MODIS Sensor Data For Crop Monitoring

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MODIS Sensor Data For Crop Monitoring. Guilherme Martin Torres. Group COSAN. The company. 605 thousand Hectares 18 producing unities 2 refineries 2 portuary terminals 43 thousand employees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of MODIS Sensor Data For Crop Monitoring

  • MODIS Sensor Data For Crop MonitoringGuilherme Martin Torres

  • The biggest producer of sugar and alcohol in Brazil and one of the biggest in the worldThe biggest company to export alcohol and the second in sugar in the worldThe companyGroup COSAN 605 thousand Hectares 18 producing unities 2 refineries 2 portuary terminals 43 thousand employeesGrinding more than 40 millon tons of sugar cane, produce 3.1 millon tons of sugar and 1,5 billon liters of alcohol.

  • UnitiesGroup COSAN

  • Unities spacial distributionGroup COSAN

  • Spectral analysisSoil cover classification Elaboration of thematic mapsSupervize biometrics measurements

    Developed ActivitiesGroup COSAN

  • Application of MODIS spectral data to:Monitoring sugar cane development through the season.Relation to bio-physics parameters.Relation with yield.ObjectivesProject

  • Brazil`s Sugar and Alcohol Agribusiness Importance Introduction Moves: $ 19 billion Generate: 4 millon jobs Involves: 72 mil farmers Process: 420 millon tons of sugar cane Produce: 30 millon tons of sugar and 17 billon liters of alcohol Export: 19 millon tons of sugar and 3 billon liters of alcohol Collect: $ 6 billon in taxes and fees Invest: $ 3 billon per year About 85% of Brazil`s sugar and ethanol production is concentrated at the Center-South region. Brasil is leader on sugar and ethanol exportSource: PROCANA SF 2006/2007

  • General CharacteristicsSugar CaneSemi-pereneC4 PlantOptimun Temperature: 71 to 86FSugar acummulation in the stemLatitudes 35N to 30SSugar, alcohol and eletric energy CO2 absortionSolar radiationPhotoperiod: 10 to 14 hoursLAI

  • Source: Adapted from ALFONSI et al. (1987).Sugar CaneEvolutive Cycle 1 year crop 1.5 year cropPlantingVeg. growthMaturationHarvestMaturationHarvestVeg. growthReduced growth

  • Water Balance, Evapotranspiration And The Effect On Plant GrowthWater balance: what it is?Source: File from class Meteorologia Agrcola Prof. Sentelhas Effect of water defict:Limits Foliar area Limits number of leavesReduce new leaves emissionFoliar Abscission Reduce size and growthReduce yield

  • Composition, morphology and internal structure

    Health aspects Climatics conditions Genetics characteristics

    Spectral BehaviorLeavesPigments contentand physiologic structureAge and maturation Leaf Thickness Senescence

  • Spectral BehaviorSpectral profile of a typical healthy green leaf.LeavesSource: Adapted from Swain, P.H. and Davis S.M (1978) Chlorophyll AbsorptionWater Absorption

  • Reflectance curve of corn leaves with different water contents.Spectral BehaviorLeavesSource: Material from Comportamento Espectral de Alvos, INPE (2002). Wave lenth

  • Instruments aboard of Terra satellite (1999 ) and Aqua satellite (2002) (NASA).Objective: continued global monitoring of the earth surface.Range of spatial coverage: 2.330 km of widthAtmospheric corrections and image georreferencing Spectral resolution:Bands 1-7 : terrestrial applications; Bands 8-16 : oceanics observationsBandas 20-36 (exception to band 26) : spectral termal portion

    Characteristics MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer)

  • Spacial Resolution : 250m 500m and 1km

    Temporal Resolution : revisit time

    Modis (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer)Caractersticas

    source: NASA website. Fonte: Adaptada de Schowengerdt (1997).

    Resolution (m)BlueGreenRedNIRMIRInterval (days)SystemPassage at the Equador

  • Optimize the vegetation signalHigher sensibility in regions with dense biomassReduction from atmospheric influenciesSensible to varitaions at the canopy structre, LAI

    L is a soil adjust factor; C1 and C2 are coefficients to adjust the effect of atmopheric aerosolsEVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index)

  • Images from MODIS sensor : resolution 250m, frequency 16 daysCentral Coordenates: 2509 S and 4976 W (tile h13v11) - SPPeriod : january 2004 to march 2008Projection system: UTM, datum WGS 84Softwares : TNT mips Ldope (QA)MRT ( Modis Reprojection Tool)Criation of masks : clouds and citiesExtraction of spectral dataImages Treatment Materials and Methods

  • Pixel Reliability. VI QualityMaterial and MethodsQuality Assurance

  • 4 meso-regionsAraraquara, Araatuba, Ja and PiracicabaMeteorological data: Unesp/ Ilha Solteira Unesp / JaboticabalInstituto Agronmico de Campinas / JaEsalq / USPCalculate evapotranspiration : Penman-Monteith and Thornthwaite Studied area : cultivated sugar cane in So Paulo State

    Materials and MethodsStudy #1

  • Area of sugar cane cultivated in So Paulo in 2007.Materials and MethodsStudy #1 Fonte : CanaSat (INPE)

  • Vectors from 12 meso-regions over a EVI map using MODIS sensor

    Materials and MethodsStudy #1

  • Study #1 Materials and MethodsArea of interest : regions of Araatuba, Araraquara, Ja and Piracicaba

  • Comercial fields from the regions of Piracicaba, Ja and Araatuba Unities : Costa Pinto,Bom Retiro, Santa Helena, Rafard, So FranciscoBarra, Dois Crregos, Diamante, Destivale, Mundial, Gasa e UnivalemBiometrics: parameters (stem and cabbage lenth and weight, number of plant/m)Ton/ha (TCH Biometrics)Relation : EVI vs. YieldEVI * H cana vs. Yield

    Materials and MethodosStudy #2

  • Study AreaMaterials and MethodsStudy #2

  • Materials and MethodosStudy #2Interest area in details: own sugar cane fields region of Araatuba, Ja and Piracicaba

  • Crop year : 2004/2005, 2005/2006, 2006/2007 and 2007/2008

    Results and discutionStudy# 1 Multi-temporal spectral analysis

  • Relation EVI vs. Water Balance.Factors affecting EVICultivation effectMaturationIncreasing number of senescent leavesIncreasing straw residue Lower photossinthetic activityPeriod of low precipitaion during winter (April to August)

  • Resultados e discussionStudy #2 EVI, EVI*H and yieldEVIEVI

  • Relation between EVI and EVI*height and yield for all data collected.Results and discussionStudy# 2 EVI, EVI*H and yield

  • Correlation between spectral data and sugar cane yieldMonitoring the crop evoluion on a regional scaleSatisfactories R (EVI vs. Productivity)Reduced number of samplesLimited pixel resolutionInfluence of other types of vegetation and others elements present at the imagesRevisit periodClouds Cost = zero


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