London & Paris Tour with Deluxe or Classic Budget Hotels and Optional Extensions

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A true small-group tour of London & Paris with optional extensions to Rome, Amsterdam, Prague, Normandy or Barcelona.

Text of London & Paris Tour with Deluxe or Classic Budget Hotels and Optional Extensions

  • London. Paris. As a Traveler. The Authentic. Unseen by the throngs of tourists from cruise ships & buses.

    Dear friend and fellow traveler: I would like to extend my personal invitation for you to see the authentic Europe as a traveler. Join me on the trip of a lifetime, and one you wont soon forget. If youve ever been to London, Paris or any of the other extension cities offered on this tour (Rome, Prague, Amsterdam, Normandy, or Barcelona), then you can relate to the above sentiment - these cities leave a lasting impression on travelers. Once youve been, it never quite leaves you. It

    becomes a part of your very being, always there, whispering to you like a long-lost friend, wanting you to stop in for a visit. And if youve never been, then you only have to imagine places like the Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, or walk the streets of London, to awaken inside of you the part that longs to see and experience a place where history is so alive, it speaks to you from every plaza, every museum, and even the very stones beneath your feet. Frances Mayes wrote, most trips have an

    The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes sight-seeing. ~ Daniel J. Boorstin

  • underlying quest. Were looking for something. What? Fun, escape, adventure-but then what? Everyone travels for different reasons, but my question for you would be what are you looking for? And, no matter what the answer to that may be, I can guarantee one thing-this trip can be life changing. To experience another culture, to open your eyes to another part of the world, to step in anothers shoes, if even for a few days, it changes you, even if only a little. Come, if you dare, and you may just leave with a little bit of Europes grand capitals etched on your soul as well. I do look forward to traveling with you to Europe. Please drop me a line with any questions you might have!

    Sincerely, Mark Story, Program Director, Story Land & Sea Tours Host of Mark Story World Adventures


  • A True

    Small-Group of 6 to 16 Travelers

    ~ Hotels Really in Center of Town

    ~ Unique Dining

    Venues No Set Menus

    ~ No Up-Selling

    LONDON & PARIS TOUR with optional extensions to Rome, Prague, Amsterdam, Normandy, or Barcelona

    Small Group: 8 Days, 7 Days Land / 6 Nights

    (add 2 extra days if choosing on of the optional cities)

    Depart Your Home Airport on your Trans-Atlantic flight to London.

    "Day 1" is the published tour date and is the date you will arrange your airfare to depart your home city airport. Your Small Group Tour will commence on Day 2 upon arrival into London, England. Do we provide Airfare? Yes, we can arrange your air travel from the Story Land & Sea air department. We'll work with you to get the absolutely lowest-fare available based on your travel preferences. We utilize both our own air department and online agencies to find the best rate. At the end of the London & Paris Tour you should set your flight to return from Paris. Or if you are extending to one of the optional destinations, then you should set your flight to return from that city. Remember, airfare is a completely separate arrangement from your land tour. It is your responsibility to arrive at the point of tour origination (London) on time regardless of whether Story Land & Sea has arranged your air.

    Protect Your Vacation: We very much encourage trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

    We've tried to include everything! However, make note of the following items:

    Optional Arrival and Departure Transfers ($94 per person, 2 guest minimum from London Airport or Train Station. You must arrive between 9am and 12:00pm otherwise a supplement may apply. Departure Transfers from Rome Hotel to Rome Airport are $69/person, 2 guest minimum).

    Optional Lunches - Our Tour Captain will offer great, affordable options for you everyday.

    No set menus and No hotel buffets: Only real restaurants where you order what you like! A total of 4 Dinners is included with our Deluxe package including Premium Wine, Colas, Bottled Water (both naturale and gas) and regional cuisine. Our Tour Captains will invite you to join them to unique restaurants each night, regardless of whether the dinner is included.

    MAGIC PORTAGE SERVICE ~ your portaged suitcase (one per adult or $USD50 fee for additional bag portaged) will 'magically' meet you in your room throughout the tour.

    That's it ~ everything else excluding personal item purchases is included.

    Our tour captain will meet you at the hotel on Day 2, or if you've opted for our Arrival Transfer you will be met at the airport or train station. The Adventure Begins.


