Making the invisible visible

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Making the invisible visible

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  • Making the invisible visible

    Kinetic Typography

    listening to bbc radio5 i found a clip which i was going to animate, the topic was about governments plans in changing the retirement age. I started out by sketching out some possible ideas of how i could go about doing this. After some thought and advice i realise that the information in the speech was very dense and would be quite a challenge to animate.

  • Storyboards

    I started by sketching out storyboards to detrime how they would look, i though about using scratchy effect text to replicate the fuzzy banter of the voices, overlaying text where one person would talk over another person and also the moving transitions of frame to relate the the topic of the conversation. After some feedback i was told this would be quite challenage to animate and trying to include all its context, so then i decided to look for another clip more specific in its topic and decided to use that.

  • Inspiration

    i came across these two images during my design investigation breif on photography and thought they were both quite interesting. i thought that i could use props in my animation according to what the subject was about. i also really like the top images use of scrabble letters and thought i could use the pieces to animate text in my animation.

  • Props

    I started looking around for possible props that i could use in my animation. i thought about using beauty products from my dressing table or even possible animate on my dressing table, seen as the subject is about beauty. I thought about possibly animating on my beauty card chain for work, or on a salon beauty leaflet.

  • Chosen Props

    In the end i decided on using a magazine as it has alot of information and pictures to do with beauty, i managed to get hold of some scrabble pieces and would use these to animate my script onto the magazine

  • Final Piece

    Using stop frame animation i look pictures of the scrabble pieces onto the magazine, in the middle part where a second person laughs i tryed to display this by not using text but my animating the magazine as if the magazine is chuckling itself. When the work turn comes in i also displayed this by having animated a page turning onto another with the animation still continuing.