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March/April/May 2013 B2B Omaha Magazine


<ul><li><p>Joan Squiresleading and inspiring at Omaha Performing arts</p><p>royal rebrandlittle King maKeoverthe return of leggoons</p><p>Omahas Business-To-Business MagazinePRSRT STD</p><p>U.S. POSTAGE</p><p>PAID</p><p>PERMIT NO. 5377</p><p>DENVER, CO</p><p>0 874470 63856</p><p>04&gt;SPRING 2013</p><p>U.S</p><p>. $3.</p><p>25</p><p>w w w . b 2 b o m a . c o m</p><p>Omaha magazine 5921 S. 118th CirCle Omaha, ne 68137</p><p>B2B Omaha Magazinesbest of b2b 2013results issue</p><p>PRSRT STD</p><p>U.S. POSTAGE</p><p>PAID</p><p>PERMIT NO. 5377</p><p>DENVER, CO</p><p>Omaha magazine 5921 S. 118th CirCle Omaha, ne 68137</p></li><li><p>Contact the Metropolitan Utilities District at 402-504-7187 or</p><p>What are your fleet fuel costs?Pay $1.65/GGE using Compressed Natural Gas</p><p>TM</p><p>*Pric</p><p>e ba</p><p>sed on</p><p> May</p><p> 2012 (GGE</p><p>)</p><p>*</p><p>*Pri</p><p>ce b</p><p>ased</p><p> on </p><p>Janu</p><p>ary </p><p>2013</p><p>(GG</p><p>E)</p><p>Pay $1.80/GGE using Compressed Natural Gas*Visit or contact a representative</p><p>to learn how your company can save money today!</p></li><li><p> B2B Omaha Magazine Spring 2013 3</p></li><li><p>Publishertodd lemke</p><p>Omaha PublicatiOn editOr linda Persigehl</p><p>assistant editOrs Bailey hemphillChris Wolfgang</p><p>art directOr John gawley</p><p>directOr Of PhOtOgraPhyBill Sitzmann</p><p> seniOr graPhic designer </p><p>Katie anderson</p><p>juniOr graPhic designer Paul lukes</p><p>graPhic design intern marti latka</p><p>cOntributing WritersJudy horan Dana markel </p><p> traci Osuna michael Watkins Wendy Wiseman </p><p>accOunt executivesgwen lemke greg Bruns</p><p>gil Cohen Vicki VoetPaige edwards</p><p>assistant tO the Publisher Sandy Besch</p><p>accOunt assistantalicia Smith hollins Jessica linhart </p><p>Catharine Kruse</p><p>OPeratiOnstyler lemke</p><p>WarehOuse distributiOn managermike Brewer</p><p>fOr advertising infOrmatiOn</p><p>402/884-2000</p><p>tO subscribe:Send $12.95 for a one-year (four issues) to:</p><p>B2B Omaha PO Box 461208Omaha, ne 68046-1208</p><p></p><p>a PublicatiOn OfOmaha Magazine</p><p>b2b Omaha is published four times annually by Omaha magazine, ltd, P.O. box 461208, Omaha ne 68046-1208. telephone: (402) 884-2000; fax (402) 884-2001. subscription rates: $12.95 for 4 issues (one year), $19.95 for 8 issues (two years). multiple subscriptions at different rates are available. no whole or part of the contents herein may be reproduced without prior written permission of b2b Omaha, excepting individually copyrighted articles and photographs. unsolicited manuscripts are accepted, however no responsibility will be assumed for such solicitations.</p><p>OM</p><p>AHA MAGAZIN</p><p>ES</p><p>Media Sponsors KETV </p><p>7 &amp; V</p><p>alpa</p><p>k</p><p>WIN</p><p>NER</p><p>S C</p><p>IRCLE 2013 WI</p><p>NNER</p><p>S C</p><p>IRC</p><p>LE</p><p>OM</p><p>AH</p><p>A M</p><p>AGAZ</p><p>INES</p><p> ANNU</p><p>AL BEST OF OMAHA CONTEST SIN</p><p>CE 1992</p><p>!</p><p>www.b</p><p></p><p>B2B </p><p>Omaha Magazines</p><p>Om</p><p>ahas Business to Busines</p><p>s M</p><p>agaz</p><p>ine</p><p>WIN</p><p>NER 2013 WIN</p><p>NER</p><p>4 B2B Omaha Magazine Spring 2013 </p><p>Download our iPhone or iPad app and become a certified Havana Garage Cocktail Mixologist.</p><p>402-614-3800havana@cigarcia.com1008 Howard StreetThe Old MarketOmaha |</p><p>Rent out Havana for your </p><p>next special occasion. Full </p><p>or partial rentals available </p><p>as well as the Black Betty </p><p>Party Bus[visit website for details].</p></li><li><p>OMAHAS BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS MAGAZINE sPring 2013 VOLUME 13 NUMBER 1</p><p>insideon the web:</p><p>FE AT U R E Sroyal rebrand, little King . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8</p><p>return of the leggoons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10</p><p>Cover Feature: Joan Squires, </p><p>leading and inspiring at Omaha Performing arts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12</p><p>Omaha business hall of fame 2013 inductees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46</p><p>Special Section</p><p>2013 best of b2b Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17</p><p>On the rise : Amy Mather . