Macro photography Viroinval, June 2015 - Jolanda Hafkamp

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My pictures as a result of the Macro photography workshop weekend in Viroinval Belgium, 11 - 14 June 2015. Initiated by travel organization BirdingBreaks and guided by photographer Bart Stornebrink.


  • ViroinvalJolanda Hafkamp

    Macro fotografie workshop week-end te Viroinval, Belgie, juni 2015. Georganiseerd door reisorganisatie BirdingBreaks, begeleiding door fotograaf Bart Stornebrink.

    Camera: Canon EOS 50D, Sigma macro lens 150mm f/2.8

    f/2.8 s1/1250 iso800

  • f/7.1 s1/500 iso640 welriekende nachtorchis f/4.5 s1/200 iso250 welriekende nachtorchis

  • f/4.0 s1/1000 iso400 welriekende nachtorchis

  • f/8.0 s1/80 iso800 wijngaardslak

  • f/8.0 s1/60 iso800 wijngaardslak

  • f/3.5 s1/200 iso200 zweefvlieg

  • f/2.8 s1/1000 iso500 dennenkniptor

  • f/3.2 s1/400 iso200

  • f/3.5 s1/250 iso200 hommelorchis

  • f/3.5 s1/1600 iso320 robertskruid

  • f/2.8 s1/1250 iso320 robertskruid

  • f/7.1 s1/1250 iso640

  • f/3.5 s1/800 iso200 krabspin met prooi

  • f/6.3 s1/125 iso200 groene stinkwants

  • f/8.0 s1/100 iso1250 witte tijgermot

  • f/7.1 s1/500 iso125 mos

  • f/7.1 s1/250 iso640 robertskruid

  • f/7.1 s1/250 iso640 robertskruid

  • f/6.3 s1/1000 iso540 margriet

  • f/7.1 s1/500 iso640

  • f/3.5 s1/200 iso200 zweefvlieg