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<ol><li> 1. Dr. Chetan Trivedi Dr. Himanshu Shrivastava </li><li> 2. CONTRIBUTORS PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT </li><li> 3. ABOUT ME NAME: Manali Moradiya EN NO: 140210111077 BRANCH: E.C. B </li><li> 4. A Contributor is someone who takes part in something or makes a contribution writers and people who donate money in particular are called contributor. </li><li> 5. NAME: N.D.SIR AGE: 40 OCCUPANTION: TEACHER </li><li> 6. It has experience of 12 years in this field. </li><li> 7. He takes his work as a vision. He believes in internal and external success. </li><li> 8. Time management The employee should be focused to his working goal. He should be punctual in time. </li><li> 9. The youth is the future of the nation so they must have positive attitude towards their duty and always set high goal which will lead you long way. </li><li> 10. He says that to make them go to the right way we have to know whats wrong that is going in the mind. </li><li> 11. According to him, job satisfaction is internal satisfaction. </li><li> 12. He says to the engineers that whatever you are learning now is not that much important as much as you are going to learn from life and the remaining years to come as being engineers the future of the world. </li><li> 13. According to him: Short term vision: the authority should be satisfied by his work. Long term vision: My work should be valued. </li><li> 14. From the above qualities N.D. Sir is a contributor. </li></ol>