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  1. 1. Light DesignAshley Abraham
  2. 2. The lights are used toenhance the scene, it is notjust to illuminate the actorsand the set. Lighting should pulleverything on stage togetherto create a balance and themain focus should be on themessage that needs to beconveyed.
  3. 3. Visibility Visibility is the number one job as a light designer.Everything should be visible to the audience. However it is selective visibility, meaning the audienceshould only see what the director wants them to see. In big love the main set is the bathtub thus the mainemphasis will be on the bathtub.
  4. 4. Shape & Forms The purpose of revelation of form is toshape an object with light. The theme is the right to love,therefore most of the play has a lowintensity lighting and a soft glow lighting.Especially, during the wedding when theydance and also when Lydia and Nikos aretogether. During the helicopter scene there willbe a dramatic shadow and a brightspotlight on the women to enhance theirshape. The actors can also appear threedimensional by using lighting from theback and side. This can be effective in thescene where the women & men throwthemselves to the ground.
  5. 5. Visual Composition The composition directsthe eye in a certaindirection. The light revealsthe flow of the story andcreates a perception.The focus in Big Love is onthe three woman most ofthe time. They will have aspot light on them. At thattime the background willhave dimmer lights.
  6. 6. Mood & Style Lighting is applied to createspecific moods and emotion. Big love is intense andromantic. So when it is intenselike the murder scene it willhave flashing red lights while thewedding will have soft lavenderlights. Style in Big Love is naturalisticand modern.
  7. 7. Time & Place The audience will be ableto tell the time by thelighting. The play Big Love takesplace in the evening. Whichwill be illuminated by blueand black light.
  8. 8. Visual Movement Changes in light can say alot about the play. Thechanges can be determinedby intensity, color, anddistribution of light. Slow and smooth fadinglights indicates visualmovement in Big Love.
  9. 9. Central Visual Image Lighting has to coordinate with the rest of the design elements to conveythe message the director is trying to communicate.Warm colors are used in Big Love for the a central visual image.