Lymph nodes examination

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Lymph nodes examination. Wail Alamoudi. Classification. Head & neck and clavicle UL (axillary , epitrochlear) LL (inguinal , femoral and popliteal) Abdomen ( paraaortic , liver and spleen ). Head & neck and clavicle. There are approximately 300 lymph nodes in the neck. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lymph nodes examinationWail AlamoudiHead & neck and clavicleUL (axillary , epitrochlear)LL (inguinal , femoral and popliteal)Abdomen ( paraaortic , liver and spleen )


Head & neck and clavicle

There are approximately 300 lymph nodes in the neck

Head & neck and clavicle

Inspection :Open mouth and see the Tonsils Adenoids (pharyngeal tonsils) PerauricularPosterior auricularOccipitalSubmandibular SubmentalTonsillarAnterior cervicalPosterior cervicalDeep cervical SupraclavicularPalpation

6Trachea and percussion would give an indication there is a retrosternal goitre. Auscultation may reveal a bruit in Graves thyrotoxicosis.Examination of the NeckPerauricular: in front of the tragus of earPosterior auricular: behind earOccipital: at base of skullExamination of the NeckSubmandibular SubmentalTonsillar: at angle of mandibleAnterior cervical: superficial to the sternocleidomastoidPosterior cervical: along anterior edge of the trapeziusDeep cervical : lies below the sternomastoid and cannot be palpated without getting underneath the muscle

SupraclavicularThe deep cervical chain of lymph nodes

Inform the patient that this procedure will cause some discomfort. Hook your fingers under the anterior edge of the sternomastoid muscle. Ask the patient to bend their neck toward the side you are examining. Move the muscle backward and palpate for the deep nodes underneath

Axillary LNcentral lymph nodes

pectoral axillary lymph nodes (or "anterior")subscapular axillary lymph nodes (or "posterior")

apical lymph nodes (or "medial" or "subclavicular")brachial lymph nodes (or "lateral")

Epitrochlear LN

Inguinal LNInguinal LN horizontal group (Along inguinal ligament) vertical group (Along femoral vessels)

1. Superomedial superficial inguinal2. Superolateral superficial inguinal3. Inferior superficial inguinal4. Deep inguinal lymph nodes

Wail Alamoudi

0504649662Examination of Lymph NodesSmall, mobile, discrete, nontender nodes are common and termed shottyNodes are abnormal if greater than 1 cm and/or present greater than one monthHard nodes suggest malignancyTender nodes suggest infectionRubbery nodes suggest lymphomain abnormal nodes, describe in terms of locationsizedelimination (discrete or matted together)mobile or fixedconsistency (soft, hard, firm)tenderness

scalene lymph nodes are located deep in the neck near the cervical vertebra.