Leveled Book List Guided Reading Levels: H-M DRA: 14-28

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<ul><li><p>Leveled Book List </p><p>Guided Reading Levels: H-M </p><p>DRA: 14-28 A Parent Guide to Finding Books at Their Childs Reading Level </p><p>These books may be available at the local library or at a book store. </p><p>Title Author Guided </p><p>Reading Grade Level </p><p>Animal Tricks Wildsmith, Brain H 1.70 </p><p>Away Go the Boats Hillert, Margaret H 1.70 </p><p>Bailey Goes Camping Henkes, Kevin H 1.70 </p><p>Big Red Barn Brown, Margaret Wise H 1.70 </p><p>Busy Beavers Dabcovich, Lydia H 1.70 </p><p>Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Barton, Byron H 1.70 </p><p>Cake that Mack Ate, The Robart,Kovalski/Little Brown H 1.70 </p><p>Captain Cat Hoff, Syd H 1.70 </p></li><li><p>Cave Boy Dubowski, Cathy East H 1.70 </p><p>Clap your Hands Cauley, L H 1.70 </p><p>Clean House for Mole and Mouse Ziefert, Harriet H 1.70 </p><p>Come Out and Play Little Mouse Kraus, Robert H 1.70 </p><p>Curious George at the Beach Rey, Margaret H 1.70 </p><p>Danny and the Dinosaur Go to Camp Hoff, Syd H 1.70 </p><p>Dinosaur Who Lived in my Backyard, the Hennessy, B. G. H 1.70 </p><p>Enormous Turnip Slier, Debby H 1.70 </p><p>Enormous Watermelon, The Parkes, Brenda H 1.70 </p><p>George Shrinks Joyce, William H 1.70 </p><p>Gilberto and the Wind Ets, Marie Hall H 1.70 </p><p>Goodnight Moon Brown, Margaret Wise H 1.70 </p><p>Hanna's Butterfly Vinje, Marie H 1.70 </p><p>Hooray for the Golly sisters! Truesdell, Sue H 1.70 </p><p>How Do I put it on ? Watanabe, Shigeo H 1.70 </p><p>I Love Spiders Parker, John H 1.70 </p><p>I Was Walking Down the Road Barchas, S. Scholastic H 1.70 </p><p>Jafta Lewin, Hugh H 1.70 </p><p>Just Going to the Dentist Mayer, Mercer H 1.70 </p><p>Just Me and My Babysitter Mayer, Mercer H 1.70 </p><p>Just Me and My Dad Mayer, Mercer H 1.70 </p><p>Just Me and My Little Brother Mayer, Mercer H 1.70 </p><p>Just Me and My Little Sister Mayer, Mercer H 1.70 </p><p>Just Shopping with Mom Mayer, Mercer H 1.70 </p></li><li><p>Mama, Do You Love Me? Joosse, Barbara H 1.70 </p><p>My Mom Made Me Go to Camp Delton, Judy H 1.70 </p><p>New Baby Calf, The Chase, Edith &amp; Reid H 1.70 </p><p>Owliver Kraus, Robert H 1.70 </p><p>Picture for Harold's Room, A Johnson, Crockett H 1.70 </p><p>Put Me in the Zoo Lopshire, Robert H 1.70 </p><p>Quack Said the Billy Goat Causley, Charles H 1.70 </p><p>Sammy the Seal Hoff, Syd H 1.70 </p><p>Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree Gibbons, Gail H 1.70 </p><p>Sir Small and the Dragonfly O'Connor, Jane H 1.70 </p><p>Sleepy Book Brown, Margaret Wise H 1.70 </p><p>Small Pig Lobel, Arnold H 1.70 </p><p>There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed... Adams, P. H 1.70 </p><p>Time to Sleep Fleming, Denise H 1.70 </p><p>Train Leaves the Station Merriam, Eve H 1.70 </p><p>Two Bear Cubs Jonas, Ann H 1.70 </p><p>We Are Best Friends Aliki H 1.70 </p><p>What Game Shall We Play Hutchins, Pat H 