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MOBOTIX International Partner Conference

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    IPC Fall 2014IPC

    Innovations - Made in Germany

    The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and its

    decentralized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost efficient.

    MOBOTIX AG D-67722 Langmeil Tel: +49 6302 9816-108 Fax: +49 6302 9816-190 [email protected]

    MOBOTIX International Partner Conference

    November 2nd to 5th, 2014 Langmeil, Germany

    MxMultiViewerThermographic Image MxDisplay

    50 mK1/20 C MTBF

    80.000 h









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    IPC Fall 2014

    MOBOTIX IPC Fall - International Partner Conference 2014This years IPC Fall will give our Partners an exclusive, first look at the very latest revolutionary innovations in camera technology, home automation and access control.

    The light-sensitive 5-megapixel camera models, which feature a tenfold increase in light sensitivity compared with older systems, eliminate motion blur even in very dark scenes and deliver low-noise images.

    The weatherproof MOBOTIX M15D and S15D dual thermographic camera models that sense thermal radiation to detect moving objects in absolute darkness and over long distances.

    The new, discreet i25 Hemispheric camera that delivers a high-resolution panorama image with no blind spotsin indoor locations. Compact size and top performance for less than Eur 400!

    The unique video motion analysis MxActivitySensor detects movement outdoors and configures itself even in difficult weather conditions with shadows and trees moving in the wind, thus avoiding false alarms.

    The new,free-of-chargevideo management softwareMxMultiViewerfor PC, Mac and Linux systems clearly and intuitively operates video security and home automation systems and independently configures complex video systems and access control systems.

    The Hemispheric IP Video Door Stations with panorama view and integrated MxKeyless access control.

    The new wall-mountedMxDisplay - the smartphone on the wall - serves as a video remote station for the Door Stations and can control the cameras of a video security system. All of the access functions and the transponder can be programmed directly via the touch-sensitive display without a PC.

    The conference starts on Sunday, November 2nd with the registration and welcome buffet starting 7 p.m. at the SAKS hotel in Kaiserslautern. The Monday program consists of MOBOTIX presentations and partner project presentations that have been carefully selected to give you a variety of possibilities and solutions.At theMxProductStationswe will show you the complete MOBOTIX product range in practical use and selectedMxExpo Partnersare also available to present their MOBOTIX integration solutions.On Tuesday you will be provided detailed, high-level understanding of the latest MOBOTIX technical product developments in intensive workshop settings.Both top-level technical and business management will be ready to discuss several topics with you and resources for in-depth discussions will be provided as well.We finish each conference day with a formal dinner enjoying a night of good food and live music. On Wednesday, join us for a relaxing day together as we explore the beautiful Palatinate region with a visit to Oppenheim, a town famous for its festivals and delicious wines.

    Come join us to get the latest information directly from MOBOTIX and interact with other Partners from around the world. We really look forward to welcoming you along with a carefully selected group of MOBOTIX Partners!

    Agenda: Sunday: Registration and WelcomeMonday: MxConference, MxProductStations and MxExpoTuesday: MxConference, MxWorkshops, MxProductStations and MxExpo

    Wednesday: Recreational Day

    Registration and Welcome: Recreational Event:

    SAKS HOSPITALITY GMBHStiftsplatz 6/767655 Kaiserslautern, GermanyTel: +49 631 36125-0Fax: +49 631 36125-222

    We welcome you to visit the wine and festival town of Oppenheim with us. This town is surrounded by vineyards on the Rhine and has an eventful history to tell. Together we will experience the unique atmosphere of Oppenheim while walking through the town and enjoying some wonderful local wines and food.

    Contacts: [email protected] Tel: +49 6302 9816-108

    Sari Papunen Denise Matzdorf Michaela Quarz Matthias Hammel



    Registration IPC Fall 2014

    Please fill out this form in clear block letters and fax it back to MOBOTIX at +49 6302 9816 190 no later than October 24th, 2014.First Name: Last Name:


    Position in Company:

    Company Address:

    City/State and Postcode:

    E-mail: Country:

    Mobile Phone: Fax:

    Binding Registration for:

    Registration and Welcome, Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

    MxConference, MxProductStations and MxExpo, Monday, November 3rd, 2014

    MxConference, MxWorkshops, MxProductStations and MxExpo, Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

    Recreational Day, Wednesday, November 5th, 2014(Please note: Participation on recreational day can be only permitted if the departure is booked for Thursday, November 6th, 2014)

    I need an invitation letter to apply for visa (please send copy of passport)

    I will need a hotel room for the following nights:

    Sunday, November 2nd, 2014 Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

    Monday, November 3rd, 2014 Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 (at own expense)

    Please note that airport transportation is at your own expense. We recommend following companies:Euro-Cargo-Service (Taxi Lawall),, E-Mail: [email protected], Tel: +49 6731 7238Alex Airport Shuttle, , E-Mail: [email protected], Tel: +49 6371 43068

    Terms and Conditions:By submitting this registration form you acknowledge that you are authorized within the company to do so, and that your company fully understands and accepts the following terms. This registration is subject to confirmation by MOBOTIX AG, only once you have received a confirmation will the registration be considered binding. You also agree that any photos taken during the IPC can be used and made public by MOBOTIX.Terms: MOBOTIX agree to cover catering costs as outlined in the IPC agenda. MOBOTIX agree to pay only hotel room costs for three nights incl. breakfast at a hotel in Kaiserslautern, being Sunday November 2nd, Monday November 3rd and Tuesday November 4th,2014. MOBOTIX will also cover the costs for bus service during the IPC (hotel, conference, dinner). MOBOTIX will not cover flight, travel and other incidental expenses incurred before, during or after your stay. All cancellations must be done in writing to [email protected]: Due to the significant costs involved, for all cancellations received after October 24th, 2014, and for all no-shows, there will be a EUR 500 fee.

    I have noted the terms and conditions above.

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  • MOBOTIX AG D-67722 Langmeil Tel: +49 6302 9816-108 Fax: +49 6302 9816-190 [email protected]



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