Location, Climate, Natural Resources SS6G10. United Kingdom Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) Northern Ireland

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Location, Climate, Natural Resources

Location, Climate, Natural ResourcesSS6G10

United Kingdom

Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales)Northern IrelandLocation of the U.K.Location of the U.K.

Climate of the U.K.

Climate of the U.K.

Climate of the U.K.

Natural ResourcesNatural ResourcesRussia

Shares a border with 15 countriesAt closest point, Russia and the U.S. are only 3 miles apart

Location of RussiaEuropean Russia Location

Climate of RussiaAsian RussiaExtreme climatesSiberia: temperatures can be -40 degrees

Climate of Russia73% of Russian people live in European RussiaDistance from sea influences climateAverage yearly temperature of all Russia is below freezing!!

Natural resourcesImportant resources: Forests, gold, aluminum ore, coal, IronVolga River: Longest river in Europe; produces hydroelectric power

Most natural resources are found in Siberia and Asian Russia

GermanyAbout the size of South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama combined. Capital is Berlin

Location of Germany

Climate of Germany

Natural Resources of Germany

German Manufacturing

ItalyBoot shaped PeninsulaLargest areas are Rome, Naples, Milan, and TurinLong history of trading

Location of Italy

Climate of ItalyMediterranean ClimateSummer: Rarely rains, comfortable temperatureWinter: Cloudy and rainy

Natural Resources of ItalyFew mineral resourcesNatural Gas is the most valuable mineral resourceOther resources: Coal, mercury, zinc, potashArable landFishing

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