Monday Morning Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Investigation of Leg 210 Cores, Newfoundland Basin Liu,

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Text of Monday Morning Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Investigation of Leg 210 Cores, Newfoundland Basin...

  • Monday Morning Key

    26 ODP related abstracts

    Section Session Location Title Author Time

    GP11 A MCC level2

    Marine Controlled Source Electromagnetics for Gas Hydrate Evaluation on the Cascadia Margin: Correlation Between Resistivity Anomalies and Seismic Blank Zones

    Schwalenberg, K et al. 8:00

    GP11 B MCC level2

    Age Offsets of the Matuyama-Brunhes Polarity Transition in Records From the Atlantic: Lock-in Depth Variations or Site Dependent Field Behavior?

    Clement, B. et al. 8:00

    Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Investigation of Leg 210 Cores, Newfoundland Basin

    Liu, Q et al. 8:00

    Paleomagnetic and Rock Magnetic Signature of Upper Oceanic Crust Generated by Superfast Seafloor Spreading: Results from ODP Leg 206

    Acton, G. et al. 8:00

    Paleomagnetic Paleolatitudes of the Ontong Java Plateau From 120 Ma to 55 Ma: Implications for the Apparent Polar Wander Path of the Pacific Plate.

    Hall, S. et al. 8:00

    Geomagntism and


    GP11 D MCC level2

    Magnetic Properties and Paleointensity of a Mid-Miocene Gabbro from the Costa Rica Accretionary Wedge, ODP Leg 170

    Hawkins, L. et al. 8:00

    Mineral and Rock Physics MR11 A

    MCC level 2

    Calibration of Mobile NMR Instruments in Respect to Porosity and Pore Size Distribution of Drill Cores

    Arnold, J et al. 800

    New Insights into Inferring Climate Variability from Records of Planktonic Foraminiferal Mg/Ca, Oxygen Isotope and Shell Weight in the Southern Ocean

    Greaves, M. et al. 8:00

    Paleoceanography and

    Paleoclimatology PP11 A MCC level1

    Changes in Deep Sea Temperature and Ice Volume Based on Paired Measurements of Benthic Foraminiferal Mg/Ca and d18O: Evidence from ODP Site 849, Equatorial Pacific for Marine Isotope Stages 1-3

    Healey, S L 8:00

  • Section Session Location Title Author Time

    The Nature of the d13C of Periplatform Sediments: Implications for stratigraphy

    Swart, P K 8:00

    Orbitally Paced Climate Variability During the Middle Miocene: High Resolution Stable Isotopes and Fe Records From the Western and Southeastern Pacific

    Holbourn, A 8:00

    Middle Eocene to early Oligocene paleoceanography of the Southern Ocean from foraminiferal stable isotope and Mg/Ca records

    Bohaty, S et al. 800

    PP11 A MCClevel 1

    Cenozoic variations in the South Atlantic carbonate saturation profile: Insights from the Walvis depth-transect (ODP Leg 208)

    Schellenberg, S and Nielsen, J 800

    New Data On The Distribution Of Calcareous Nannofossils During And After The Paleocene/Eocene Transition

    Raffi, I 800

    Depth Dependant Variations in Benthic Foraminiferal Assemblages and Stable Isotopes Across the P-E Boundary, Walvis Ridge (ODP Leg 208)

    McCarren, H et al. 800

    Marine carbonate dissolution event across the Eocene/Oligocene boundary: the Walvis Ridge transect, South Atlantic (ODP Leg 208)

    Liu, Z et al. 800

    Tracers of Productivity across the PETM, Walvis Ridge, ODP Sites 1262 and 1263

    Quartini, J C et al 800

    The Composition and Flux of Terrigenous Material from the late Paleocene to the early Eocene in the Indian Ocean

    Nicolo, M J 800

    Paleoceanography and


    PP11 B MCClevel 1

    Extreme Acidification of the Deep Sea at the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary: New Constraints From Ocean Drilling Program Leg 208

    Zachos, J et al. 800

  • Section Session Location Title Author Time Paleoceanographic changes in the western tropical Atlantic during the late Paleocene (59-55 Ma): high-resolution stable isotope records from ODP Leg 207 Site 1258

    Romano, M et al. 800

    PP11 B MCClevel 1 Decoupled Shelf-Ocean Phytoplankton Productivity Responses Across the Paleocene- Eocene Thermal Maximum

    Gibbs, S J et al. 800

    Paleoceanography and


    P11 C MCC2004

    Late Quaternary Biosiliceous Laminated Marine Sediments From Antarctica: Seasonality During a Period of Rapid Climate Change

    Pike, J et al 815

    Ice shelf drill sites proposed to study Pre-Late Oligocene climate and tectonic history, Coulman High, Southwestern Ross Sea, Antarctica.

