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  • Multiple mattersA U T UMN I S S U E / S E P T EM B E R 2 0 1 2

    T H E O F F I C I A L M A G A Z I N E O F T A M B A

    PLUS: New discouNters tAMBA GiVeAwAYs News ANd More

    extra specialBringing up twins with different needs

    Together againthe unique bond of opposite-sex twins

    Starting schooltips for a smooth transition

    Breaking out? Navigating the teenage years

  • whats inside: autumn 2012

    Dear supporter,Our financial year ends in June, so its a good opportunity to take stock of how were doing and what we should prioritise in the coming year.

    Our board of trustees (elected and appointed members) set a dozen priorities and monitor their progress at every meeting. One priority is targeting expectant and new parents by recruiting freelance support to raise our profile. We made progress and

    recruited support, but it didnt have the impact we hoped for. We plan to do better at raising our profile, which includes overhauling our website.

    We have been in touch with fellow charities and professionals and taken their advice on how best to improve health-related services for our families. We have produced a commissioning toolkit so health bodies buy in what is needed, and will continue to work with organisations that set standards for quality and clinical guidance.

    We wanted to increase the number of families we help and improve the support they get during pregnancy, birth and the first few weeks. We met our target to reach 10 percent of expectant multiples parents on one of our courses (were aiming for 15 percent next year) and around 75 percent have received our free guide.

    We also want to improve support for our families in the early months and years. Target growth in calls and emails answered by our helpline, Twinline, didnt materialise, but our support groups and specialist advice services helped a greater number of people overall. We aim to increase this next year.

    We hoped to reach 400 parents on our Parenting with Multiples in Mind course for children aged 1-5. We missed the target by 13, but trained up new facilitators which has doubled our capacity for next year.

    Finally, we campaigned to improve financial support for our families and you can see the success of this on page 4. We hope you will continue to back our work by fundraising or continuing you membership over the coming year.

    My thanks again for your loyal help and support. Yours faithfullyKeith Reed

    Welcomeletter from the chief executive

    Multiple matters

    ESSEnTiaL conTacTS: Twinline and support groups co-ordinator: Carol Clay courses and support officer: Kate Valentine advertising and fundraising officer: Lucie Wigley Membership: Debbie Ross Tamba in northern ireland: Rachel Wiffen 028 9023 9050 Tamba in Scotland: Helen Peck 01786 465744 to advertise in the magazine ring 01483 304442 or email office: 2 The Willows, Gardner Road, Guildford Surrey GU1 4PG Telephone: 01483 304442 Fax: 01483 302483

    Email: Website: office Hours: Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm. Twinline: telephone freephone helpline 0800 138 0509 (10am-1pm and 7pm-10pm seven days a week)

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    MULTIPLE MATTERS - ISSN 2049-5765Charity number 1076478, Scottish Charity Number SC041055, company number3688825.

  • 0504 / AUTUMN 2012

    news: campaigns


    tripLet Network

    the government is to reinstate pregnancy grants for between 2,000-3,000 of the poorest multiple birth families thanks to a successful campaign by tamba.

    the sure start Maternity Grant pays 500 per baby to low-income families to help them set up home for their newborns. But the grant was withdrawn for second and subsequent babies, so families with an older child who found themselves expecting multiples got no help at all.

    tom Greatrex Mp, a father of twins, and duncan hames Mp raised the problem in parliament with the secretary of state and arranged a meeting with the minister, steve webb, attended by tamba ceo keith reed and chair of trustees camille de stempel. we brought along a researcher from the New policy institute who wed commissioned to write a report on benefit changes for our families.

    we told the minister that whilst there may be hand-me-downs from a single firstborn, twins, triplets or more bring additional expenses and child benefit payments would have to be redirected from existing children, causing hardship.

    half of our families already have

    one or more children before having multiples, and 40 percent of these are classified as living in poverty. we had been receiving a small but growing number of requests for help with getting hard goods from families who previously would have been eligible for this support (and we have been trying to help where possible). so we were delighted to receive a letter from the minister confirming his intention to reinstate this support for our families from 29th october.

    we estimate it will provide 3,000,000 of additional support for some of our very poorest families, said keith reed. this comes on the back of our earlier campaigning this year to raise the threshold at which child benefit is withdrawn. we know its tough for our families and we are trying to fight their corner at every turn.

    Mp tom Greatrex added: i am delighted that the government has listened to the case made so cogently and coherently by tamba members. At a time when household incomes are being squeezed, this will be some relief to those who face the additional costs of a subsequent multiple birth.

    Lord Nigel Jones, who also helped raise the issue in parliament, told us: i know from personal experience of the additional costs which are inevitable following the birth of twins. Making sure that parents can afford the necessary equipment is vital and i am delighted that my old friend steve webb and the coalition Government have agreed to this grant. i would like to thank all those, including tamba, who have helped in this successful campaign.

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    Tamba has launched a scheme to put families with baby triplets or where triplets are on the way in touch with existing triplet families. Parents can make contact by phone or email and will be matc