Manali summer Trekking expedition summer Trekking expedition Page 2 About Manali Manali, one of the most famous hill stations of India is nested in the northern end of Kullu Velly

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    Manali Summer Trekking Expedition 2016

    To groom the youngsters in the field of adventures and environmental awareness, Invincible NGO presents the most interactive and adventurous trekking expeditions to Manali and the nearby area. In the adobe of Gods and Goddesses, whats experienced, cant be revealed in words.

  • Manali summer Trekking expedition

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    About the Camping

    Manali Summer Trekking Expedition 2016 is specially planned to project the young

    students into the less explored field of trekking and mountain climbing. During the

    months of Summer, the nearby area of Manali remains covered with lush green forests

    and it creates appropriate situation to learn lessons from Nature.

    Due to its unique geographical situation, Manali is accessible from almost all major

    cities of north. Keeping the town as road head, camps are set up at various locations in

    the Forest Area and height gain is done up to Chanderkhani Pass/Bhrigu Lake, the highest

    point of the area. Going through dense woods near Manali, it leads to higher reaches.

    Besides all these, staying in the typical adventure accommodation and performing

    various adventure activities is covered under this unique summer expedition.

  • Manali summer Trekking expedition

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    About Manali

    Manali, one of the most famous hill stations of India is nested in the northern end

    of Kullu Velly (Himachal Pradesh). The word Manali is regarded as the changed name of

    Manu-Alaya which literally means the abode of Manu. The small town Manali is

    situated at an altitude of 6750 feet on the bank of holy Beas river.

    The climate in Manali is predominantly cold during winters, and moderately cool

    during summers. Temperature varies from 15 C to 5 C in winter and 4 C to 15 C in

    summer time. Snowfall often takes place between November end to early February.

    Manali is also often referred to as the "Valley of the Gods".

    The tourism in this small town received a boost after the rise of militancy in Kashmir

    in the late 1980s, before that the place was not so known to common people except

    mountaineers and adventure lovers. Due to its natural beauty and climate, the town has

  • Manali summer Trekking expedition

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    become one of the favorite place for trekkers and nature lovers as well for tourists. The

    best season to visit the city as a hill station is summer but though its terrain offers

    wonderful trekking paths through the year. The town gives start-ups to many treks and

    expedition routes.

    Besides this, Manali and the around area is reach with so many temples and other

    visiting places. The town also gives a way to Rohtang Pass and Solang Velley. It is also

    one of the finest skiing spots in India. Mountaineering Institute has been established by

    Government and is training youth for snow crafts and mountaineering. Paragliding and

    ropeways are the most charming activities.

    In addition, the whole valley is known for apples. The British introduced apple trees

    and trout. The first apple orchard was set up by the British near Patlikuhl, which were

    earlier not native to Manali. It is said that when apple trees were first planted, the fruits

  • Manali summer Trekking expedition

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    were so plentiful that often branches, unable to bear the weight, would collapse. To this

    day, apple along with plum and pear remain the best source of income for the majority.

    During the nights, the sky remains clear and hence gives an immense view.

    Camping far from the crowd, with patched tents and in the warmth of campfire make the

    individual the real thrill of nature & adventure. The whole schedule is planned in such a

    way that the participant can acclimatize him/herself well and can enjoy the real beauty of

    the mighty mountains.

  • Manali summer Trekking expedition

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    About Base Camp

    On the banks of the river Beas, Naggar Village is situated in the lap of orchid farms.

    Originally the village was used to be capital of Kullu Rajas during 15th century. The

    meaning of Naggar is Learned Man, and is a very small but beautiful place to be at.

    The base camp is set amongst apple farms and near to gushing river Beas. The

    campsite falls between Manali and Naggar, and is very close to road head. The place

    gives mesmeric view of Kullu Valley and Beas River. The North faces the sky in between

    the snow clad mountains and gives magnanimous glance over the dark horizons.

    Smooth cool breeze flowing from valley slopes keeps the atmosphere lively. All the

    primary accommodations are available here including dines and washrooms. Alpine style

    tents are patched for the trekkers, which is entirely a different experience.