1.70 </p><p>What will the Weather Be Like Today? Rogers, Paul H 1.70 </p><p>Where Are You Going, Little Mouse Kraus, Robert H 1.70 </p><p>Who is the Beast? Baker, Keith H 1.70 </p><p>Whose Mouse Are You? Kraus, Robert H 1.70 </p><p>Wind Bacon H 1.70 </p><p>Yes, Ma'am Melser, June H 1.70 </p></li><li><p>You Can't Smell a Flower Cole, Joanna H 1.70 </p><p>You'll Soon Grow into Them, Titch Hutchins, Pat H 1.70 </p><p>Airport Barton, Byron I 1.94 </p><p>All Tutus Should Be Pink Brownrigg, Sheri I 1.94 </p><p>Alligators all Around Sendak, Maurice I 1.94 </p><p>Angus and the Cat Flack, Marjorie I 1.94 </p><p>Apple Pie Tree, the Hall, Zoe I 1.94 </p><p>Apples and Pumpkins Rockwell, Anne I 1.94 </p><p>Are You My Mother? Eastman, Philip D. I 1.94 </p><p>Barney's Horse Hoff, Syd I 1.94 </p><p>Because a Little Bug Went Ka-Choo Stone, Rosetta I 1.94 </p><p>Big Block of Chocolate, The Redhead, Janet I 1.94 </p><p>Big Dog, Little Dog Eastman, Philip D. I 1.94 </p><p>Big Fat Enormous Lie Sharmat, Marjorie Weinman I 1.94 </p><p>Big Hungry Bear Wood, Audrey I 1.94 </p><p>Bike Lesson Berenstain, Stan &amp; Jan I 1.94 </p><p>Bunny Hop, The Slater, Teddy I 1.94 </p><p>Busy Buzzing Bumblebees Schwartz, Alvin I 1.94 </p><p>Come and Have Fun Hurd, Edith Thacher I 1.94 </p><p>Dinosaur Dinners Davis, Lee I 1.94 </p><p>Eat Your Peas, Louise Snow, Pegeen I 1.94 </p><p>Fix It McPhail, David I 1.94 </p><p>Fortunately Charlip, Remy I 1.94 </p><p>Frog went A-Courtin' Langstaff, John I 1.94 </p></li><li><p>Froggy Goes to School Londan Jonathan / Scholastic I 1.94 </p><p>Geraldine's Big Snow Keller, Holly I 1.94 </p><p>Gingerbread Man, The Rose, Rita I 1.94 </p><p>Girl Named Helen Keller Schmidt, Karen I 1.94 </p><p>Grizzwold Hoff, Syd I 1.94 </p><p>Gruff Brothers, The Hooks, William I 1.94 </p><p>Happy Birthday, Sam Hutchins, Pat I 1.94 </p><p>Hattie and the Fox Fox, Mem I 1.94 </p><p>Hello Cat you Need a Hat Gellman, Rita I 1.94 </p><p>Hello First Grade Ryder, Joanne I 1.94 </p><p>Henny Penny Galdone, Paul I 1.94 </p><p>Hey! Get Off Our Train Burningham, John I 1.94 </p><p>Hiccups For Elephant Prellar, James I 1.94 </p><p>If I had a Robot Yaccarino, Dan I 1.94 </p><p>It Could Still be a Rock Fowler , Allen:Rookie Science I 1.94 </p><p>It's Pumpkin Time Hall, Zoe I 1.94 </p><p>Jonathan and His Mommy Smalls-Hector, Irene I 1.94 </p><p>Just Like Everyone Else Kuskin, Karla I 1.94 </p><p>Kissing Hand, the Penn, Audrey I 1.90 </p><p>Leo the Late Bloomer Kraus, Robert I 1.94 </p><p>Let's Go Froggy Londan Jonathan / Scholastic I 1.94 </p><p>Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Cohen, Meriam I 1.94 </p><p>Little Cloud Carle, Eric I 1.94 </p><p>Little Engine That Could, The Piper, Watty I 1.94 </p></li><li><p>Little Mouse, the Ripe Straberry.... Wood, Audrey I 1.94 </p><p>Little Red Hen, the Ziefert, Harriet I 1.94 </p><p>Little Toot Gramatky, Hardie I 1.94 </p><p>Little Tuppen Galdone, Paul I 1.94 </p><p>Lost in the Museum Cohen, Miriam I 1.94 </p><p>Mary had A Little LAmb