Making Inferences Through Pictures

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Making Inferences Through Pictures. What can we infer about this person just from their grocery list?. Possible Inferences. They have a dog (rawhide bones) They are hygienic/cleanly (Toothpaste, Qtips , wipes, Dish detergent) They have a job (Paper Towels for work) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Making Inferences Through Pictures

Making Inferences from Pictures

Making Inferences Through Pictures

What can we infer about this person just from their grocery list?

Possible InferencesThey have a dog (rawhide bones)They are hygienic/cleanly (Toothpaste, Qtips, wipes, Dish detergent)They have a job (Paper Towels for work)It is possible that they have a child (cheerios, sandwich bags, fruit snacks)

Inference: Why is someone writing this note?Who are they writing it to?

Possible InferencesSomeone left the toaster up to highSomeone else tried to make toastThis persons toast became burntThey were highly upsetThey wrote a passive aggressive note to the toaster turner upper!What are 3 inference you can make about the man in this picture?

Possible InferencesThis man usually wears a baseball hatThis man was out in the sunlight for a long timeThis man did not apply sunscreenWhat happened before this moment? What will happen directly after this moment and tomorrow?

This man was climbing a ladderHe was possibly climbing it to change a light bulbHe did not ask someone to hold the ladderHe is going to be sore in the morning

What time of year is it?--------How do you know?How does the boy on the right feel about Santa?-----How do you know?

Possible InferencesIt is December or Christmas timeSanta Clause is associated with ChristmasThe boys are eating candy Canes

The boy does NOT like Santa ClauseHe is screaming and cryingHow does this child feel & how do you know this?

Possible InferencesShe does not feel well, she feels sickShe is in bedShe has a thermometer in her mouthHer facial expression is sadWhat is the temperature like in this picture? How do you know?

Possible InferencesThe temperature is HOT. The sun is shining on the sidewalkThe egg is cookingWhat happened?

Possible InferencesThe dog broke through the door because he thought his owner was never going to returnWhat is this woman probably buying?

Possible InferencesThis woman is probably buying Christmas presents. This can be thought because of all of the Christmas decorations around her and she is wearing a scarf. What can you infer about this picture?

Possible InferencesThis man is possibly a criminalHe is being chased by men in suits and some sort of badgesThey are possibly police men or secret service.

What can you infer about this scene?

Possible InferencesThe darker bear either found this fish or stole this fishThe lighter bear is chasing the darker bear to get the fishThe bears are hungry

What is happening in this picture?

Possible Inferences The individual in the car has done something illegal (possibly speeding)The Individual in the car is being pulled over by a police car. What is about to happen to this boy?

Possible InferencesHe is about to be shockedThe dog switched his shock collar for the boys spiked collarWe know there is a shock coming because the sign in the yard says Invisa Fence What do you think happened to this dog?

Possible InferencesThis dog got into his owners lipstickI think this because it is too light to be blood and it is on its paws and its mouth and a lipstick tube is shaped somewhat like a bone.What are the pictures on these bags advertisements for?

Possible inferences A gym of some sortWhen holding the handle it looks like the people are jumping rope!What can you infer is happening in this picture?

Possible InferencesThis is an advertisement for highlighters.

There is a giant highlighter in the street

The curb is highlightedWhat can you infer is the product being advertised in this picture?

Possible InferencesThis is an advertisement for a high quality telescope companyThe pictures are of the moon and the flag left on the moon, which is in space, which can only be seen with telescopesThe size measurements below the pictures also help us to realize that this is a scientific machine. What can you infer is making this man so angry?

Possible InferencesThis man is either stuck in a traffic jam or was just in a car accident.He is behind the wheel of a car, so there must be some sort of traffic annoyanceHe looks very angryMake 2 inferences about this picture

Possible InferencesThis girl was in a car accidentThe accident was cause because she was either texting or talking on her cell phoneWhat can you infer has just happened?

Possible InferencesThis man has just won a swimming race at the OlympicsHe is in a poolHe is holding up his arm in triumphThere are Olympic rings on the platform behind himWhat inferences can you make about this picture?

Possible InferencesThese young girls are protesting about budget cuts in schoolsThey are students at a school that has budget issuesTheir signs talk about education and budget cutsMake two inferences about this picture

Possible InferencesThis kitten fell asleep while eatingHe is face down in a food bowl with no sign of movementKittens fall asleep often just like babiesHow might these two dogs know and feel about each other?

Possible InferencesThese dogs are possibly related (Parent/child)The picture shows a puppy and a grown dog cuddling These two dogs love one anotherThey are still cuddling even after growing up!What inference can you make about animals from this picture?

Possible InferencesAnimals like to sleep in warm spacesAll the animals are spread throughout a ray of sunlightInfer what this dog wants

Possible InferencesThis dog wants to be fedHe is holding his dog bowl in his mouthHe looks like he wants somethingMake an inference as to what just happened

Possible InferencesThis bird stole this mans ice cream cone.The man looks surprised and is holding his hand in such a way that he could have been previously holding an ice cream cone.The bird is flying passed the man with an ice cream cone in his mouth.Birds are not able to buy ice cream cones, but men are. What is happening in this picture?

Possible InferencesThis cat has set a trap to catch this creatureHe is standing behind the creature with its paw poised on the vacuum buttonThe creature is inching towards the vacuum suction because of a treat placed by the opening