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The Glass Menagerie

The Glass MenagerieByTennessee Williams

About the PlayAmerican Drama.Title itself is a Symbol.Action St Louis (Town in Southern Part of America).Memory Play.Tom Narrator and Son of Amanda.Four Character.One invisible Character Mr. WingfieldPsychological Drama.

Major CharactersAmanda Mother.Laura Daughter.Tom Son.Jim O Conner Gentleman Caller (Amandas Dream Gentleman Caller for her Daughter).

Minor CharacterMr. Wingfield


Tom Introducing JimTom and Jim were School Mates.Jim was the class Hero.Basketball Player, Class Leader, Lead Choir etc.In job Tom has a friendly terms with Jim only.Tom remembering his past glory.Jim also got affection with Tom to work along with other workers in warehouse.Tom always wrote poetry.Jim gave Tom a Nickname Shakespeare

Amandas PreparationWingfield apartment looks so beautiful.Amanda make the apartment for the gentleman caller.Amanda dress so beautiful like girlish outfit from her youth.This dress was used by her for going to any parties.She also speak and compare her youthful life with jonquil flowers (Ornamental Flowers).The story ends sadly due to Mr.Wingfield, Tom and Laura

Lauras FearnessLaura first time hear the name of the gentleman caller.The name was Jim O Conner.Jim was also the schoolmate of Laura.She got terrified by seeing Jim.She will not come to table Laura said to Amanda.Doorbell rings Laura got afraid.Finally she let the two men to come in and after being introduced to Jim.

Conversation Jim & TomJim constantly talks about the self improvement courses which he involved.Jim convince Tom to join in public speaking course but he was uninterested.Tom responds he prepared for change.Tom always talk about movies and adventure.He tells Jim about his plan to join the Merchant Seaman.Tom settle all dues to Merchant seaman instead of paying EB bill.He plan to leave St.Louis.Amanda enters the living room dressed like a southern young girl and begins to talk to Jim.

Lauras RefusalTom call Laura for supper but she refuses to come.Amanda, Tom and Jim sitting down for dinner.Laura in the living room she was lying on the sofa and trying not to cry.


ConflictsConflict araise from Amanda After marriage.Conflict is in Triangular Shape

Conflicts are not same.Conflicts in human relationship.


Three Persons ConflictsToms Conflict was to become a poet, adventurous person like his father and escape from hard reality.Amandas Conflict was Motherly Conflict.Lauras Conflict was her own world i.e The Glass Menagerie.

War and IronyA Tug of War between Amanda and Laura.Laura became total failure in that Tug of War.The irony was the three members i.e Amanda, Laura and Tom were lived in a same room.The main Reason for Amandas family failure was illusion.Her family didnt know about the real world.