List of Official Royal Residences in the World

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List of Official Royal Residences in the World


List of OFFICIAL ROYAL RESIDENCES In The World:1. American President White House2. Brazil President Palacio da Alvorada3. Britain Prime Minister 10, DowningStreet4. Canada Prime Minister 24 Sussex Drive5. French President Elysee Palace6. Germany President Bellevue Palace7. Indian President Rashtrapathi Bhavan8. Indian Prime Minister No. 7, Race Course Road9. India Governors Raj Bhavan.10. King & Queen of Britain Buckingham Palace .11. Congo President The Palais de Marbre (Marble Palace)12. Nepal King Narayanhity Palace13. Pakistan President Ivane Sadan14. Pope Vatican Palace15. Russia President Kremlin16. Spain King Royal Palace17. South Korean President Blue House.18. Sri lankan President Temple Trees.


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