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Cut up poetry


  • Jouni Kemppi

    Mash My Text Up

    Cut up poetry

  • "What is not done, cannot be undone"

    Matti Nyknen

    Mash My Text Up

    Jouni Kemppi

    Vantaalla 2010

  • Material towards hands.

    Knocked, kicked, oxidizes, burst.

    Covered drops.

    Entire content slosh outside of the butterfly.

    Shiny interlocking without hesitation.

    Understand the staircase away.

    Before the eyes, so your body slips.

    When steps becoming sticky.

    People at my cheek.

    Distant corner of the entry requires the tsunami.

    Sun winnie fall for the ends.

    At our nest under staircases.

    Half conscious drill.

    Openings in the years.

    Hatred flourish after its been hatched.

    My child in the basement.

    Torching most violent axon.

    I opened the existence of the brothers with a smile.

    I fell asleep out of the material.

    Blind T-shirt rhythm of her country.

    My tongue wades in the water.

    Need for straight lines.

    On the floor lovemaking is the angel of the water.

    I would kick those attitude.

    I noticed the tube swinging poisonous weed.


  • Over-Eemelis existence.

    Back eat your body before our eyes.

    I get him to buy, rises noises lovemaking.

    I left then down again, then your body swaying.

    Relying on the halo was built under his arm.

    Another possible implication of the castles in the air.

    Should unorthodox drive memory?

    I am smiling. Enchantment the torch, so to me.

    Do not know the door leaves.

    Vertebral column of an inland sea.

    Cat sway the clank.

    Out the pictures I get up on it.

    Foxs snout next to my tongue.

    The dark melon chested in at my hand.

    Tight kill.

    Oxidizes the eyes next to a bouquet of flowers.

    Vomiting inside the sun.

    Dopey sleep imagination.

    Now still me.

    Skull smiling into the light, but the aura of a song has minimum requirements.

    Sees a brother and we fall decorations to buy.

    Snoring is the same, this is the slid case.

    Maybe almost requires little piece of memory again.

    Music to your skin.

    I walked jagged, donate to the ears of people.


  • Imitates a dream hanging in healthy mentally.

    Deus Ex Machina away from the yucky.

    Understand me in the shadows.

    More and halo.

    Park bench knocked out.

    I would like to stretch the sugar kick returns.

    Amid scream out, the sweat burst.

    Angel of the day swinging my thoughts.

    And it still were a big fat odor.

    Then a fierce fiery beauty.

    I wake rhythm again, until I left to dry.

    Rose hair in this weather material.

    Woman for a moment he felt a moment.

    I turned the lights still up.

    Kaarin reason, things burn for a moment.

    Human hair straight allies.

    Rose haemorrhoidal until today.

    Fertile eye colors.

    Lovemaking recall something gray.

    He has alerted the past.

    In the morning re-hanging.

    It is burning.

    Get knocked me infinitely more.

    Certain forms from the beginning.

    Psychotic looming in sight.


  • Grip my tongue through it.

    Clothing amid inside a nearby weather.

    Wavy voice.

    Rises to close for a moment.

    Hypothalamic hard drive.

    Mucus in place of a bouquet of flowers.

    Blades of nature.

    Each others lines closer to the torch.

    Side Door undulating melody into a rage.

    Punks are taken to head individuals.

    I walked to the eyes.

    People in glass fragments.

    Enchantment stank the imagination of people.

    Dreams, music, fiery moon.

    Was the same throughout the material.

    Whoop the living room.

    Body heat when we are always in the basement.

    Jagged believing him.

    Walls, leaving the sticky.

    Requires the pipe in the darkness of the hair.

    I opened the drain again.

    Points going to get used to book rooms at the built-triumphant.

    Mowed pitch-black productions.

    I opened my eyes dead,

    only my eyes, my eyes only.


  • Glands my thoughts.

    Calls for women in the dark trousers.

    The birds reared with a smile.

    Days of the girl in the water.

    Present the story of the torch.

    Breaking away.

    Grinding find heroism.

    Know your finger out of something to eat.

    Sweating face out of the stimulant.

    Goth Girl to paint me, the soul requires an abomination.

    I donated for years.

    To those hanging in the sea ice.

    I wake up amid your body.

    Milk afterwards at my cheekbones, I noticed on my rerun.

    Ringing on the paintings on the wall.

    Hatched these poor lost.

    Rainbow in his coat for him.

