L&W IV speaking unit 1

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small conversation for review speaking.


Draft for review. Team members: Garcia Torres Michell Rodriguez Gonzales Veronica. Vazquez Banda Eric Humberto

Vero: hello i am vero, where are you? Eric: In the Santelmo restaurant. Vero: Ok, what are you wearing? Eric: I wearing a Brown suit and tie. Vero: What do you look like? Eric: I have short hair and sunglasses. Vero: Do you have a beard? Eric: I dont have beard. Vero: I see you.

Michelle: good afternon, here are the menus.Woul you like something to drink? Eric: Yes please. Michelle: would you like still or sparkling wter? Vero: Id like sparkling wter, please. Eric: id prefer still wter. Vero: excuse me, what is a tocineta? Michelle: its pork rib marinated with citrus, rice and salad accompanying. Vero: Id like tocineta please, and you Eric? Eric; Id like diezmillo with salad and rice please. Michelle: Wait a Little moment please.

Eric: But tell me, what happened to you? Vero: my first job was in London for the company BMW, its a car manufacturer, i liked it but rarely saw my family and I decide to leave my job, i came to mexico for my family. Eric: Really, i worked in CocaCola but I left my job in the EUA, I decide come to mexico for learn in a masters. Michelle: Her is your order

Eric: Its delicious.Vero: Excuse me, can we get the bill?Michelle: yes sure.Michelle: Here it is, it' a total of 25 dollarsEric: Its the least?Vero: Dont worry i pay.Eric: Ok thanks, see you another day?Vero: of course. See you later