Hale, Sarah Joseph I 1.94 </p><p>Messy Bessey McKissack, Patricia I 1.94 </p><p>Messy Bessey's Garden McKissack, Patricia I 1.94 </p><p>Mice at Bat Oechsli, Kelly I 1.94 </p><p>Michael Bird-Boy dePaloa, Tomie I 1.94 </p><p>Monk Camps Out McCully, Emily Arnold I 1.94 </p><p>More or Less a Mess Keenan, Sheila I 1.94 </p><p>Morris's Disappearing Bag Wells, Rosemary I 1.94 </p><p>Mouse in Love Kraus, Robert I 1.94 </p><p>Mr. Brice's Mice Hoff, Syd I 1.94 </p><p>My First Kwanzaa Book Chocolate, Deborah I 1.94 </p><p>My Visit to the Dinosaurs Aliki I 1.94 </p><p>Napping House, the Wood, Audrey I 1.94 </p><p>Never Spit on Your Shoes Cazet, Denys I 1.94 </p><p>New Shoes, Red Shoes Rollings, Susan I 1.94 </p><p>Night in the Country Rylant, Cynthia I 1.94 </p><p>No Good in Art Cohen, Miriam I 1.94 </p><p>Noisy Nora Wells, Rosemary I 1.94 </p><p>Quick as a Cricket Wood, Audrey I 1.94 </p></li><li><p>Rabbit's Wish For Snow Tchin I 1.94 </p><p>Rainbow of my Own Freeman, Don I 1.94 </p><p>Rebus Bears, The Reit, Seymour I 1.94 </p><p>Robert the Rose Horse Heilbroner, Joan I 1.94 </p><p>Sarah's Unicorn Coville, Bruce I 1.94 </p><p>Seven Blind Mice Young, Ed I 1.94 </p><p>Silly Times with Two Silly Trolls Jewell, Nancy I 1.94 </p><p>So Hungry! Ziefert, Harriet I 1.94 </p><p>Spooky Riddles Brown, Marc I 1.94 </p><p>Spot's Birthday Party Hill, Eric I 1.94 </p><p>Stanley Hoff, Syd I 1.94 </p><p>Stay, Fang Hazen, Barbara Shook I 1.94 </p><p>Story of Chicken Licken Ormerod, J. I 1.94 </p><p>There's a Nightmare in My Closet Mayer, Mercer I 1.94 </p><p>This is the Bear &amp; the Bad Little Girl Hayes, Sarah I 1.94 </p><p>This is the Place For Me Cole, Joanna I 1.94 </p><p>Three Billy Goat's Gruff Brown, Marcia I 1.94 </p><p>Tidy Titch Hutchins, Pat I 1.94 </p><p>Too Many Puppies Brewster, Patience I 1.94 </p><p>Trucks Rockwell, Anne I 1.94 </p><p>Very Busy Spider, The Carle, Eric I 1.94 </p><p>We Just Moved Krensky, Stephen I 1.94 </p><p>We're Going on a Bear Hunt Rosen, Michael I 1.94 </p><p>We're in Big Trouble Blackboard Bear Alexander, Martha I 1.94 </p></li><li><p>What Comes in 2's, 3's, and 4's? Aker, Suzanne &amp; Karlin Bernie I 1.94 </p><p>Wheels on the Bus Kovalski, Mary Ann I 1.94 </p><p>When Will I Read? Cohen, Miriam I 1.94 </p><p>Where's Lulu? Hooks, William I 1.94 </p><p>White Rabbit's Color Book Baker, Alan I 1.94 </p><p>Who Took the Farmer's Hat Nodset, Joan I 1.94 </p><p>Who's Afraid of the Dark? Bonsall, Crosby I 1.94 </p><p>Willie's Wonderful Pet Cebulash, Mel I 1.94 </p><p>Yoo Hoo Moon Blocksma,Mary I 1.94 </p><p>100th Day of School Medearis, Angela J 2.00 </p><p>Addie's Bad Day Robins,Joan J 2.00 </p><p>Adventures at Snail School Stadler, John J 2.00 </p><p>Airplanes Petersen, David J 2.00 </p><p>All Along the River Fowler , Allen:Rookie Science J 2.00 </p><p>Allie's Basketball Dream Barber, Barbara J 2.00 </p><p>Amalia and the Grasshopper Tello,J. &amp; Krupinski.L. J 2.00 </p><p>Amazing Grace Hoffman, Mary J 2.00 </p><p>And I Mean It, Stanley Bonsall, Crosby