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McKinley’s Menagerie

McKinley’s Menagerie

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McKinley’s Menagerie. Mooki Ooki. Mammal Marsupial Fur Biped Vocal sac. Plow hog. Mammal Uses tusks, snout and modified front hooves to dig up food. Spike. Dinosaur Pins prey Compact (dog sized) Pack hunter. Hatchet Frog. Amphibian Tree dweller - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of McKinley’s Menagerie

McKinleys Menagerie

McKinleys Menagerie

Mooki OokiMammalMarsupialFurBipedVocal sac

Plow hogMammalUses tusks,snout andmodifiedfront hoovesto dig upfood

SpikeDinosaurPins preyCompact (dog sized)Pack hunter

Hatchet FrogAmphibianTree dwellerBreathing areafocused infin-hornFin-horn also used for vocalization

Horned Armored FishFishScales modifiedinto heavy platesSoft parts can retract like turtle

KelpieAquatic mammalHorse-like headVery social - Live in communities

Mkula MetraReptileLarge claws, clings to treesLong, narrow mouth, sharp teethCatches prey with long sticky tongue

Reaper ApplePlantDesert nativeSharp leaves,spines defendfruitToxic oils

Sea FleaInvertebrateArthropodDigestive systemextends out of mouth into bag of expelled acidSexual dimorphism

Pentarojo EckswingLarge flightless birdLives in the oceanLarge vertical fin acts as rudderLegs evolved into secondary wing-fins