Mac OS X Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts world’s #1 resource for all things InDesign Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts Mac OS X New Document z N New default document z U page 1

Mac OS X Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts world’s #1 resource for all things InDesign Adobe InDesign CC Keyboard Shortcuts Mac OS X New Document z N New default document z U

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  • The worlds #1 resource for all things InDesign

    Adobe InDesign CC

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Mac OS X

    New Document z NNew default document z U NOpen z OClose z WClose all open documents z U X WSave z SSave all open documents z U X SSave As z X SSave a Copy z U SDocument Setup z U PExport z EFile Info z U X IPackage z U X PPrint z PGeneral Preferences z KRebuild Preferences (press during program launch until Alert appears)

    Ctrl z U X

    Document History & Plug-in Info z About InDesign

    Add New Page z X PPlace Text or Pictures z DBrowse (Open Bridge) z U OCopy z CCut z XPaste z VPaste in Place z U X VPaste Into z U VPaste without Formatting z X VSelect All z ADeselect All z X ADuplicate z U X DDuplicate manually U dragStep and Repeat z U UUndo z ZRedo z X ZOverride Master Page Item z X clickOverride All Master Page Items z U X LCycle through Measurement Units z U X U

    Selection Tool VDirect Selection Tool ATemporary Selection Tool (press) zPage Tool X PGap Tool UToggle Content Collector and Content Placer


    Pen Tool PType Tool TType on a Path Tool X TPencil Tool NLine Tool \Rectangle Frame Tool F

    Rectangle Tool MEllipse Tool LScissors Tool CRotate Tool RShear Tool OScale Tool SGradient Swatch Tool GGradient Feather Tool Shift+GFree Transform Tool EEyedropper Tool IMeasure Tool KHand Tool HTemporary Hand Tool (press) U SpacebarZoom Tool ZTemporary Zoom Tool (press) z SpacebarApply default fill and stroke colors DSwap fill and stroke activation XSwap fill and stroke colors X XToggle color affects text/its frame JApply color swatch ,Apply gradient swatch .Apply None swatch / Preview mode on/off WPresentation Mode X W

    Edit Original U doubleclickDecrease size / scale by 1% 5% z , z U ,Increase size / scale by 1% 5% z . z U .Nudge Arrow keysNudge by 1/10 z X Arrow KeysNudge by 10 X Arrow KeysToggle Live Edit Mode 4

    Arrange: Send Backward/Forward z [ or ]Arrange: Send to Back/Front z X [ or ]Select Next Object Below z click, z U [Select Last Object Below z U click, z U X [Select Container, Content esc, XescTransform Sequence Again z U 4Transform: Move Item z X MGroup, Ungroup z G, z X GLock z LUnlock All On Spread z U LHide z 3Show All On Spread z U 3Text Frame Options z BFitting: Center Content z X EFitting: Fill Frame Proportionally z U X CFitting: Fit Content Proportionally z U X EFitting: Fit Content to Frame z U EFitting: Fit Frame to Content z U CDrop Shadow Effect z U MClipping Path z U X KMake Compound Path z 8Release Compound Path z U X 8

    Quick Apply z ReturnRedefine Paragraph Style U X z RRedefine Character Style U X z CClear local formatting overrides U click on styleClear local & Char. Style overrides U X click on styleAutoflow text (with loaded cursor) X click on pageSemi-autoflow (with loaded cursor) U click on pageEdit in Story Editor z YCheck Spelling z IFind/Change z FFind Next z U FLoad Find and Find Next instance X F1Load Find with selected text z F1Load Replace with selected text z F2Replace with Change To text z F3Replace with Change To text and Find Next

    X F3

    Recompose all stories z U /Toggle Typographers Quotes Pref. U X z Update missing font list z U X /Create Outlines z X OCreate Outlines (text remains) z U X OTrack Changes: Next Change z Page DownTrack Changes: Previous Change z Page Up

    Align center z X CAlign force justify z X FAlign justify z X JAlign left z X LAlign right z X RAlign to baseline grid z U X GAuto-hyphenate on/off z U X HDrop Caps and Nested Styles z U RJustification z U X JKeep Options z U KParagraph Rules z U J

    Bold z X BItalic z X IAuto leading z U X AAll Caps z X KSmall Caps z X HStrikethrough z X /Subscript z U X =Superscript z X =Underline z X UIncrease/Decrease

    Baseline shift U X Up/Down ArrowBaseline shift 5 z U X Up/Down ArrowKerning/Tracking U Right/Left ArrowKerning/Tracking 5 z U Right/Left ArrowLeading U Down/Up ArrowLeading 5 z U Down/Up ArrowText point size z X . or ,Text point size 5 z U X . or ,Word space z U \ or DeleteWord space 5 z U X \ or Delete

