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1. Making Video Wins Prize! 1700$ Waiting for you!Now good news coming! In order to let more people know more about the product inwallbuys, then we do a new event . if you do not understand it clear, then you can sendme a PMEvent name: Making Video Wins Prize! 1700$ Waiting for you!Time: 25/5/2013---25/6/2013 Hong Kong TimeUpload time: 25/5/2013---20/6/2013 Hong Kong TimeEvaluate time: 20/6/20133--25/6/2013 Hong Kong TimeLink: Clear video with Wallbuys logo.2. Related to products which WALLBUYS is selling.(Buy from WALLBUYS or otherstores)3. Use English to describe the product.4. The Video should only describe the product.5. Latest video.6. Uploading to YouTube and uploading to Wallbuys evaluated page by iframe.26 people will win the prize:The First Prize (1) 600$The Second Prize (2) 300$/PersonThe Third Prize (3) 100$/PersonBest Popularity Award (20) 10$/ PersonAssessment Criteria:1. Conform to the requirements of the competition.2. The vote of YouTube and the opinion of Wallbuys.Send us a email to know more: