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Real estate web design tips on how to wl

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  • 1.Understanding Bounce Rates
    Presented by:
    David Friedman,
    Founder & President

2. Overview
What is bounce rate?
Site bounce rate vs page bound rate
Bounce rate vs exit rate
Ways to lower your bounce rate
Design factors
Case Studies
Visitor source bounce rate
Consistence of the user experience
3. What is Bounce Rate?
Percentage of visitors who leave a website after visiting only 1 page
4. 2 Bounce Rates:
Site Bounce Rate
Average bounce rate of the site, overall
Percentage of site visitors who looked at only 1 page
Page Bound Rate
Bounce rate for a specific page of your website
Percentage of users who landed on and left from 1 page on your site without visiting any other pages
5. How to lower your bounce rate
Design Matters
Be sticky
Consistence of the user experience
Landing pages
Targeted users
6. Averages Site vs Great Sites
Design Matters!!!
Minimize options above the scroll
User should know where to click
7. Be Sticky
Information resource
Draw the user back for repeat visits
Calls to action!
Opportunities to interact with the site
8. Landing pages
Speaks to the keyword
Engages user
Lead capture
Useful in all kinds of marketing
Search engine
Keyword Rich
Google will send the user to the page they want to, not your home page
9. Consistency of the user experience
10. Search Engines
11. Consistency of the user experience
12. Consistency of the user experience
13. Visitor Sources
Returning Visitors vs New Visitors
Targeted Users
Organic vs Paid Search Engine Traffic
14. Questions
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