J 2.00 </p><p>Annie's Pet Brenner, Barbara J 2.00 </p><p>Ask Mr. Bear Flack/Macmillan J 2.00 </p><p>Aunt Eater's Mystery Vacation Cushman, Doug J 2.00 </p><p>Autumn Saunders-Smith, Gail J 2.00 </p><p>Baseball Birthday Party, the Prger, Annabelle J 2.00 </p><p>Bear Shadow Asch. Frank J 2.00 </p></li><li><p>Bear's Bargain Asch, Frank J 2.00 </p><p>Bear's Bicycle McLeod, Emilie J 2.00 </p><p>Beavers Moore, Helen J 2.00 </p><p>Bedtime Mouse Stoddard, Sandol J 2.00 </p><p>Beezy Mc Donald, Megan J 2.00 </p><p>Beezy at Bat Mc Donald, Megan J 2.00 </p><p>Best Little Monkey in the World Standiford, Natalie J 2.00 </p><p>Best Nest Eastman, Philip D. J 2.00 </p><p>Better Than TV Miller, Sarah Swan J 2.00 </p><p>Big Mama and Grandpa Ghana Shelf Mederis, A. J 2.00 </p><p>Big Max Platt, Kin J 2.00 </p><p>Birthday Present for Mama Lorian, Nicole J 2.00 </p><p>Blackboard Bear Alexander, Martha J 2.00 </p><p>Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Littledale, Freya J 2.00 </p><p>Bread and Honey Asch, Frank J 2.00 </p><p>Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain Aardema, Verna J 2.00 </p><p>Buck, Buck the Chicken Ehrlich, Amy J 2.00 </p><p>Bunny Cakes Wells, Rosemary J 2.00 </p><p>Busy Year, A Lionni, Leo J 2.00 </p><p>Button Sourp Neye, Emily J 2.00 </p><p>Buzby Hoban, Julia J 2.00 </p><p>Camp Big Paw Cushman, Doug J 2.00 </p><p>Cat in the Hat, The Seuss, Dr. J 2.00 </p><p>Charlie Needs a Cloak dePaloa, Tomie J 2.00 </p></li><li><p>Christmas in the Big Woods Wilder Laura Ingalls J 2.00 </p><p>City Mouse, Country Mouse Aesop/Scholastic J 2.00 </p><p>City Mouse, Country Mouse Wallner, John/Scholastic J 2.00 </p><p>Color Wizard, the Brenner, Barbara J 2.00 </p><p>Could it Be? Oppenheim, Joanne J 2.00 </p><p>Country Fair Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00 </p><p>Curious George and the Ice Cream Rey, Margaret J 2.00 </p><p>Curious George Goes to the Hospital Rey, Margaret J 2.00 </p><p>Dance at Grandpa's Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00 </p><p>Danny and the Dinosaur Hoff, Syd J 2.00 </p><p>Days with Frog and Toad Lobel, Arnold J 2.00 </p><p>Deer in the Wood Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00 </p><p>Detective Dinosaur Skofield, James J 2.00 </p><p>Donkey Tale, the Demarest,Chris/ Bank Street J 2.00 </p><p>Don't be My Valentine... Lexau, Joan J 2.00 </p><p>Don't Eat too much Turkey Cohen, Meriam J 2.00 </p><p>Doorbell Rang Hutchins, Pat J 2.00 </p><p>Dragon's Scales, the Albee, Sarah J 2.00 </p><p>Drummer Hoff Emberley, B. J 2.00 </p><p>Duckat Gordon, Gaelyn J 2.00 </p><p>Egg To Chick Selsam Millicent J 2.00 </p><p>Farm Alphabet Book Miller, Jane J 2.00 </p><p>Farmer Boy Birthday Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00 </p><p>Farmer Joe's Hot Day Richards, Zimmerman J 2.00 </p></li><li><p>Father Bear Comes Home Minarik, Else J 2.00 </p><p>Feed Me Hooks, William J 2.00 </p><p>Fire Cat, the Averill, Esther J 2.00 </p><p>Fire Station Sanders, Smith J 2.00 </p><p>First Grade