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Mission, Cyber, & Intelligence Solutions ... 4-123778_2014_DC Mission, Cyber, & Intelligence Solutions Solutions Overview ManTech offers a unique holistic approach to mission, cyber

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    Mission, Cyber, & Intelligence Solutions

    Solutions Overview

    ManTech offers a unique holistic approach to mission, cyber and technology security. We design our solution sets to include best practices from experience supporting U.S. Government customers. With a strong focus on integration and total protection, we look at every part of a system to defend, secure, and maintain your information assets while ensuring the lowest possible risk. Solution areas include:

    • Cyber Solutions • Systems Engineering & Mission Assurance • Advanced Technical Solutions

    Cyber Solutions

    Game changing proactive defense that adapts in a changing threat landscape

    Systems Engineering & Mission Assurance

    Protecting programs before, throughout and beyond the lifecycle

    Advanced Technical Solutions

    Enterprise IT that merges smart innovation and security to deliver true cost efficiency

    Security Operations Center support Program Protection Enterprise architecture solutions

    Cyber investigations & operations Program Protection Engineering (P2E) Service and data integration

    Continuous monitoring Enterprise architecture development Datacenter/cloud development and management

    Information assurance Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance (SETA) Software application design, development, engineering and maintenance

    Critical infrastructure support Intelligence Analysis Biometrics and identity intelligence systems R&D and testing

    Cyber threat intelligence & analysis Counterintelligence Systems design, engineering and integration

    Cyber test & evaluation Insider threat Operations & mission support

    Forensics & hardware exploitation Operational security Program analysis and administration

    Full spectrum Computer Network Operations (CNO) Communications security Intelligence analysis & support

    Advanced security research Personnel security Big data analytics

    Cyber operations support Information security

  • Mission, Cyber, & Intelligence Solutions

    MCIS Solutions and Tools

    ManTech brings the capability to develop customized solution-sets to meet a wide range of customer challenges. Our solutions are designed to address various problems from information classification and protection to secure information-sharing. Our solutions are used in agencies throughout the U.S. Government.


    Software testing tool that identifies system and application vulnerabilities prior to deployment.


    A flexible security labeling and access control platform for Microsoft Windows ® environments that require a high degree of data security and confidentiality. Sentris controls access to data based on who is accessing the information, where they are located, and what system they are using.

    For more information contact ManTech International Corporation, 2251 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 600, Herndon, VA. 20171