    Continue to kill him.

    A heart of my brain.

    Cartons at which position?

    Castles in the air in the shadows of my hair material.

    Drill the prices against me.

    Burn wrapping face into a rage.

    Gray over the pores.

    Vent their story.


  • Rite of Passage even a small woman.

    Apple trees in the country staircases.

    Materialize someone in mind on the floor.

    Mud cadaver must have been.

    Erectus to the bathroom.

    Lying on the fluorescent tsunami.

    Ripped rhythm and those scissors away.

    Pitch-black dead flesh becomes clear wavy lift.

    Certainty flowing nature.

    Moral fiery tears.

    So, wretched child in a box of wine.

    Out of lung disease-member corner of mouth want sanctions.

    Irrigate the eyes, the suns up.

    Always there to give your ears are leaking their reasons.

    Burns traditional tongue.

    Back of the head decorated with the birds away.

    Will get used to your senses along the glass fragments.

    Early years, eventually the sand.

    The childs burning through to buy a neck.

    Blades hanging from springs in the eye.

    Small price points from the dust.

    I stand and soul of the dictionary basement.

    Opposite of flattering.

    A bouquet of flowers will rip enchantment baseball bat.

    Grinding returned back to the weather.


  • Live along to you.

    Took the existence of a reason for dry lovemaking.

    Fall into the small pitch-black bark.

    Side door in the sea butterfly-minute burst.

    Coachman park bench would need to flow from the dust.

    Sensory sweat beautiful.

    Arm raised in the rain to reach the door.

    The day he turned my eyes are leaking.

    The worlds inland sea, lying heart.

    Non-existent milk for dancing in my apartment, lying torpid.

    Variation of snoring in the middle of the city sewers.

    Woman scent my chip memory again.

    Body fat is through the pores of drill points.

    Mind on the forehead.

    Springs into the basement swinging wild dogs.

    More of me to impose on tobacco.

    The animal will rip urban poor fluorescent hypothalamus.

    Present the pores of the scissors analogy.

    Wickedness breathe bat.

    Saw the face amid the rotating woman.

    The stock is burning for years retroactive loud.

    Woman who took my hand just hangs along.

    Amenities me, I will try even more.

    Images of beauty from the man built by TV.

    Dry the girl even more sticky sweat.


  • My wretched bunch of flowers.

    His run as the sea almost out of ideas.

    It is a finger off.

    On the gate Kong man.

    I was a soft, fuzzy little party.

    The stock came to breathe.

    Traditional living room with a piece of sugar.

    I went to the staircase to stretch.

    Still penetrate the floor.

    I stand mazes rotating your body on the door.

    Tone your body was discovered in my hand.

    Sings your body for years.

    I walk to the place of purchase, stimulant, a box of wine.

    When I walk in the place of their own.

    Perhaps the reason for the glass splinters.

    In those days whenever I could find more.

    Batter closer to my heart for years.

    Above me as violent do apple trees.

    On the rooms I saw dead on the brakes.

    A bouquet of flowers and I knew I could find the child.

    I lay in bags of the same.

    Smell the place rage.

    Then the walls for years were heart.

    Clothing briefly raised my apartment.

    Side door kicked valve world.


  • Swinging carrying their apartment.

    He should erectukset scissors.

    People are blades of milk.

    Snoopy piggy just disappears on to my pants.

    I am obscene shiny brand.

    You scream to myself and my chip direct.

    Grinding back wall of people.

    But hits more of a park bench.

    Every day along the Sound.

    Song of blades direct the lights they want.

    Ments within your body.

    Gothic scissor spring.

    Swinging her beautiful.

    I took your brother quickly rotating my brain leaking.

    The torch himself to smiling on the door.

    Rated solar park bench, someone imitating me.

    Perhaps the book leaves my tongue.

    Psychotic grown in a position to scissors individuals.

    Eat your thumb nail.

    Swinging irrigate an eccentric individuals.

    Play so decorated.

    Alerted the woman even more of the glass fragments.

    Still wicked material for years in the bedroom.

    The bridges built city sewers.

    Im looking for a song ended.


  • Quickly accustomed to a moral threshold.

    Wasteful to our nest.

    Fluorescent complex with the skin.

    Still sweats goth girls story.

    Amenities body glow.

    Weather at the mouth of sight for years.

    Only walls all grown.

    I wake up burst of direct sound and maybe even do the wavy.

    Staircases vomit.