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  • 1. Umi Marcano- Move That Body The song is a soca/calypso song by a young upcoming artist called Umi Marcano. It is a song in which the young artist is singing to his girlfriend about him wanting to dance with her because he feels that she is the only one for him. The music style is quite new and features a lot of computer made instruments, and is quite upbeat. So it is expectant for the video to have a youthful, fun feel to it. In the beginning it shows what looks like a black and white stone wall which has a picture of him, connoting that it is presenting him as the artist, as shown in the picture, and another picture which is becomes live action to the first shot of the video. This is a high angle shot of the artist joyfully walking out of a house in a schoolboy uniform. Then it cuts to a long shot of him dancing by himself against a plain brick wall. Between all shots there is almost a flashing effect to take us into the next shot. Next is a high angle shot of two other boys in the same uniform as the artist running for a bus but missing it. Then low angle shot of the boys trying to catch their breath connoting that they had been running quite a distance but could not catch up with the bus. The artist then comes into the shot and greets them. The next sequence is of the artist and the two other schoolboys dancing in the middle of the street, using various shots such as low angle, long and high shots, with added edited pauses to the scene to the beat of the music. Throughout the video it cuts to the shots of him singing and dancing by himself against the brick wall, as shown in the picture. Various effects are used on the shots to compliment whats going on in the scenes i.e. he makes a fist punch to the ground and a blue light erupts across the screen as if that had come from him and he has a super power. The boys then jump onto a bus and end up at a school yard (ellipsis) where 5 girls in the female equivalent of their school uniform are dancing. The lead girl is in the middle, you can tell this because they do a close-up of her. The shot goes almost misty

2. connoting a dream World is being entered and it cuts to a high-angle shot of 5 the same 5 female dancers in now afro-Caribbean clothing dancing in what looks like a plantation/the woods, and various close-ups of the artist showing the artist looking lost and confusing. There are many uses of cutaways to the wildlife such as monkeys. The artist then goes for the girl but gets attacked by a group of men in similar clothing to the women. This is where the dream ends and he wakes up in his classroom, and watches the girl of his dreams walk past him, he goes to confront her in the hallway but she turns him down. This is shown through close-ups of the artist and the girl. The girl giving an expression saying that she is not interested and then a close-up of the boy looking disappointed. Again the shot goes slightly misty and it shows cutaways of red flags and desert looking area then the artist in a red Bollywood outfit and a group of 4 men in the same outfit behind him and a group of 5 girls included the lead girl in belly dancers clothing in front of him. They begin to do two different routines, the shot is shown through a long shot so both groups can be seen. They do some obvious Bollywood dance moves that connotes that they are going for that kind of feel. He again goes in for the kiss with the lead girl but wakes up, as this happens the music comes to a halt and he finds himself in the school hallway reaching in for a kiss to thin air. It then does another ellipsis to him getting ready for something, simply putting on a cap, but you know he is getting ready for something. This is useful because it shows that we dont have to show every part of a process and instead can just show one part and create an ellipsis. It cuts to him going to a party meeting the girl and going into yet another dream. This time in a posh house with a pool and the girl 3. there in an elegant dress. The colour scheme changes to greyscale and also smoke/fog is being produced so that in some shots you can only see the silhouette of the two figures, I feel this has been added to give the scene an antique old feel. He is also wearing a suit now. He wakes up out of this dream when someone at the party pushes both him and the lead girl into the pool. He goes in for the kiss and all the scenes throughout the video start to flash up and he finally wakes up in his own bed. A close-up is used to see how he is feeling which is satisfied with himself because he had a good dream.