Measuring Distance in Google Earth GIS Lab. What We are Doing Today What is GIS? Google Earth Measuring Distance

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Measuring Distance in Google EarthGIS LabWhat We are Doing TodayWhat is GIS?Google EarthMeasuring Distance

What is a GIS??Geographic Information+System=Geographic Information SystemWhat is Geographic Information?Information including place/location about things on the surface of the earth

What kind of information is on a mapRiversRoadsCities/townsOther . . . . ??

Organization and LayersA map overlay is a layer of geographic informationSystems to Organize Geographical InformationManual SystemsMaps and transparencies

Digital (computer) SystemsGoogle EarthESRI ArcMap

Include question on notes taking guide??6Elements of a Map Google EarthScale bottom leftMenu View->Scale legendNorth the compass rose is top rightyou can change this by click and dragLegend Places or Layers on the left click on triangles to expand and see the legendSources bottom centerTitle Google Earth

This should be review . . .7Adding LayersGo to (right click) Watsonville.kmz and choose save link as from the menu, navigate to the desktop and click OKFrom the file menu in Google earth open Watsonville.kmz from the DesktopIt will appear in the Temporary Places on the leftBetter just to open MAKE SURE THEY KNOW THAT CAPITALS MATTER, IT HAS TO BE EXACTLY THE SAME8

Contour ReviewWhich direction does the river flow?Where is the river?Which direction does the river flow?

Measuring Distance in Google EarthHow long is the longest riverClick the ruler tool and then click the Path tab on the new window

move the cursor (white box) to the end of the riverClick to add points, note the length is being measuredChoose what units to measure in

The ruler tool