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Little Poets

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This is a project in English

Text of Little Poets

  • My muffinWhen I see it, it looks so fresh.When I smell it, it smells so nice.When I touch it, it feels so fluffy.But when I eat it, it tastes the BEST!Anthoula

  • The dog looks beautifuland smells nice.Its fur feels soft.But it sometimes sounds awful!John

  • EleftheriaOh my sweet orange juice!Off the juicerIts got a beautiful colourand it smells fantastic.It looks excellent and it tastes delicious in my mouth.I will drink it now!

  • Oh my favourite cat!It smells fantastic,it feels soft in my hands and it looks so good.It sounds so sweetand we cant be separated!Petra

  • ElinaI love my chocolate cake!Youre a star and I love you very much.You are so tastyand you smell nice.You feel soft in my hands!

  • Oh my sweet chocolate!Just off the chocolate machine! It looks freshand smells nice.It tastes yummy in my mouth.It sounds so tempting,I can never resist it!Vasiliki

  • My dog feels soft.It looks beautiful.It smells badand sounds wild!Marios

  • ThanasisOh my sweet ice cream.I love the way you taste.I like the way you melt in my mouth.I adore the soft texture in your flavour.Youre so tempting in the summer.Youre so tasty and irresistible!