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6</p><p>Business events2013 CREW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11</p><p>OmAHA! Legends Comics and Coffee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50</p><p>in the Office Pinnacle Bank Headquarters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52</p><p>Social media:Whats All the Hoopla About Hulu? . . . . . . . . . . 47</p><p>Omaha CVB: Omaha Gets a Great Return . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49</p><p>Office Furniture: Get up, Get moving! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 53</p><p>Know-it-all: Creativity, Ingenuity . and Work Ethic . . . . . . . . . . . . 54</p><p>columns</p><p>cover featurePage 27</p><p>now check out b2b Omaha magazine online. using flipbook technology to give you a whole new magazine reading experience.</p><p>Check us Out on Facebook and Find Out How to Subscribe and get a 50% discount. Search for Omaha Magazine.</p><p> B2B Omaha Magazine Spring 2013 5</p></li><li><p>amy mathercurating Omaha with Podcasts P eople fascinate me.So says Amy Mather, adult program manager at Omaha </p><p>Public Library and host of the podcast Whatever Mathers. </p><p>Friends and acquaintances had been tell-ing her to post her knowledge of the city, about the food, the art openings. A lot of people told me I should blog, and I really hate writing, Mather says, I overthink it, whereas if its coming out of my mouth, it comes out once.</p><p>When fellow Design Alliance Omaha board member Bryce Bridges told her she should do a podcast instead, it took about six months for me to really consider it seriously, </p><p>6 B2B Omaha Magazine Spring 2013 </p><p> on the rise</p><p> S TO R y By C H R I S W O L f G A N G P H O TO By B I L L S I T Z M A N N</p></li><li><p>she says. But after the first episode aired in September 2011 with the help of Clete Baker of Studio B, Mather embraced the idea of documenting whats happening in the city now. I think of it as curating Omaha, she says with a smile.</p><p>Bridges, who has a family background in radio, finalizes the themes and gathers the guests for the podcasts three-speaker panels as executive producer of Whatever Mathers. I wanted to sit people at a table and poke and prod and ask why theyre doing what theyre doing, Bridges says of the podcasts raison detre, The only thing missing is alcohol. He adds with a laugh that such lubrication is unnecessary thanks to the way Mather han-dles the hour-long conversations. Amy has a great way of letting people just be honest. When we sit people around the table with her, good things happen. He adds that theres not even much editing, just a few outtakes of jokes at a podcasts end.</p><p>I find people super interesting, Mather admits. There is a creativity explosion happening here. Its an important thing to capture. She typically asks three questions of her podcast guests, an example of which is What do you think creativity is? from her second podcast entitled You dont take sand to the beach. </p><p>Its a very basic question to ask, but you get so many different answers, Mather says.</p><p>Guests of Whatever Mathers have included local designer Steve Gordon, Design Alliance Omaha founder Tom Trenelone, acupuncturist Donna Hubert, and Anne Meysenburg of Kent Bellows Studio, just to name a few. Mather ends each podcast by asking her guests about their Big Love, encouraging them to reveal one thing theyre really excited about or have fallen in love with recently. The kale salad at Lot 2 has come up twice.</p><p>Despite living in several other states for many years and only being in Omaha for five, Mather states with delight that Omaha is the center of the universe. I mean, in five years, Ive met tons of amazing people, and theres all this stuff happening, she says. I love Omaha, and Im really proud of it. I just want to show, you know, were a bunch of badasses here. Look at what were doing.</p><p>Interested listeners can visit or search for Whatever Mathers on the iTunes store and subscribe to the podcast to hear new and old episodes. </p><p> B2B Omaha Magazine Spring 2013 7</p></li><li><p>royal rebrandlittle King sub shops get a makeover</p><p>L ong before there were sandwiches hawked by Michael Phelps and Jared or commercials for subs being delivered at breakneck speed, Little King was building a product and brand featuring fresh meats and great taste right here in Omaha.Now, more than 40 years after the original store opened at 80th and Dodge streets, the </p><p>Omaha-originated sub shop is undergoing a facelift while remaining true to its longstanding reputation and roots for providing a consistently outstanding product.