Managing Emotions STRESS RESPONSE Objectives: Cause of stress Effects on the body Stages of stress response

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  • Managing EmotionsSTRESS RESPONSEObjectives:Cause of stressEffects on the bodyStages of stress response

  • What do you know?Make a three section, horizontal foldable.

    On your foldable, write on the back what you want to know about stress

    On the back write what you know about stress.What causes stress?What is the bodies response to stress?Be prepared to share your thoughts

  • Stress: The body and minds reaction to everyday challenges and demands.Cause? Stress response, three stages

    ALARM!!!!On the foldable (section one - outside). Write ALARM and as many flight or fight body response to stress reactions as you can remember.

  • Managing StressFor this section you will need to divide your paper into a T.

    Label the left side dah, the right side newdahnew

  • ALARM RESPONSE stage onePupils dilateIncrease in sweatIncrease in heart rate and pulseRise in blood pressureBreathing rate quickensNarrowing of arteries to organs and skinIncrease blood flow to muscles and brainIncrease in muscle tensionRelease of blood sugar, fats and cholesterol

  • Stage two - ResistanceIf exposure to the stressor continues, the next stage is RESISTANCE

    Write stage two of the stress response on the outside of your foldable.Body briefly adapts to the stressor and performs at a higher level of endurance

  • Stage three Example of resistance

    Think of the meaning of this word and other places you apply the concept.

    Be prepared to share your exampleThink of classes, activities, or prior experience with an adrenaline rush.

  • Flight or Fight -ActionTo briefly perform at a higher level of performance to avoid danger

    Flight = run faster or farther then normal to avoid danger

    Fight = ability to resist a physical challenge or attack

  • ResistanceIn the middle of your foldable:

    Briefly describe a story of when you used RESISTENCE to avoid danger or help another person, or write about a story that you have heard.

  • Stage three - FatigueWrite FATIGUE and the third, outside section of your foldable

    A feeling of exhaustion after the body loses the ability to adapt to the situation. THINK:There are three types of fatigueWhen you are tired, what is the cause (reason)?Be prepared to share

  • Types of FATIGUEIn the middle of your foldablePhysical (related to over working muscles)

    Psychological ( related to constant worry, depression, boredom, isolation, or overwhelmed by too many responsibilities)

    PathologicalOverworking bodies defense diseaseMinor to major such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke.

  • Understanding check

    What is stress?Identify the first stage of the stress response.What is the purpose of this reaction?What is the second stage of the stress response?What is the purpose of this stage?What is the final stage of the bodies response to stress?How is the body affected in stage three of the stress response?

  • Types of stressorsNot everyone is in danger of getting run over in the street. What categories of stressors have psychologists identified as potential variables?Make a list

  • Biological StressorsIllnessDisabilitiesInjuriesWhat biological stressors might you identify that motivate the need for stress management techniques?

  • Environmental stressorsPovertyPollutionCrowdingNoise Natural disastersEconomyPersonal cognitive reflection

  • Cognitive Stressors

    The way a situation is perceived

    How this situation affects you

    Cognitive moment: How might how you perceive a situation change the way you react?

  • Personal behavior stressorsNegative reactions in the body and mind caused by:TobaccoAlcoholOther misused, abused drugsPoor nutritional habitsLack of proper exerciseCM: What might you do differently?

  • Life Situation StressorsDeath of a pet Separation or divorce of parentsrelationship troubles with peers

    CM: Question for thought.Have you ever taken a moment to focus on the events you have direct control over vs. the events you do not?