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  • 1. Team Madras Talkies Karthik Balachander | [email protected] | +919687688081 Sandhya Venkat | [email protected] | +919909728086 Siddharth Sriram | [email protected] | +919909964748 MICA
  • 2. Market Size - India 66 Million 17 to 30 age range forms approximately 55% of 121 Million online population Top Down Estimation 29.7 Million 45% of the TG population actively interested in movie related entertainment Source ComScore 2012 Report 14.3 Million Assumption based on Icube 2011 51% of TG resides in Urban and Tier 1 cities estimates ADDRESSABLE 11 Million Addressable Market Opportunity Size ONLINE POPULATION 8.5 Million No. of Indian Fb Users who are 17 30 Year Olds in Urban Direct Estimation and Tier I cities with interest in Movies Source Facebook Advertising $388 Million Total Addressable Market Opportunity with 16% CAGR 4 Introduction
  • 3. NEED GAPS RECOGNIZED Our survey among respondents in the age group of 17 and 30 years shows the existence of the following unmet movie related needs in the Indian online space:1 No site except serves to aggregating all critics/user movie reviews in one place.2 IMRB is the only site whose movie rating is trusted by Indian reviewers. However, both desimartini and IMRBare Bollywood centric and do not cater to popular regional cinema in Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam.3 No knowledge of a dedicated Movie Discussion Forum for Indian movie lovers.4 Most Indian movie related sites have a cluttered interface with a simple yet effective UI design Introduction
  • 4. PROPOSITION aspires to be Indias leading, go to movie review aggregator and rating service by giving users access to reviews from a variety of popular critics and users in a simple UI design. Users can maintain a personal profile where they can : - View Different Critics and User reviews including those from their friends on FB, Twitter. - Actively rate and review movies - Interact with like minded movie lovers through discussion forums - Get movie recommendations based on their personal preferences (or wishlists) - Select among our affiliates to book tickets (bookmyshow.), purchase movies online (on and movie related merchandise ( Business idea
  • 5. Movie Review Aggregation Pan Indian CinemaAggregates all critics/user Is not just Bollywood centricmovie reviews in a simple UI but also caters to other largedesign regional cinema in Tamil, UUnique Telugu and Malayalam. Selling Point of Own Review AlgorithmA robust Indian movie review Dedicated Discussion forumalgorithm that rates on a scale Also provides a movieof 0 to 100 based on the Discussion forum for activeweighted average of Indian movie lovers.critics and users. Business idea
  • 6. Strengths: Weaknesses: 1. Untapped Indian movie 1. Growth depends on co-review aggregation market operation from external 2. High demand among partners such as critics and Indian movie lovers media syndicate sites according to primary 2. User growth needs to be research swift Opportunities: 1. Expansion into other Threats: review aggregation sites 1. Competition from such as Music reviews, possible platform based Book and TV show review portals such as FB reviews. based review apps. 2. Alternate revenue 2. Entry of global sites into streams: Strategic the Indian market such as partnerships for movie Rotten tomatoes. related events. SWOT Analysis
  • 7. Primary ResearchInsights obtained from a questionnaire filled by 80respondents of the age 20 28 years:1. 50% of the respondents watched movies few times a month, with 70% of the respondents saying that they watched it in the theatres when it was immediately released. However, 87% of the respondents preferred watching movies on their computer.2. Respondents generally used IMDB and wikipedia in Various movie review websites respondents are aware of order to find out about movie reviews.3. IMDB, and had the highest awareness among the respondents.4. 70% of the respondents said that they wanted a website where all the movie reviews by critics and users would be aggregated. New movie promotions and discussion forums were preferred by 50%.5. On mobiles, 44% of the respondents preferred standalone apps of the website.6. Most of the respondents liked zomato and Features preferred in a movie website rottentomatoes for their simple and effective UI. Consumer Insights
  • 8. Key competitor: Potential Entrants: 1. Platform based Review Portals suchFeatures: as facebook based review Apps1. Indias only movie aggregator site 2. Entry of global websites such as2. Not enough syndicated critic reviews Rotten tomatoes or Metacritic3. Bollywood centric and ignores Competitors regional cinema of muvimeter4. UI is complicated and not user friendly and ways to5. Absence of an organized and tackle them dedicated discussion forum for movie lovers. Muvimeters competitive Muvimeters defensibility: advantages: 1. High service switching costs since users1. Personalized user-specific services would get used to critic reviews and/or2. Active movie discussion and review friend recommendations on the website forum 2. Integration partnerships with other3. Easy and intuitive UI movie streaming, ticketing and merchandise sites. Competitor Analysis
  • 9. Comparative value to User Standalone Social Networks Review Sites Aggregates critic reviews Saves time for Intuitive interfaces; And reviews from friends Aggregates Reviews people looking for Well, Low on social simplified features, on Facebook, Twitter, only single Preferable for users preferring More robust aggregate Integration and rating recommendations algorithms Reviews only from friends rating meter Cluttered UI, Needs to visit many No Movie Data is subjective to the type Maintaining a profile on a different sites to Recommendation & no. of friends actively site exclusively for build consensus Engine and interested in movie watching movies over a movie

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