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Mobotix Distributor Singapore

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DESCRIPTION | SPIRALTECH vision is to support the entire Asia region. We strive to be the preferred solution partner in providing IP CCTV solutions which include Hemispheric cameras, Ultra HD 4K/5K cameras, Mega-pixels/HD cameras, 3G/4G/wireless, Storages and Video Management Software.

Text of Mobotix Distributor Singapore

  • IP CCTV Video, 4k/5k IP Camera, Wireless Camera Solution

  • Full High Definition (HD) IP Camera

    A Tradition of Quality and Innovation For over 125 years, the Bosch name has

    stood for quality and reliability. Bosch is the global supplier of choice for innovative

    technology, backed by the highest standards for service and support.

    Bosch Security Systems proudly offers a wide

    range of security, safety, communications and sound solutions that are relied upon

    every day in applications around the world, from government facilities and public venues

    to businesses, schools and homes.

    With the introduction of the micro 2000 IP cameras and FLEXIDOME micro 2000 IP cameras, Bosch is once again expanding its successful network video systems portfolio. Wherever there is a need for a good product, at an affordable price, for a broad range of applications, micro 2000 IP cameras and FLEXIDOME micro 2000 IP cameras are the ideal solution. Providing more detailed images with less interference, the cameras are specifically designed for indoor areas with stable lighting, and their state of the art look sets them apart.

  • Mega-Pixel IP Camera

    The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera

    technology and its decentralized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost

    efficient. The higher the resolution, the more accurate

    the detail in the image. With analog technology, a recorded image generally has

    no more than 0.1 megapixels (CIF). One single MOBOTIX camera with 3.1 megapixels records

    around 30 times more detail.

  • Ultra 5K camera IndigoVision is a leader in the design and manufacture of high performance, intelligent video surveillance systems for large scale and complex security installations. From video capture and transmission to analysis and storage, IndigoVisions surveillance system provides the best quality and most secure video evidence, and uses market leading compression technology to minimise network bandwidth usage and reduce storage costs. IndigoVisions technology is ideally suited for use in strategic sites such as airports, rail networks, ports, cities, oil and gas installations, defense operations, casinos, stadiums, prisons and the police force to improve public safety, protect assets, develop organisations operational efficiency and support law enforcement.

  • Video Encoder/Decoder

    Dual hardware processing architecture delivers extra intelligence at the edge. Congestion, Virtual Tripwire, Abandoned and Removed Object analysis can be enabled in each encoder, without the need for additional server hardware. Each encoder produces up to six independent video streams, with support for unlimited viewing and recording clients making it incredibly easy and cost effective to connect previously inaccessible locations. Watch amazing quality live video and recorded footage, anywhere, delivered by the power of IndigoVisions world class hardware compression technology, guaranteed full frame rate and distributed architecture design. When migrating to IP, video quality should not be compromised. Market leading 200ms maximum PTZ latency gives incredibly intuitive and fluid PTZ control. Track and follow moving objects and targets with ease.

  • Hemispheric camera

    The compact S15D FlexMount is a universally deployable, easy concealable video system with a highly detailed resolution of up to six megapixels. The fully weatherproof IP camera has two miniature sensor modules, which are each connected to the camera housing with a two-meter cable. Thanks to the hemispheric dual lens, two separate rooms can be secured simultaneously without any blind spots. With the S15D FlexMount, two 5MP sensor modules featuring microphones are connected to a concealed camera housing via cables of up to two meters long for each module (total 4 m).

  • Portable Outdoor 3G/4G camera

    Wireless digital IP camera in durable stainless steel housing

    Cameras accessible anywhere via PC, smartphone, or any Internet device

    Integral SD card storage (up to 64GB), Router and Battery

    3G/4G/GPRS/Wi-Fi data communications High-resolution (up to 4096 x 1536, 6

    megapixels) colour camera Choice of single, dual or hemispheric lens

  • About Us

    SPIRALTECH PTE LTD was established in 2001 and specializes in Mega-pixels/HD/Ultra 4K/5K network camera solution, Hemispheric solution, Storage, Video management software, Network Video Recording and Wireless/3G/4G solution. SPIRALTECH employs highly trained and committed engineers whose main responsibility is to assist in the system design, technical support and training to all its customer.

    Dealing with mainly dealers, installers, and system integrators and coupled with a wide distribution network throughout their territories, SPIRALTECH is committed to provide the best solution and support to all its customer. Knowing after sales service support is critical, SPIRALTECH ensured that all appointed dealers, installers and system integrators are fully trained and must be able to provide the basic first line of support to their customers.

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