Love Speaks in Many Ways

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Poems by Sr. Mary Paula Kolar, FSP

Text of Love Speaks in Many Ways

  • Poems by Sr. Mary Paula Kolar, FSP Photos from PhotoExpress Daughters of St. Paul. All Rights Reserved.

  • Sr. Mary Paula Kolar was born on March 26, 1927. She entered the Daughters of St. Paul when she was twenty-one in 1948. She says she has always loved poetry, as her sisters will attest. She often will grace our community celebrations with one of her poems set to music. In her daily walks, Sr. Mary Paula says she sees poetry in a lot of things. She hopes that by sharing some of her poems others will love poetry more and be inspired to write poetry themselves.

  • LOVELOVELOVELOVE Love speaks in many ways to make its presence known, With actions, deeds and eloquence, conveying its effects, Infusing strength and peace and joy wherever it is sown, To meet a need, to heal a wound to overlook defects. Love in kindly ways does work its wonders to perform, Raising hopes, spreading cheer, wiping tears away. Love, both human and divine, through goodness will inform That in an open, listening heart, its power there holds sway. Love knows how to reconcile and open hardened hearts; It teaches good and gentleness, dispelling dark and fears. Love knows the price of sacrifice, true lessons it imparts; Love sometimes inflicts pain that heals and deeply sears. Hearts that truly, really love, always find a way, And know loves power and its warmth many times a day. Jan. 26, 1997 Sr. Mary Paula Kolar, FSP

  • LoveLoveLoveLove No power on earth is greater than love Residing deep in the human heart Till called upon and flowing forth In deeds and actions of noble worth. Gentle, humble, thoughtful and kind Loves traits are everywhere, always seen, Showing and guiding the ways to find Loves wonder and marvels in life serene. Given away, love always maintains Its kingdom in hearts, wide open, sure, Lost, this treasure riches gains Greatly increased with power secure. So awesome a gift and wonder sublime Celestial this seed endures through all time. Jan. 24 1997 Sr. Mary Paula Kolar, FSP

  • My Heart Keeps Loving VigilMy Heart Keeps Loving VigilMy Heart Keeps Loving VigilMy Heart Keeps Loving Vigil My heart keeps loving vigil And faith helps me to know, That where my Saviors body In a tomb enclosed Is but a time of waiting fore he the world will show, His glorious, risen body with radiance aglow. My eyes behold and look on A standing, wooden cross, A white sheet draped upon it Where nailed, his body hung, A painful bed where my Lord Hung there upon that cross. For us, he won back freedom And opened heavens door. Triumphed over death and conquered over fear, With gladness, now rejoicing Our spirits upward soar. With him our glorious Victor Well live forevermore. April 6, 1996 Sr. Mary Paula Kolar, FSP

  • At CanaAt CanaAt CanaAt Cana O gracious Queen at Cana, you showed a mothers heart, To help a wedding couple, you took a leading part, Knowing what would happen if the wine ran out. And so to your Son near you, you turned without a doubt, That he would find a way, embarrassment to spare, The newly married couple, for whom you showed a care. The hour was not timely, your son said in reply, But in your heart, O Mother, you knew you could rely, Upon his loving goodness to remedy the need. The miracle he worked then; all marveled at the deed. O Mother, pray for us, too, your children here on earth, Teach us how to live right and cherish our true worth. Because your Son who loves us with a love sublime, Waits for us to join him in life beyond earths time. April 24, 1983 Sr. Mary Paula Kolar, FSP

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