    Story Way Included Dining: Join your Tour Captain for our included Welcome Dinner in London, England. Experience what can only be described as a tour of the best cuisine and wine from around the "British Empire."

    Story Exclusive: Tonight AT 7:20PM, join in our reception and Welcome from the Tour Captain. Excellent experience and opportunity to meet your fellow travelers

    Borough: London Welcome: One of Story Land & Sea 's most popular small-group European tour vacations commences at 1:40PM in the lobby of our deluxe property, Hotel 41 . The hotel lobby is where the tour begins and where our Tour Captain meets you for an included Orientation Walkabout of Merry Old London.

    INCLUDED HOST ORIENTATION WALKABOUT: Join your Tour Captain Host for a Welcome Orientation Walk on your arrival day in London (usually commences at 2pm). Find out where the major landmarks are located in relation to our hotel, the best ATM machines for Sterling Pounds and exchange rates, and other helpful information.

    Walking Level: Light, Leisurely Pace; Volume: Light INCLUDED RECEPTION: Tonight AT 7:20PM, join in our reception and Welcome from the Tour Captain. Excellent experience and opportunity to meet your fellow travelers.Your Small Group Tour Vacation to Europe is underway! After our reception, we'll walk to our Welcome Dinner in London, where you'll taste the finest cuisine and wine varietals from "the Empire."

    INCLUDED LONDON WELCOME DINNER TONIGHT: Join your Tour Captain for a Welcome Dinner in London, England. Experience what can only be described as a tour of the best cuisine and wine from around the "British Empire." Our approach to dining is unique: We've collected our favorite dishes from the incredible restaurants we visit for each included dinner. No buffets here! Your Tour Captain is there to make sure your dining experience goes smoothly and will help you interpret any menu item. For the included dinner(s), your Tour Captain will select a variety of appetizers featuring regional cuisine and will select your wine for the evening ~ a variety of red and white wine from the region you're traveling.

    CLASSIC BUDGET HOTEL: Classic Hotel or Similar, 3 Nights Note: The hotels selected are some of our preferred Classic Budget properties, however, on occasion other properties of the same quality and standard may be used. Your hotels will be finalized about 45 days prior to the tour and will be available in your Final Documents mailing.


    Optional Dinner Tonight: OPTIONAL DINNER IN LONDON, ANYONE? You may opt to join your Tour Captain tonight for dinner (departs from lobby usually about 7:45pm) or opt to explore on your own throughout London.

    Welcome to London, England ~ Heart of the British Empire

    Merry Old London Start your morning sightseeing in style as your Tour Captain and our local Guide escorts you throughout London.

    About the Walking We do walk on our small group tours of Europe as often as possible. We walk a lot, but it's unhurried and there are ample opportunities to sit and relax. But you must be physically capable of walking and experiencing the many stairs of Europe. Please inquire with Story Land & Sea Reservations for more details. The romance of this historical city of London Town is apparent every step of the way. Our experience in London will include views of Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Hyde Park, the Houses of Parliament, St. James Palace and Buckingham Palace.

    Well begin the day with a tour of Buckingham Palace, the Queens home, where she has the world's finest private art collection. Our Local Guide will show us the grand State Rooms, with its gold fixtures, pictures from the Masters, tapestries and the throne.

  • Well visit the Royal Mews, where Her Majestys horses and fairytale carriages are preserved, and still used. Lunch, on our own, in the garden of the Palace is in order. After lunch we visit Windsor Castle, the thousand year old retreat for the Royals. Windsor Castle is the world's largest inhabited castle it is also a delightful sight as you literally walk back in time (over 900 years!).

    The Magic of Wandering Through London ~ discover your "unique adventure" in this romantic city. Tonight enjoy an optional dinner with the Tour Captain or explore on your own.

    LONDON Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey

    OPTIONAL Dinner in London, anyone? You may opt to join your Tour Captain tonight for dinner (departs from lobby) before the play or opt to explore on your own throughout London.

    Story Exclusive Access: Westminster Abbey or Buckingham Palace ~ entrance is based on seasonal openings. You will enjoy an exclusive access tour with admission of Westminster Abbey or of Buckingham Palace, the Queen's home, where she has the world's finest private art collection.


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