Takes a Test Cohen, Mirian J 2.00 </p><p>Fox all Week Marshall, Edward J 2.00 </p><p>Fox and His Friends Marshall, James J 2.00 </p><p>Fox and the Crow: Aesop's Fables Resnick Jane P. &amp; Lindy J 2.00 </p><p>Fox at School Marshall, Edward J 2.00 </p><p>Fox be Nimble Marshall, James J 2.00 </p><p>Fox in Love Marshall, Edward J 2.00 </p><p>Fox Steals Home, the Marshall, James J 2.00 </p><p>Fraidy Cats Krensky, Stephen J 2.00 </p><p>Frank the Fish Gets his Wish Appleton-smith, Laura J 2.00 </p><p>Franklin is Bossy Bourgeois &amp; Clark/Scholastic J 2.00 </p><p>Franklin Plays the Game Bourgeois &amp; Clark/Scholastic J 2.00 </p><p>Franklin 's Bad Day Bourgeois &amp; Clark/Scholastic J 2.00 </p><p>Froggy Bakes a Cake Londan Jonathan / Scholastic J 2.00 </p><p>Froggy gets Dressed Londan Jonathan / Scholastic J 2.00 </p><p>Froggy Learns to Swim Londan Jonathan / Scholastic J 2.00 </p><p>Funny Bones Ahlberg, Allan J 2.00 </p><p>Ghosts! Schwartz, Alvin J 2.00 </p><p>Ghosts!Ghostly Tales from Folklore Schwartz, Alvin J 2.00 </p><p>Give Me Half Murphy, Stuart J 2.00 </p></li><li><p>Going to Town Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00 </p><p>Going West Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00 </p><p>Good Morning Chick Ginsburg, Mirra J 2.00 </p><p>Good-Bye Book, The Viorst, Judith J 2.00 </p><p>Grandma and the Desperadoes Parish, PEggy J 2.00 </p><p>Grandma at Bat McCully, Emily Arnold J 2.00 </p><p>Grandma Mix up McCully, Emily Arnold J 2.00 </p><p>Great Day for Up Dr. Seuss J 2.00 </p><p>Great Snake Escape, the Coxe, Molly J 2.00 </p><p>Green Eggs &amp; Ham Seuss, Dr. J 2.00 </p><p>Grouchy Ladybug, The Carle, Eric J 2.00 </p><p>Gunnywolf, The Delaney, A J 2.00 </p><p>Hand, Hand, fingers, Thumb Perkins, Al J 2.00 </p><p>Handa's Surprise Browne, Eileen J 2.00 </p><p>Harry &amp; the Lady Next Door Zion. Gene J 2.00 </p><p>Hat, the Brett, Jan J 2.00 </p><p>He Bear, She Bear Berenstain, Stan &amp; Jan J 2.00 </p><p>Hedgehog Bakes a Cake MacDonald, Maryann J 2.00 </p><p>Henry &amp; Mudge Get the Cold Shivers Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p><p>Henry &amp; Mudge Take the Big Test Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p><p>Henry &amp; Mudge Under the Yellow Moon Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p><p>Henry &amp; Mudge: Bedtime Thumps Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p><p>Henry &amp; Mudge: Careful Cousin Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p><p>Henry &amp; Mudge: First Book Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p></li><li><p>Henry &amp; Mudge: Forever Sea Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p><p>Henry &amp; Mudge: Happy Cat Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p><p>Henry &amp; Mudge: Long Week End Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p><p>Henry &amp; Mudge: Puddle Trouble Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p><p>Henry &amp; Mudge: Sparkle Days Rylant, Cynthia J 2.00 </p><p>Herman