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Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight1 Introduction Meditation, Mindfulness and Insight Session 4 Compassion Slide 2 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight2 Compassion - quotes It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. .Ralph Waldo Emerson Slide 3 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight3 Unguided Meditation Choose any meditation that you have learned and Diaphragmatic breathing Body Scan Mantra Slide 4 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight4 Awareness Negative Circumstance Non Judgmental Skip the Drama Forgiveness Insight Clarity Psychology Compassion Awareness/ Mindfulness Equanimity Acceptance Of things we can not change Inspiration Sacred Strategic Actions Stop Be Mindful Be Conscious Detach Disidentify Observe Think Slide 5 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight5 Do not suppress emotions Anger, hatred, grief, jealousy! Suppression Pushing things away that we dont want Is counter to acceptance / letting go / non judgmental What you can do: Slow down your breath which calms and centers you Become aware of it Focus and observe how it impacts you physiologically Breathing? Tightness in Chest? Break apart the thoughts and emotions and find the core issue Observing an emotion is different from BEING DRIVEN by it Goal is NOT to ignore the emotions but avoid reactivity (actions that you would regret) Slide 6 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight6 Balance - A violin string should not be too tight or too lose Emotional driven vs. Emotional suppression Acceptance vs. striving Judgmental Condemnation Insightful decisions for YOU based on healthy values Avoid judging OTHERS - Do not be dismissive of values that are not yours Avoid creating unnecessary drama Compassion for others and for yourself Slide 7 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight7 Pain is inevitable Suffering is optional Pain Circumstances ========= Losing loved ones Illness Financial Loss Physical Pain Red Lights Attitudes Personal Filter Personal History Complexes ====== Sense of Doom === OR === Sense of Well Being Suffering ====== Mental Agitation Hopelessness Anxiety, fear Anger Equanimity OR Drama ===== Stories of Victimization Inadequacy Clarity =========== Open Perspective Confidence Optimism Presence The drama is a magnification of reality! 90% of the things that we worry about never happen Mindfulness Meditation The blue circles are The self inflicted suffering Slide 8 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight8 The process of this class. Develop Mental Discipline through meditation practice Your experiences during the week should constantly reinforce Understanding of Awareness The observer As long as you ARE CONSCIOUS of your emotional state, you ARE aware Letting go Acceptance Non Judgmental No additional Drama that perpetuates mental agitation which is the second arrow - Unnecessary Suffering No Dogma No answers Patient observation of your actions and reactions will lead you to answers that are best for you!!! Slide 9 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight9 Compassion Love anything. Hate anything. The effect you have on the external might be negligible, the effect on you, monumental..... Cheri Huber The Key Slide 10 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight10 Compassion from a meditative perspective Compassion inspires you to do things for others that you wouldnt do for yourself. The person being compassionate receives tremendous benefit. It is an experience You feel it in your heart It can be triggered by Holding a new born child Experiencing first love. Can become an instinctive response to others Others can sense your compassion through your body posture, smiles and vibes Slide 11 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight11 Compassionate Communication Paying attention and really listening is a way to honor others. Be sensitive to others real agenda. Are they asking for: Advice or sympathy? Even well intentioned advice can be taken for condemnation Be aware!!! Beware - Are your responses? Helpful Honest and truthful For the right reason With the proper tone at the right time Showing interest in them or changing the spotlight to yourself? Slide 12 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight12 Compassion All of those who are unhappy in the world are so as a result of their desire for their own happiness. All of those who are happy in the world are so as a result of their desire for happiness of others. . Shantideva Slide 13 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight13 Compassion as an antidote to anger Anger and hatred change us physiologically and HARM US Finding ground for compassion The more thoughtless others are the more likely it is that they are suffering. Battering husbands were abused children Focusing on compassion when appropriate liberates you from the impact of hatred. This doesnt mean that you have to love and admire everyone the same. We all feel differently towards Mother Theresa and Hitler Slide 14 