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Living room go green factsTurn off your Television and any other appliances if it is not being used, remember even when it is on standby, it is using electricityConsider upgrading to a flat panel LCD monitor. They use approximately 1/3 the energy as equal-sized CRT monitors.Seven energy-saving tips for your TV 1. Switch off your TV when you're not watching, this will do more to reduce energy use than anything else. 2. Manufacturers have improved standby efficiency - in most new TVs energy usage is typically below 1 watt - so this is an option if you have a new TV, but if you have an older model, this mode may be using energy unnecessarily. Switching to standby is better than leaving your TV on, but it's still more energy-efficient to switch it off completely. 3. Make sure the brightness of your TV is right for your room as the factory settings are typically brighter than necessary. Also make sure you switch on the ambient light sensor - if you're viewing your TV in a darker room with the sensor switched on it can dramatically reduce power consumption by adjusting the contrast of the picture automatically. 4. If you're listening to the radio through your TV, make sure you use the radio screen blanking feature - it's a handy way to save energy. 5. If you're buying a new TV, think about the size and type of screen you choose. An energy-efficient 32-inch LCD will typically use half the power of a model with a 42-inch plasma screen. In general, the smaller your TV, the less it will cost you to run. 6. Rather than using the normal viewing setting on your TV, switch it to energy-saving mode, this usually dims the backlight which means the power consumption should drop by a third. 7. If you're buying a new TV, look for the energy-saving Trust recommended label, that way you can be sure you are buying a TV with optimised energy-saving features.


Save Money and Energy By Going WithoutLots of people dont have air conditioning at all. If its a mild day, why not just open the windows and go without your A/C? You could save big, and air out your home in the bargain.

Watch Where You Put Your LampsMSN suggests keeping an eye on where your lamps and TVs are placed. If theyre too near your A/Cs thermostat, this can affect its efficiency.You can also save by changing your lightbulbs to CFLs, which emit 25% less heat than a regular bulb.

Block Summer Sun With PlantsYou could also consider growing plants on trellises in front of windows. Plants like jasmine, honeysuckle, and ivy can all help keep the sun out, and beautify your home at the same time.

I love summer. To me, its not summer unless Im hot. So, I dont mind not having A/C at all. If youve never tried it, why not turn off your A/C and see how you like it? Throw open the windows, hear the birds, and get some fresh air. To me, thats the best part of summer. Youre bringing the outdoors in, and saving money and energy at the same time.