners and allies being a part of MTM in the

    future. Please write to [email protected] to

    become partners and allies.

    We look forward to a positive association. | | | | | | |

  • You don't have to be a Salman Khan to ride the world. It may help you attract nice girls but there is the menace of men getting attracted too.

    I am going to ride my motorcycle through all of South

    America. I anticipate a great adventure. I do not know

    the language or the destination. I'll do it Old School, and

    figure things out on the road. If the Spanish could do it in

    the 18th century, so can an Indian in the 21st.

    Anybody who has achieved what he set out to can

    understand what I felt when I finally got my bike, a

    beautiful KTM 640 Adventure, from the bonded

    warehouse in Bogota Colombia.

    The plan was simple: head south to Colombia, Ecuador,

    Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and experience

    everything I could in South America.

    Day 2, as I was crossing the Andes, I took the worst fall of

    my trip. Just day 2, the bike on top o

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