Manager Guide to PDP - PDP template for printing. : Start the PDP Process The PDP begins with an overview page 1
Manager Guide to PDP - PDP template for printing. : Start the PDP Process The PDP begins with an overview page 2
Manager Guide to PDP - PDP template for printing. : Start the PDP Process The PDP begins with an overview page 3

Manager Guide to PDP - PDP template for printing. : Start the PDP Process The PDP begins with an overview

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    Manager Guide to PDP As a manager during the annual Performance Development Plan (PDP) period, you have the opportunity to complete an assessment of any employee who reports to you. When completing the PDP, it’s important to think about how the employee’s contributions align with Altair’s goals as a company. In your meeting with the employee, both you and the employee should engage in a forward- looking discussion about the employee’s career, contribution, aspirations, etc., as well as set some measurable, achievable goals for the next PDP cycle. The instructions below detail the PDP process from the manager’s point of view.

    1: Getting Started

    You will receive an email (similar to the one shown below) with information that the PDP process has started. The email lists the names of employees whose performance you will need to review as well as a link to AltairHR to get started.

    The employee(s) also receives an email to begin their independent self-assessment. As the manager, you will not have access to that self-assessment until you have submitted a PDP for the employee.

    2. Open a PDP

    After opening AltairHR, click the Employment link and choose Pending Tasks in the sub menu. In the Employment Changes table, click the Performance Development Plan link next to an employee name.

    3. Verify Employee

    The first time you click on an employee name, you must confirm that you are the primary manager for the employee. If you wish, click the Print Blank Template link to open a blank PDP template for printing.

    4: Start the PDP Process

    The PDP begins with an overview of the process, Altair’s Core Values, and a job description. Review and update the job description before going to the next step.

    You may also gather information from employee references, which are other employees or managers the employee has worked closely with throughout the year. References are not required to complete a PDP.

    Click Go to Evaluation to continue.

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    5: Review Past Goals

    The next step is to review the Past Goals set for the employee. The system automatically populates the Past Goals using the previous year’s Future Goals.

    In the Comments box, enter how effectively the employee achieved these goals. After entering the information, click Save & Next or simply click any of the job factor links listed under the Core Values at the bottom of the page.

    Note: You may save your work and exit the PDP at any time before submitting it.

    6: Complete All Factors

    Review the criteria for each factor and enter Comments about the employee’s performance. Remember to also comment how the employee can move forward to develop their career rather than only looking backward at past performance.

    Click Save & Next to move to the next value or click a link to display a factor.

    Each time you enter a comment for a factor and click Save & Next, the factor will display a green check mark next to it to indicate it is completed.

    If you are not ready to complete a factor, select the Eval Later check box. Your comments are saved, but a red asterisk next to the factor will indicate that it is incomplete.

    7: Overall Summary and Rating

    Under the Goals & Rating heading, click Overall Summary and Rating and select an overall rating for the employee’s performance based on the information you provided in the PDP. Enter your feedback in Comments.

    8: Growth and Career Development

    Click the Strengths button to enter information about Strengths and Successes and Opportunities for Growth for the employee.

    List the employee's achievements in the Strengths and Successes box. In the Opportunities for Growth box, let the employee know how they can enhance their skills over the next PDP cycle. For example, include an outline of a training plan as a guide for the employee to follow.

    9: Future Goals

    Click the Future Goals button.

    Enter ideas about Future Goals for the employee in the space provided. Once you enter the future goals and your overall comments, you should schedule a meeting with the employee.

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    Note: You will have a chance to update and finalize Future Goals after the interview with the employee, when you submit the PDP.

    10: Ready for Interview

    After you finish all sections of the PDP, click the Ready for Interview button in the upper-right corner of the page, and a confirmation message displays. Click OK to indicate you are ready to discuss the PDP with your employee.

    Note: Clicking OK does not make your evaluation visible to the employee yet.

    The PDP displays for your review with a printer version link at the bottom. Printing the PDP may help give your meeting with the employee some focus when you discuss each of the factors upon which the employee was rated.

    During the meeting, share your observations and remarks with the employee. You should engage in a forward-looking discussion about the employee’s career rather than only looking backward at past performance. Keep in mind that after you submit the PDP, the employee will have access to all your remarks and comments.

    Click the Detailed View link to view details of the PDP on- screen. The link changes to Consolidated View, which you can click to see a shorter version of the PDP.

    Note: The printer version of the PDP is always the Detailed View.

    If needed, click the Re-evaluate button in the upper-right corner of the page to make changes to the PDP.

    Note: Do NOT make significant changes to the PDP after your interview with the employee; it is acceptable to correct errors. Any change you make before you click Submit, will be reviewed by the employee again when they sign off on the PDP. You will be asked to make updates on Future Goals and Comments when you submit the PDP, so there is no need to use the Re- evaluate button to update that section after the interview.

    11: Submit PDP

    After you've had the interview with the employee and are satisfied with the evaluation and comments, click the Go To Submit button in the upper-right corner of the page.

    The Submit Performance Development Plan page opens, allowing you to edit the Future Goals and Comments, as well as enter the Interview Date when you met with the employee.

    Click the Submit Performance Development Plan button to submit the PDP for employee signoff. The employee will receive an email indicating that the PDP is ready for sign-off. The PDP remains on your pending tasks list until the employee has signed off on the PDP.

    You will see the status of the employee's self-assessment in the top summary table of the main PDP you submitted. If the self-assessment is submitted by the employee, you will see a link next to the status. You can view the employee's self- assessment by clicking the link. You will only be allowed to view the submitted self-assessment after you have completed the interview and submitted a PDP of the employee.