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Marni Kanne Portfolio

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  • Marni KanneBR AND I N G & PAC K AG I N G D E S I G N347.756.1449 / /

  • R I P E - P R E M I U M F R U I T B R AN D I E SInspired by the maturing of paper craft into paper art. The detailed, handmade paper sculpture printed on the label reflects the care and quality that goes into the making of the brandy.

  • MYC O TAA sustainable line of mushroom condiments. Every product is made from locally sourced ingredients and stored in recyclable containers. Printed with vegetable ink on sustainably harvested paper, the graphics emulate handrawn field guides. Reminding the consumer of the care and thoughtfulness that go into the making of Mycota products.

  • YO CA F EThese naturally caffeinated, coffee flavored, yogurt smoothies are full of calcium and probiotics helping to jump start your day. Stay fit with Yocafes easy 5minute exercises. Snap the QR code to view the how-to videos or visit the website for more ways to stay fit. The energetic, colorful illustrations represent Yocafes fun, youthful nature.

  • T H E H E R BA L I S TA mature line of sodas, featuring refreshing, herbal flavors. The type focused graphics reflect the maturity of the brand. Bright colors and a radiant, sunburst inspired logo keep the brand fresh and modern.

  • DAR V E D R AGourmet Moroccan marinades, sauces, and frozen meals that will add spice to your life. The shapes, and patterning are inspired by the architecture and culture of this vibrant north African country.

  • A L BA T E Q U I L AAlba, meaning dawn in Spanish, is inspired by Xipe Totec, the Aztec god of life, death, and rebirth. The label mimics the traditional Mexican folk art of papel picado. Its unique pattern symbolizes the deitys appearance (most notably the vertical stripes said to run from forehead to chin) and the agricultural objects often associated with the god.

  • WUY I O R GAN I C O O LO N G T E AThese teas are grown on Wuyi Mountain, renowned for its production of oolong teas. , the Chinese character for mountain, is the w in the Wuyi logo and creates the basis for the subsequent letterforms. Each tea pack is comprised of 6 pyramidal shapes, which each house a tea sachet. When opened the pyramidal shapes form a mountain range, when closed the resultant hexagon is reminiscent of a tea cup swirling with steam.

  • SAVO RBrewed and bottled in New York, Savor is the luxurious alternative to high priced wines and spirits. The graphics were inspired by 1930s art deco design, creating a feeling of luxury and class.

  • M O N S T E R M E SSMonster Mess bath products feature fun and friendly creatures in bright colors. The back-sides of the creepy, cute characters can be seen through the back of the bottle adding an element of surprise to the packaging. Making bath time fun for both parents and their little monsters.

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    S T I C K S A N D S T O N E SA premium line of beautiful slate and wood serveware. Great for everyday use as well as entertaining. Moody, natural photography combined with modern graphics illustrates the brands approachability and the products earthy, durability.

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