    Reset font style (to Regular) z X YReset kerning and tracking to 0 z U QReset horizontal text scale to 100% z X XReset vertical text scale to 100% z U X X

    Move to the start of the line HomeMove to end of the line EndMove to beginning of story z HomeMove to the end of story z EndMove to the left one word z Left ArrowMove to the right one word z Right ArrowMove to the next paragraph z Down ArrowMove to the previous paragraph z Up ArrowGo to first frame in thread z U X Page UpGo to last frame in thread z U X Page DownGo to next frame in thread z U Page DownGo to previous frame in thread z U Page UpSelect current line z X \Select to one character X Left/Right ArrowSelect to one word z X Left/Right ArrowSelect to one line X Up/Down ArrowSelect to one paragraph z X Up/Down ArrowSelect to the start of the line X HomeSelect to the end of the line X EndSelect to beginning of story z X HomeSelect to end of story z X EndSelect all text in story z ADeselect any text selection z X A

    Insert Table z U X TInsert Column, Insert Row z U 9, z 9Delete Column, Delete Row X Delete, z DeleteTable Options z U X BCell Options z U BInsert Tab Character in Cell U TabMove to

    Next Cell TabPrevious Cell X TabFirst Cell in Column U Page UpFirst Cell in Row U HomeFirst Row in Frame Page UpLast Cell in Column U Page DownLast Cell in Row U EndLast Row in Frame Page Down

    SelectCell z /Column z U 3Row z 3Table z U ACells Above X Up ArrowCells Below X Down ArrowCells to the Left X Left ArrowCells to the Right X Right Arrow

    Start Row in Next Column EnterStart Row in Next Frame X EnterToggle Cell/Text Selection Escape

    Show/Hide Hidden Characters z U IInsert Break Character

    Forced Line Break X ReturnColumn Break EnterFrame Break X EnterPage Break z Enter

    Insert Special CharacterBullet U 8Copyright Symbol U GRegistration Symbol U REm Dash U X En Dash U Ellipsis U ; Auto Page Number z U X NDiscretionary Hyphen z X Nonbreaking Hyphen z U Straight Single Quote Ctrl Straight Double Quote Ctrl X Indent to Here z \Right Indent Tab X Tab

    Insert White SpaceEm Space z X MEn Space z X NNonbreaking Space z U XThin Space z U X M

    New index page reference z 7Add new index entry z U X [

    Zoom In z =, z Num +Zoom Out z , z Num Fit Selection in Window z U =Fit Page in Window z 0Fit Spread in Window z U 0Fit Entire Pasteboard in Window z U X 0View Scale 50%, 100%, 200%, 400% z 5, z 1, z 2, z 4Select view scale field z U 5Toggle current/previous view scale z U 2Overprint Preview z U X YForce screen redraw X F5Fast Display z U X ZHigh Quality Display Ctrl z U HTypical Display z U ZClear Object-Level Settings z X F2Show/Hide Frame Edges z Ctrl HShow/Hide Text Frame Threads z U YShow/Hide Rulers z RShow/Hide XML Structure Panel z U 1Presentation Background: Black BPresentation Background: Gray GPresentation Background: White WShow/Hide Conveyor U B

    Show/Hide Guides z ;Show/Hide Smart Guides z UShow/Hide Baseline Grid z U Show/Hide Document Grid z Select all guides z U GLock Guides z U ;Snap to Guides z X ;Snap to Document Grid z X

    Go to Page z JNext window z `Previous window z X `Scroll down one screen Page DownScroll up one screen Page UpFirst Page z X Page UpLast Page z X Page DownNext Page X Page DownPrevious Page X Page UpFirst Spread U X Page Up, HomeLast Spread U X Page Dn., EndNext Spread U Page DownPrevious Spread U Page UpGo Back z Page UpGo Forward z Page Down

    Align X F7Character z TCharacter Styles* X F11Color F6Control z U 6Effects z X F10Glyphs U X F11Index X F8Info F8Layers F7Links z X DObject Styles z F7Pages z F12Paragraph Styles z F11Paragraph z U TPreflight z U X FPreview z X ReturnScripts z U F11Separations Preview X F6Stroke z F10Swatches F5Table* X F9Tabs z X TText Wrap z U W

    Show/Hide all panels TabShow/Hide all panels except Tools and Control

    X Tab

    Open/Close all docked panels z U TabActivate last-used field in panels* z U `Jump to Control Panel z 6Switch Character and Paragraph Modes in Control Panel

    z U 7

    * Use System Preferences > Keyboard & Mouse or Dashboard & Expos to disable these Mac OS shortcuts.

    For even more shortcuts, visit Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.

    z Command (Apple)U OptionX Shift

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