Library Services We Need – A Researcher’s Viewpoint

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IATUL Seminar on Librarians’ Skills in a Changing Environment. Munich, 30 th November 2010. Library Services We Need – A Researcher’s Viewpoint. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Faulstich Institute of Resource and Energy Technology Technische Universität München. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Library Services We Need – A Researcher’s Viewpoint

  • Library Services We Need A Researchers ViewpointProf. Dr.-Ing. Martin Faulstich

    Institute of Resource and Energy TechnologyTechnische Universitt MnchenMunich, 30th November 2010IATUL Seminar on Librarians Skills in a Changing Environment

  • Global ChallengesModern ResearchConclusion and Outlook Library Services: A Researchers ViewpointContentSustainable Solutions

  • Sustainable SolutionsGlobal ChallengesModern ResearchConclusion and Outlook Library Services: A Researchers ViewpointContent

  • Who we areModern Research

  • . . . the times are changingModern Research

    YesterdayToday & Tomorrow Professional researcher in a key disciplineProfessional researcher in a key disciplineAuthorAuthorLecturerLecturerInterdisciplinary information Professional EntrepreneurPolicy consultantGlobal networkerTraveler

  • Sustainable SolutionsGlobal ChallengesModern ResearchConclusion and Outlook ContentLibrary Services: A Researchers Viewpoint

  • Range of coverage for non-renewable energy sourcesSource: BGR 2009; diagram modifiedAvailability of resourcesGlobal Challenges

  • Source: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). "Climate Change 2007 Climate changeGlobal ChallengesDevelopment of the global mean temperature

  • Limit warming on 2C noticed Reduce emissions Formulate reduction objectivesGlobal ChallengesClimate changePolitical objectives

    * For industrialized countriesReductions compared with 1990, USA: Reductions compared with 2005


    2020- 25-40%*- 20-30%- 40%- 17% ?2050- 80-95%*- 80-95%*- 80%*- 83% ?

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  • Treasuries on Earth[1]Adverse conditions in digging and enviromental pollutionConcerns about Squeez of rare Earth Elements[2]China chokes exportGermany runs out of high-tech metals [3]Global ChallengesScarcity of resources[1] 21.10.2010[2] 23.10.2010[3] 21.10.2010Some companies are lacking of high tech metals

  • Global ChallengesSource: own design on of resources

  • Global ChallengesScarcity of resourcesVehicle Manufacturing Aerospace Technology Traffic EngineeringI&C technology Optical Technology MicrotechnologyEnergy Management Electrical Engineering Drive EngineeringSource: Fraunhofer ISI, 2009Future technologiesChemical-, Process Technology Production-, Green Engineering Engineering

    Medical Engineering

    Material Engineering

  • Range of coverage Regional concentration Entrepreneurial concentration SubstitutionSources: U.S. Geological Survey 2010; IW 2008Criteria for risk assessmentGlobal ChallengesScarcity of resources

    ResourceCoverage3 Countries3 CompaniesSubstitution[a][%][%]Platinum Group Metals1539173noMolybdenium448049noTin188240yes

  • Resource consumption in Mg/Person/YearEnergy consumption in MWh/Person/YearSources: Ressource Consumption: Sustainable Europe Research Institute Energy consumption: US Energy Information Administration, Statistisches Bundesamt, Index MundiGlobal fairnessGlobal Challenges

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    Global Challenges

  • Sustainable SolutionsGlobal ChallengesModern ResearchConclusion and Outlook ContentLibrary Services: A Researchers Viewpoint

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  • Munich, 30th November 2010IATUL Seminar on Librarians Skills in a Changing EnvironmentThank you foryour kind attention!Library Services We Need A Researchers Viewpoint

    WelcomeDr. Kallenborn Distinguished GuestsLadies and Gentleman

    Great Pleasuregive this lecture here in MunichThank you very much for this invitation

    TitelLibrary Services

    *FirstDaily request for a modern researcher

    SecondGlobal challenges of the world global Challenges a modern researcher is faced

    then sustainable solutions for the global Challenges continueIna every pointintegrate the library services we needAt lastClose with conclusion and outlook whole presentation is an outlook

    *StartAs I mentioned before with the modern research approach I could give this lectureOnly from my viewA view of an engineerA view of a researcher

    Director of Straubing Center of Science Bavarian Center for renewable energies and resourcesChair of resource and energy technology

    Head of a company of the bavarian ministery of economics dealing with energy, resource, materials

    And last but not leastChairman of the German Advisory Council official consulting body of the german government

    In total Im head of nearly one hundred employees

    **From my experienceI can explain the difference between research yesterday, today and tomorrow

    Goals of work remained the sameexplain any phenomenainvestigate for knowledge

    ButA Modern Researcher does more than researchHe is alsoEntrepreneur policy consultant global networker

    Modern researches have left the Ivory Tower*Continuewith global challenges

    **Static coveragein years for non-renewable energy sources Oil, gas, coal

    Reservescoverage in years by equal technical and economical conditionsResourcescoverage in years by presumed amount in total

    Oilreserves and resources will be depleted in nearly 65 years

    Coalcould be cover for some thousand years

    My messagethe same like in the seventies could bein times of the club of Rome this are the limits of growth*But todaywe have a completely new situation

    Limits of growthare not defined by the coverage of resources

    New limitsare defined by change of growthby the presumed increase of the global mean temperature

    Imaginewe would have oil for 10.000 years but we couldnt use thes anymore because we have a dramatic climate change

    Conclusionnew limits of growth are set by climate change and not by limited fossile energy resources*World wide community and most of the governments realize the problem in principle and in spite of copenhagen in view of Cancun in Mexico this week

    We haveto reducegreen house gases to formulate reduction objectives

    Industrial countrieshave to reduce nearly 90 percent of their green house gas emissions

    Consequenceindustrial countries have to come to a low carbon society societywithout fossile resources no alternative to this way

    Climate changeand fossile energy resources standing in the focus of the international discussion about global challenges

    *You may askWhat has climate change to do with libraries services?

    What we saw: Researchers discovered climate change then the Politics reactedfor instanceIPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is changing the political environment

    So finallyClimate Change influences academic researchand research influences library services

    So3000 IPCC Researchers collect and analyze climate dates worldwideLibrariesneed to adapt their portfolio and could establish a metadata archive

    *Sometimesin view of climate changewe offen forget other global challenges

    Speciallythe availability of important resourc