Motorized Wheelchairs

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Motorized Wheelchairs. By: Joseph Pangelinan. George Klein. In the 1950’s the electric-powered wheelchair was invented for the  National Research Council of Canada , to assist injured veterans after World War II. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Motorized Wheelchairs

  • By: Joseph Pangelinan

  • George KleinIn the 1950s the electric-powered wheelchair was invented for theNational Research Council of Canada, to assist injured veterans after World War II.

    The purpose was to be able to help those individuals who are unable to manually operate a regular wheelchair, need it for distances, or cover various had to cross terrain.

  • How does it work?Is a 4-6 wheeled folding/non-folding power chair. The drive/chassis system is powered by a rechargeable dry cell battery, and operates using various customizable control systems, available in front, center, rear, and all wheel drive.Controls can beJoystickSip and PuffOr by any other workable body part

  • Who can use it ?People who are unable to use manual wheelchairsParaplegicsMuscle weaknessThose with Cardiovascular and/or Fatigued based conditionsthe severely obese, or physically incapable elderlyThose prescribed by a doctorFor Medicare or other insurance programs

  • Cost

  • THE GOOD & THE bAD Advantages: easy and convenient, customizable to meet the users needs, can be covered by Medicare and other insurance companies, wider range of use. Disadvantages: most are heavy and cant be used on lifts or broken down, public spaces are harder to maneuver, most are not foldable, expensive, Medicare coverage is difficult to get.

  • Availability in the CNMIOffice of Vocational RehabilitationCNMI Council for Developmental DisabilitiesAssistive Technologies ProgramTrankilu Program LoanLess than 10 individuals on island utilizing this and acquired through private means

  • Sources of Vocational Rehabilitation (670) 322-6538CNMI Council for Developmental Disabilities: Assistive Technologies Program (670) 664-7003 (Ray Diaz)