</p><p>Little King has developed a new, fresh, and more contemporary look and feel, said Jose Partida, vice president and chief franchising officer for the sub shops. Our branding was dated and didnt reflect the energy of todays Little King. We believe our new branding offers us a solid foundation to compete with all of our competitors.</p><p>Partida said he and company president Nikhil Mehta, who bought the Little King brand and following from Chief Operating Officer Bob Wertheim, son of founder Sid Wertheim, in 2012, have been developing this new brand and positioning with local creative firm Webster Design Associates over the past 12 months. He admitted they are very proud and excited with the results and believe this is the right path for Little Kings future growth and success.</p><p>He added that Little Kings core values remain the sameto provide fresh, wholesome food at a great value and in an inviting dining environment.</p><p>And of course, theyve kept our signature sandwich, the #11! Partida said. If you dont know what that means, it is the Royal Treat. We continue to slice fresh meats and produce and </p><p>bake fresh breads on a daily basis. Besides our new look, our customers will see only small changes in the Little King they have loved for over 40 years.</p><p>The current branding rebirth of Little King is described as the biggest evolu-tion since the first store opened in 1969. While the companys values have remained relatively unchanged over time, the brand continues to evolve.</p><p>The new brand and position are a departure from where the company was, but there is still a strong tangible, visual connection to the past. A testament to this is the recent reopening of the Little King restaurant in the first level of the new building on 12th and Howard streetsthe location where one of the first Little Kings sat for more than four decades.</p><p>Fresh Rules Here still speaks volumes </p><p>8 B2B Omaha Magazine Spring 2013 </p><p> s tO r y by m i c h a e l Wat K i n s P h O tO s by b i l l s i t z m a n n a n d W e b s t e r d e s i g n a s s O c i at e s</p><p>Bob Wertheim, Little Kings COO, at right, hands off a sub to the chains co-owner and president, Nikhil Mehta.</p><p> feature</p></li><li><p>about where we have come from and where we are headed, Mehta said. At one time, Little King had over 100 units in over 17 states. Our plans are to surpass those numbers in the next five to seven years.</p><p>As a matter of fact, our 12th and Howard Street location is open again. It has undergone renovation to showcase our new corporate look and is now our flagship restaurant. We will be working with our cur-rent franchisees to convert to our new look over the next six to 12 months. Currently, we are looking at potential new sites throughout Omaha and Iowa. </p><p>To learn more about the new and improved Little King brand, visit, follow it on Facebook at LittleKingDeliAndSubs and on Twitter @LittleKingSubs.</p><p> B2B Omaha Magazine Spring 2013 9</p><p>The Palagi Law Offices</p><p>Available For Lease</p><p>Uniquely appointed home and adja-cent carriage house. Offering old world charm, well landscaped yard and located on high profile North 72nd Street. Excel-lent visibility with signage available.</p><p>Classic designed office building with attractive interior appointments. Stately structure with well landscaped surround-ings. 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It sparked my entrepreneurial interest in finding out what happened to them.</p><p>After doing some digging, he discovered that founders and Omaha natives Tom Ryan and Michael Kofoed had sold the logo and brand to some investors in the late 80s. He scoured Omaha World-Herald archives for every article he could find about Leggoons, With the help of his attorney, Carr located two of the original investors to inquire about purchasing the brand and resurrecting the 80s shorts that, at their height, rivaled Ocean Pacific and Hobe in the marketplace. </p><p>The company had filed for bankruptcy in the 1990s, and after pulling the files in Missouri, where the brand moved after Ryan and Kofoed sold it, Carr purchased the rights.</p><p>I started this process eight years ago, and here we are now, bringing Leggoons back to the market with a fresh look and a nostalgic hook, Carr said.</p><p>An entrepreneur at hearthe started Ticket Express his senior year of college because he thought it would be a good way to see a lot of shows and concerts for freeCarr has never shied awa...</p></li></ul>