    Decesari, R et al. 800

    T11 A MCClevel 2 Evidence That Early to Middle Miocene ice Streams From West Antarctica cut Into Southeastern Ross Sea Continental Shelf

    Sorlien, C et al. 800

    Holocene Turbidite Recurrence Frequency off Northern California: Insights for San Andreas Fault Paleoseismicity

    Nelson, H et al. 1205


    T12 B MCC3002 Cascadia Great Earthquake Recurrence: Correlation Evidence for Repeated Margin Wide Rupture

    Goldfinger, C et al. 1050

  • Monday Afternoon Key

    21 ODP Related abstracts

    Section Session Location Title Author Time

    Union U14 A MarriottSalon 7

    LGM to Holocene African climate variability and the Sr, Nd, and Pb isotope ratios of eolian deposits off northwest Africa

    Cole, J et al. 1700

    Data Management for the Ridge 2000 Program Chayes, D et al. 1340


      B13 A

    MCC level 1

    Evidence for Along-Strike Hydrothermal Circulation Within Young Oceanic Crust on the Eastern Flank of the Endeavour Axis, Juan de Fuca Ridge

    Hutnak, M et al 1340

    Teaching Biostratigraphy Using Real Cores and IODP Data: The use of Information Technology on Spatial Visualization Skills, Motivation and Transfer of Undergraduate Science Majors

    Hilding- Kronforst et al. 1340Education

    and Human Resources

    ED13 E MCClevel 2

    Writing and Visualization for Teaching Plate Tectonics

    Thomas, S F 1340

    Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism GP13 A

    MCC 3112 A Pilot Marine EM Study ofHydrate Ridge, Oregon.

    Weitemeyer, K et al. 1455

    Timing of Late Quaternary sea surface temperature change: Evidence from high-resolution {\it Globigerina bulloides} Mg/Ca records from the California Margin

    Pak, D et al. 1300

    Primary Productivity Changes in the subtropical western North Atlantic During Marine Isotope Stages 11-12: Inferences from Benthic Foraminifera

    Poli, M et al. 1340PP13 A MCC level 1


    Gibbons, F et al 1340


    Paleoceanography and


    PP13 B MCC2004 Sea-surface and deep-sea Tripati, A 1455

  • Section Session Location Title Author Time Calcareous Nannofossils and Orbitally Tuned Cyclostratigraphy in the Cenozoic

    Raffi, I 1425

    PP13 B MCC2004 Oxygen Isotopic Stratigraphy and Geomagnetic Field Intensity

    Meynadier, L and

    Valet, J 1440

    Revisiting ODP Site 690 to Assess the Responses of Marine Carbonate Chemistry to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

    Kelly, D et al 1645

    Paleoceanography and


    PP14 A MCC2004

    Multiple Early Eocene Thermal Maximums Roehl, U et al. 1615

    T13 A MCClevel 2 Airborne Gravity Gradiometer Survey Over the San Andreas Fault

    Talwani, M 1340

    Magnetic Properties of Ocean Crust from the Walls of Endeavor Deep: Implications for the Source Layers of Marine Magnetic Anomalies

    Richmond, R et al. 1340

    T13 B MCClevel 2 Structure of the Upper Crust Exposed at Endeavor Deep: Implications for Crustal Accretion at Ultra-Fast Spreading Rates

    Popham, C et al. 1340


    T14 C MCC3002

    Analysis of the Growth of Active Detachment Folds Applying the new Thickness Relief Method, With Examples From the Tien- Shan and Nankai Trough

    Gonzalez-Mieres, R and Suppe, J


    Along Strike Hf-Nd Isotopic Composition of Aleutian Arc Lavas

    Gerseny, M et al. 1340

    The Hf-Nd isotopic diversity of subducting oceanic sediments

    Vervoort, J et al. 1340Volovanology,Geochemistry, Petrology


    V13 B  

    MCC level 2 Characterizing Sedimentary

    Carbon and Nitrogen Subduction Fluxes in the Central America Convergent Margin (ODP Legs 170, 205)

    Li, L and

    Bebout, G 1340

  • Tuesday Morning Key

    13 ODP Related abstracts

    Section Session Location Title Author Time

    Union U21 A MCClevel 2 Late Pleistocene Paleoclimate Record From the SW African Margin

    Shackford, J 800

    Biogeoscience B21 D MCClevel 2

    Carbon Biogeochemistry of Marine Sediments at the ODP Leg 204, Hydrate Ridge

    Li, Y et al. 800

    Education and

    Human Resources

    ED21 C MCClevel 1

    Experiences and Results from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Teacher at Sea Program, Expedition 301

    Rice, J et al. 800

    Geodesy G21 A MCClevel 1 An Experiment on GPS/A Seafloor Positioning in the Central Part of Kumano- nada, Central Japan

    Fujimoto, H et al. 800

    OS21 A MCClevel 2

    Authigenic Dolomite in Marine Marginal Sediments: An Indicator of Fossil Microbial Activity

    Vasconcelos, C et al. 800

    OS21 E MCC3011 Slope Instability and Gas Hydrates in the Hudson Canyon Region, U.S. Atlantic Continental Margin

    Rona, P et al 930 Ocean Sciences


    OS22 B MCC3011 Size and Age Characteristics for West Coast Tsunamigenic Landslides

    Lee, H et al. 1120

    Tectonophysics T21 C MCClevel 1

    Long-Term Observations of Active Hydrothermal Process