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Massey Ferguson MF31 Rear-mounted Sickle Mower - Owner's ...ntractorclub.com/eds_stuff/ford tractors/Implements/Massey Ferguson... · Massey Ferguson MF31 Rear-mounted Sickle Mower

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Text of Massey Ferguson MF31 Rear-mounted Sickle Mower - Owner's ...ntractorclub.com/eds_stuff/ford...

  • Table of ContentsLubricationOperationPre-operating information, Optional equipment and accessoriesHitch pins, PTO shafts, AccessoriesPTO drive shaft sleeve adapter, Preparing the tractorWidth AdjustmentAttachingAdjustmentsOperationPTO speed for sheave settingsAdjusting sheave diameter, Safety releaseCutter bar flotationInner-Outer Shoe Adjustment, Pull bar adjustment, Knife registerLead adjustmentBelt tension adjustmentSwathboard and Stick, Tilt adjustmentSwinging frame eccentric adjustmentTransport - Operating positionsDetachingOperating difficultiesKnife replacementWear plates, Knife clips, Guards and ledger platesCutter bar flotationInner/Outer shoe adjustmentBelt tension adjustmentSwathboard & stick, Tilt adjustmentSwinging frame eccentric adjustmentTransport/Operating positionsDetachingOperating difficultiesServicingAssembly instructionsSpecifications