the Helper Kraus, Robert J 2.00 </p><p>Hippopotomus Ate the Teacher Thaler, Mike J 2.00 </p><p>Homes are For Living Cumpiano, Ina J 2.00 </p><p>Hop on Pop Seuss, Dr. J 2.00 </p><p>Horse in Harry's Room Hoff, Syd J 2.00 </p><p>House that Jack Built Peppe, Rodney J 2.00 </p><p>How Kittens Grow Selsam Millicent J 2.00 </p><p>How Much is that Doggie in the Window? Merrill, Bob J 2.00 </p><p>I Can Read with my Eyes Shut Seuss, Dr. J 2.00 </p><p>I Love to Sneeze Schether, Ellen J 2.00 </p><p>I Saw you in the Bathtub Schwartz, Alvin J 2.00 </p><p>I Was So Mad Mayer, Mercer J 2.00 </p><p>In a Dark Dark Room Scheartz, Alvin J 2.00 </p><p>In the Land of the Bolar Bear Scjwartz, Alvin J 2.00 </p><p>Inch by Inch Lionni, Leo J 2.00 </p><p>Insects MacLulich, Carolyn. Scholastic J 2.00 </p><p>Jake and the Copycats Rocklin, Joanne J 2.00 </p><p>Jamberry Dengen, B. J 2.00 </p><p>Jenny's Hat Keats, Ezra Jack J 2.00 </p></li><li><p>Jillian Jiggs Gilman, P. J 2.00 </p><p>Jimmy Lee Did It Cummings, Pat J 2.00 </p><p>Johnny Lion's Book Hurd, Edith Thacher J 2.00 </p><p>Just a Daydream Mayer, Mercer J 2.00 </p><p>Kenny and the Little Kickers Marzollo, Claudio J 2.00 </p><p>Kick, Pass and Run Kessler, Leonard J 2.00 </p><p>Kiss for Little Bear Minarik, Else J 2.00 </p><p>Last One In is a Rotten Egg Kessler, Leonard J 2.00 </p><p>Let's Be Enemies Udry, Janice J 2.00 </p><p>Listening Walk Showers, Paul J 2.00 </p><p>Little Bear Minarik, Else J 2.00 </p><p>Little Bear's Friend Minarik, Else J 2.00 </p><p>Little Bear's Visit Minarik, Else J 2.00 </p><p>Little Blue and Little Yellow Lionni, Leo J 2.00 </p><p>Little Chick's Big Day Kwitz, Mary J 2.00 </p><p>Little Fireman Brown, Margaret Wise J 2.00 </p><p>Little Gorilla Bornstein, Ruth J 2.00 </p><p>Little Prarie House, the Wilder, Laura Ingalls J 2.00 </p><p>Little Red Hen, The Galdone, Paul J 2.00 </p><p>Littles Get Trapped, the (first readers) Slater, Teddy J 2.00 </p><p>Long Ago Children Nelson, JoAnne J 2.00 </p><p>LuLu Goes to Witch School O'Connor Jane J 2.00 </p><p>Marigold and Grandma on the Town Calmenson, Stephanie J 2.00 </p><p>Max Isadora, Rachel J 2.00 </p></li><li><p>Merry Christmas, Amelia Bedelia Parish, Peggy J 2.00 </p><p>Messy Bessy's School Desk McKissack, Patricia J 2.00 </p><p>Mike Swan Sink or Swim Heiligman, Deborah J 2.00 </p><p>Milk and Cookies Asch, Frank J 2.00 </p><p>Milton The Early Riser Kraus, Robert J 2.00 </p><p>Missing Tooth, The Cole, Joanna J 2.00 </p><p>Monster Manners Cole, Joanna J 2.00 </p><p>Moon Boy Brenner, Barbara J 2.00 </p><p>Moonbear's Bargain Asch, Frank J 2.00 </p><p>Moonbear's Shadow Asch, Frank J 2.00 </p><p>Moonbear's Skyfire Asch, Frank J 2.00 </p><p>Morris and Boris at the Circus Wiseman, Bernard J 2.00 </p><p>Morris and Boris atSchool Wiseman, Bernard J 2.00 </p><p>Morris Goes to School Wiseman, Bernard J 2.00 </p><p>Mouse Mess Riley, Linnea, Riley J 2.00 </p><p>Mouse Soup Lobel, Arnold J 2.00 </p><p>Mouse...</p></li></ul>


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