Monticello Wine Festival

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  • PVCC

    PVCC Workforce Services 501 College Drive Charlottesville VA 22902

    Viticulture & Enology Program

  • PVCC Workforce Services 501 College Drive Charlottesville VA 22902 434.961.5354


    1. Introduction to Viticulture2. Vineyard Site Selection3. Soil Preparation & Planting4. Dormant Pruning5. Pest Control6. Canopy Management7. Harvesting & Basic Analysis of the Must8. Vine Grafting & Propagation9. Vineyard Management (Field Experience) - Part I10. Vineyard Management (Field Experience) - Part II

    ENOLOGY CERTIFICATE COURSE REQUIREMENTS1. Introduction to Enology2. Wine Analysis & Tasting3. Winery Design & Equipment4. Legal Issues in the Wine Industry5. Marketing Wine6. Fermentation & Racking7. Harvesting & Basic Analysis of the Must8. Wine Bottling9. Sparkling Winemaking - Part I10. Sparkling Winemaking - Part II

    Vineyard Management Part IIAdopt a row of vines this summer! Be responsible for managing and maintaining an assigned section of a working vineyard during the growing season. Learn the techniques for caring for healthy vines and the crucial decisions in vineyard management to meet your business objectives. Prerequisite: Vineyard Management Part I.

    36374 AGNR SA 7/21 & 8/11, 12 noon - 4 p.m. Harvest - TBD DuCard Vineyard Elliff $179

    Pest ControlHow can you control pests and weeds without compromising the quality of the fruit? Get introduced to various types of pests and the damage they can cause. 36365 AGNR SA 7/28 9 a.m.5 p.m. RM 131 Rausse $109

    Canopy ManagementIdentify various types of canopy styles with the objective of managing the vineyard and keeping your business objectives in mind: quantity vs. quality. Topics include hedging, leaf pulling and dropping fruit.50148 AGNR SA 6/16 9 a.m.5 p.m. ..RM 131/Vineyard Hill $109

    Wine BottlingCovers the final stages of fermentation in preparation for bottling including equipment used, selection of bottles and labeling. Includes hands-on experience.Date: TBD