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  • 1. Mindfulness & Meditation Dr David Cox Chief Medical Officer

2. Using the [mindfulness] helped me to win gold. It helped me achieve a level of mental clarity and dexterity that is vital in intense situations. I would highly recommend [mindfulness] to any individual or organization who wants to get an edge. Etienne Stott, London 2012 Olympic gold medalist Headspace helps athletes get their edge 3. Meditation, more than anything else, is responsible for whatever success I have had. Ray Dalio Founder of Bridgewater, The worlds largest hedge fund Business Leaders have also publicly acknowledged the benefits of meditation 4. With books published in 10 languages and sustained press coverage Featured on the likes of Dr. Oz and the BBC Regular exposure on global media channels Offered to the public by global brands Adopted over 40 global brands: Mindfulness is gaining an increasingly mainstream footprint 5. 47% Killingsworth & Gilbert, Harvard Uni, 2010 6. The amygdala/frontal cortex tug-of-war 7. The science around mindfulness is impressive IMPROVE REDUCE 2000+ published research papers >1 new paper per day Stress Anxiety Depression Insomnia Addiction Blood Pressure Pain Focus Memory Immune System Creativity Relationships Compassion Quality of Life 8. Research from the Netherlands has found that mindfulness meditation promotes the type of thinking in the brain which supports the generation of new ideas. .................. Colzato, LS. et al. (2012) 9. Work at the University of Pennsylvania showed that 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation significantly reduced people from committing sunk cost bias .................. Hafenbrack, A. et al. (2013) 10. Significant increases in well-being Reductions in anxiety and depressive symptoms Significant reductions in diastolic blood pressure Significant increases in perceived job control Significant reduction in sleep problems + Fortune 50 tech company & top-five pharma brand Mindfulness has been proven amongst the Fortune 100 11. So it works, but what is it? Show Animation: Blue sky There is all this brilliant science that proves that it works, but how do we engage people enough so they are willing to give it a go? We use great creative Then go over a quick recap of what the blue sky animation actually means