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight14 Compassion stretching it It is easy to have compassion for a starving child but hard to have for someone who insulted you. Go where you can go and go slowly 1. Loved ones 2. Liked ones 3. Neutral ones 4. Mild dislike 5. Dislike strongly We are neutral to most people and this is the easiest area to grow our compassion. Sometimes just noticing, listening to and respecting others can be extremely supportive. Slide 15 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight15 Disinterested Love and Compassion Without the need for reciprocity. People sense the difference and respond accordingly We need to be honest about it to ourselves. Slide 16 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight16 Not a door mat!! Now when we talk about how we should develop tolerance towards those who harm us, we should not misunderstand this to mean that we should just meekly accept whatever is done against us. [Laughs] Rather, if necessary, the best, the wisest course, might be to simply run away--run miles away! --from "The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living" by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, M.D. Slide 17 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight17 The taste of compassion: An experience Its a feeling like calmness and serenity that can be cultivated by: Quotes / Prayers Compassion Meditation Receiving love from others Sending love to others Chanting Feeling a direct connection to those around you. Ritual - Zen Pictures of loved ones Slide 18 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight18 Experience love and compassion Just look at the picture and breathe slowly. Feel a sense of love and compassion Everyone you ever met was once this precious. Keep this picture in mind as you meet everyone. Now close your eyes Slide 19 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight19 Compassion Meditation Sit in an erect and dignified posture. Bell - May all beings.. relax all parts of your body bell Visualize something that represents unconditional love, light, love flow, all of the body. Bell - Breathe naturally feel your body filled with love. Feel free of regrets about the past and fear of the future On the in breath breathe in light and love. On the out breath compassion the waves of love to someone close to you, to yourself, to neutral people, heal your pain, Send it to the whole world. Show the next foil and read it before Bell, stretch, open eyes, bring your awareness to the next activity. Slide 20 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight20 Shantideva On Compassion Altruism, that ocean of great good, That seeks to place all beings in the state of bliss, And every action for the benefit of all: Such is my delight and all my joy. Through these actions now performed, And by all the virtue I have just amassed, May all the anguish of every living being Be wholly scattered and destroyed! For all those ailing in the world, Until their every sickness has been healed, May I myself become for them The healer, companion, the medicine itself Raining down a flood of food and drink, May I dispel the ills of thirst and famine! And in the ages marked by scarcity and want, May I myself appear as drink and sustenance! Slide 21 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight21 Continued My body, thus, and all my goods besides, And all my merits gained and to be gained, I give them all away withholding nothing, To bring about the benefit of beings. I freely offer up my existence to all beings, Though I be harmed, insulted or disparaged, May I be free from all traces of self-cherishing! So let beings do to me Whatever does not bring them harm Whenever they catch sight of me, Let this not fail to bring them benefit. Slide 22 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight22 Question Comments on your experiences through the picture, meditation or quote? Slide 23 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight23 Guidelines for meditation Make it a habit At least once a day even for one or two minutes Find a balance between Trying too hard and laziness Non judgmentally - Eliminate unnecessary drama Be kind to yourself! There are times when you need to grieve and to be angry, dont judge / condemn yourself for being human! You are your own authority - Go at your own pace Fill your mind in the first stage of meditation Every meditation is a good meditation Beginners mind Be patient Dont make meditation one more thing that makes you feel bad about yourself! Slide 24 Meditation, Mindfulness & Insight24 Important!!! Meditation an opportunity to practice letting go Meditation produces minor annoyances Boredom, Itchy nose, wandering minds Annoyances become a chance for you to find equanimity in spite of these circumstances You dont want these negative things But you can be calm, focused and relaxed in spite of them See if you can create an internal or external smile anyway Every time you get upset think: Wow, what a great opportunity to practice letting go!! Meditation provides the opportunity to practice your ability alter the state of your mind. Slide 25 Meditation, Mindfulness & In