  • Manali summer Trekking expedition

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    About Bhrigu Lake

    Named after the great saint Maharshi Bhrigu, it is believed to be a sacred place of

    divine beauty and serenity. Legend says that he used to meditate on the banks of the

    lake and hence it is named as Bhrigu Lake.

    Situated on the east of Rohtang Pass, at an altitude of 14,000 feet above the mean

    sea level, the lake is accessible from Gulaba village (10,000 ft). An intermediatory camp

    has to be set up near Rauli Kholi (12,500 ft) to approach the next day climb of around 6

    km. After having lunch at the lake, trekkers climb down to Rauli Kholi for the night stay.

    The trek through green high altitude meadows along with the harmonic streams

    makes the trekker feel one with the nature. On being lost with the nature, sometimes one

    finds himself.

  • Manali summer Trekking expedition

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    About Chanderkhani Pass

    As the shape of the pass is like curved moon, it is known as Chanderkhani. This

    high altitude pass is situated on the east of the Manali town and is a very charming

    trekking route leading from Naggar and Rumsu villages of the valley.

    Comparatively a bit lengthy than others but passing through dense alpine forests,

    the trek route gives a chance to experience the Himalayan beauty in a different mood.

    The area is full with so many medicinal flora and also rich with wild animals and birds.

    Crossing the hip hop snow slopes in traversing manner, one can reach to the

    summit point of the Chanderkhani Pass. Steling, Chedu Patthat, Navan Tapru and other

    meadow grouds are there to set an intermediate camp on the way to approach

    Chanderkhani Pass.

  • Manali summer Trekking expedition

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    Solang Valley

    Around 14 km northwest from Manali, on the way to Rohtang Pass, it is a beautiful

    valley slope named after the nearby village Solang. Due to its unique geographical

    features, it offers a variety of adventure activities and experience of camping.

    Solang Valley is one of the major skiing spot of India, which is a very popular winter

    sport. Where in the summer, it happens to be the heaven for paragliders and zorbing

    lovers. Along with these, many small fun and adventure sports are performed.

    ABVIMAS Skiing Training Centre is established here to train youth in the field of

    Skiing. The valley behaves as starting point of one of the longest tunnel of India, which

    passes beneath the Rohtang Pass and connects Keylong through Pir Punjal range. Many

    trek starts from here.

    The place is often chosen to taste typical Himalaya food like Momos and many

    other. But it remains heavily crowded during the months of summer.

  • Manali summer Trekking expedition

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    River Rafting

    Enjoying the jumping raft over the gushing River, rafting in Manali is one of the

    most popular adventure. There are multiple rafting setups between Manali and Kullu

    town, who offer varied type of rafting starting from 5 km to 16 km raft.

    Beginners can learn the basics in a group of 5 8 people and are led by expert

    local rafters. Fully equipped with safety equipment, Rafting is performed with multiple

    groups to ensure extra safety.

  • Manali summer Trekking expedition

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    Manali Summer Trekking Expedition 2016 is scheduled from April 09, 2016 to June

    31, 2016. In this duration, a series of 11 Day / 10 Night long adventure camps will be

    placed as per the academic schedule of various colleges/institutes.

    The proposed itinerary for this expedition will remain same and is expected as


    Day 1: Departure from Ahmedabad, overnight train journey

    Day 2: Arrival at Pathankot, departure for Manali by bus

    Day 3: Arrival at Manali campsite, Free day for acclimatization

    Day 4: Rock Climbing, Rappeling & River Crossing

    Day 5: Travel to Gulaba (10000 ft) and trek to Rauli Kholi (12500 ft), night halt

    Day 6: Trek to Bhrigu Lake(14500 ft) and back to Rauli Kholi camp

    Day 7: Trek to Gulaba and travel back to Manali

    Day 8: Free time in morning and river rafting in the evening

    Day 9: Free time to visit Manali & Solang Valley, Departure for Pathankot

    Day 10: Arrival at Pathankot, Departure for Ahmedabad

    Day 11: Arrival at Ahmedabad

    The schedule is subject to change as per the weather conditions. Any change in

    schedule or cancellation of the trek can be done without giving any prior information. In

    case of bad snow condition at Bhrigu