Making the most out of Wildern

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Making the most out of Wildern. Supporting your children as they start their Wildern journey to ensure they get the best results when they leave us in 2019!. Aims of this session. To explore the challenges that Year 7 students face when they join Wildern. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Making the most out of WildernSupporting your children as they start their Wildern journey to ensure they get the best results when they leave us in 2019!

  • Aims of this sessionTo explore the challenges that Year 7 students face when they join Wildern.

    To find out about key ways that you can support your child as well as some survival tips from students and staff.

  • So first things first Every child will be different and have different needs as they start life at Wildern.We feel its important to personalise their experience.It begins today!

  • On your post it notes.What are your key questions / concerns with regard to supporting your childs studies at Wildern?

  • The most likely issue!Before we look at the post it notes - one of the most common questions is about homework.How can you support your child as they embark on their homestudies?

  • HomestudyHomestudies set in year 7 and 8 - help develop key skills independent enquirers , creative thinkers and reflective learners

    There is usually one big task but this can be done over several weeks to allow students to work at their own pace (some like to work for an extended time on one piece / some in small chunks)

    Students should NOT be spending more than 1 hours a night on homework!

    If you are concerned contact the class teacher via the planner or by phone.

  • Phased introductionHomestudy tasks are phasedin throughout the year to ensurethat pupils do not feel overwhelmed.

    Core subjects and MFL vocab are the first homestudies to be set.

  • Homestudy information can be found on the WINYour son or daughter will have login details

  • Navigating your way around Some helpful hints!

  • The Subject Areas

    Each subject area should contain the homestudy tasks, resources to support learning and mark schemes to show how work will be marked.

  • A quick recapYou can enrol on courses by clicking on the all courses button on left hand side then clicking on subject.

    Download tasks and SAVE them as this will allow you to type on and print out the task sheet.

    Look at mark schemes before starting tasks and self assess before handing in.

    All depts should give a clear indicator of how long is to be spent on a task.

    Where tasks are differentiated guide your child to the appropriate links.

  • And now to your post-its!Answers from the staff and the students!

  • Some key strategies to support study at homeAlways check the planner for work encourage your child to show you each evening ( get them to log you on to the WIN to check.)

    Agree early on a time and place for work to be done so routines are established.

    Devise a wall calendar / planner to record when homework is due and when it will be attempted.

  • Some further guidanceDiscuss with your child the expectations in terms of length and presentation and deadlines

    Break down tasks into smaller chunks with deadlines.

    Challenge by asking questions which require your child to - justify/ explain, predict outcomes and compare and evaluate information

    Encourage reflection on work and self evaluation look at the WIN for mark schemes and peer/ self marking guides

    Encourage independence

  • Some final hints and tipsAlways contact the school if you are concerned about homework or behaviour

    If you feel your child is struggling with the work or has spent too long on it write a note in the planner for their teacher

    Encourage your child to actively seek out help and advice from teachers and other pupils.

    Establish homework routines early to ensure success later.

  • How to get on tothe school websiteWithin the next couple of weeks you will receive your parental login information.

    This will allow you to access your childs grades / WAD / attendance / eref scores.Students have access to the WIN which you can work with them on.

  • How to get on to the school websiteFrom your home computer

    Working with your child, use your childs log in and password

    Make sure you check the Headteachers blog for updates.

    Explain aims* Importance of covering what parents want to know Any concerns so far? And general problems? Specific problems address to DOPA*Everyone learns differently encourage your child to learn in a way that suits themUse mind maps to group information and make linksUse small revision cards with key topicsUse pictures / raps / songs Post-it notes around the home with key wordsMake films upload to Wildern TVCreate models