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McKinley’s Menagerie

McKinley’s Menagerie

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McKinley’s Menagerie. Mooki Ooki. Mammal Marsupial Fur Biped Vocal sac. Plow hog. Mammal Uses tusks, snout and modified front hooves to dig up food. Spike. Dinosaur Pins prey Compact (dog sized) Pack hunter. Hatchet Frog. Amphibian Tree dweller - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: McKinley’s Menagerie

McKinley’s Menagerie

Page 2: McKinley’s Menagerie

Mooki Ooki

• Mammal• Marsupial• Fur• Biped• Vocal sac

Page 3: McKinley’s Menagerie

Plow hog

• Mammal• Uses tusks,

snout andmodifiedfront hoovesto dig upfood

Page 4: McKinley’s Menagerie


• Dinosaur• Pins prey• Compact

(dog sized)• Pack hunter

Page 5: McKinley’s Menagerie

Hatchet Frog

• Amphibian• Tree dweller• Breathing area

focused in“fin-horn”

• “Fin-horn” also used for vocalization

Page 6: McKinley’s Menagerie

Horned Armored Fish

• Fish• Scales

modifiedinto heavy plates

• Soft parts can retract – like turtle

Page 7: McKinley’s Menagerie

Kelpie• Aquatic mammal• Horse-like head• Very social - Live in communities

Page 8: McKinley’s Menagerie

Mkula Metra

• Reptile• Large claws, clings to trees• Long, narrow mouth, sharp teeth• Catches prey with long sticky tongue

Page 9: McKinley’s Menagerie

Reaper Apple

• Plant• Desert native• Sharp leaves,

spines defendfruit

• Toxic oils

Page 10: McKinley’s Menagerie

Sea Flea

• Invertebrate• Arthropod• Digestive system

extends out of mouth into bag of expelled acid

• Sexual dimorphism

Page 11: McKinley’s Menagerie

Pentarojo Eckswing• Large

flightless bird• Lives in

the ocean• Large

vertical fin acts as rudder

• Legs evolved into secondary wing-fins