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Letter of protest Critical of stress approach Student ... of people are rightly worried about. Including me. And – to paraphrase the protesting farm-ers last week – we don’t

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Text of Letter of protest Critical of stress approach Student ... of people are rightly worried about....

  • RESOURCE Critical of stress approach Letter of protest Student seeks donor Is Surf Your Stress just dealing with symptoms? | p.22 |

    New food label is not a good idea | p.6 |

    ‘As though I wake up every morning with a hangover’ | p.24 |

    For everyone at Wageningen University & Research no 5 – 7 November 2019 – 14th Volume

    Circular pioneers Farmers and WUR join forces to find solutions | p.12

  • THURSDAY Virtual Reality: Take a DEEP breath

    Play a mesmerizing and relaxing virtual reality game that you can control with your own breath

    Walk-in 12:00 - 17:00

    Coach your body and mind

    Lecture on the interaction between stress, body and mind incl. individual testing and feedback

    Walk-in 13:00 - 17:30

    Docu-night: One Nation Under Stress

    Movie & popcorn! The link between stress and the continuing fall in US life expectancy

    Walk-in 19:15 - 21:00

    WEDNESDAY EFT - Ancient Chinese medicine meets Modern Psychology

    Learn to use the meridians in your body to stop the fi ght-, fl ight- or freeze response & alleviate stress instantly!

    Walk-in 12:00 - 13:30

    Mental Coaching Stress is based on thoughts, how to change them?

    Walk-in 12:30 - 13:30

    Workshop: Thriving... in spite of it all

    In this workshop, we’ll explore what it means to be successful, and human, in a burn-out world

    Sign-up 17:30 - 19:00

    Lecture: Life without mobile devices

    I went offl ine for 1 year and survived!

    Sign-up 19:30 - 21:15

    TUESDAY Tai chi Start the day relaxed and stress free Walk-in 09:00 - 10.00

    Workshop: Time Management

    Do you want to know how to use your time effectively? Join us!

    Sign-up 12:15 - 13:45

    Masterclass: The art of failure

    Accept errors and use them to learn from them

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    MONDAY Rodeo surf simulator

    Learn to balance & ride the waves

    Walk-in 09:00 - 17:00

    Yoga Become aware of your body and your mind Sign-up 08:00 - 09:00

    Masterclass: How to deal with your stress

    Want to take a next step in coping with stress? Don’t hesitate. Be there!

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    Spinning lecture: Daily Happiness

    Useful tips to bring happiness into your life

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    FRIDAY Walk-in: Holistic coaching

    Learn to listen to yourself Walk-in 11.00 - 12.30

    Walk with the elderly

    Have a walk and talk with residents of Oranje Nassau's oord

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    Karaoke night Free karaoke night organized by ISOW. Open to all!

    Walk-in 22:00 - 02:00

    For students and employees of WUR Learn to balance and ride the waves of stress! Everyone experiences stress once in a while and that’s alright, because it’s part of life. Too much stress however can get you out of balance. Learn more about dealing with stress during the surf your stress week.

    Join us and visit one of the many activities: lectures, workshops, games, sport events, relaxing activities and more.

    For the full programme and locations, please check:

    The Surf your Stress week has been made possible by a collaboration of:









    SU F Y



    8412105293 - HRM_Surf_Your_Stress_adv_resource_v01.indd 1 10/24/2019 11:10:42 AM RESOURCE — 7 November 2019

    2 >> service

  • no 5 – 14th volume

    >> 27 NOT SAIL BUT RAIL TO THE COP Climate sailors change tack

    >> 18 WORRIED ABOUT THE KURDS Researcher Joost Jongerden explains the Kurdish question

    >> 20 PROGRESS FOR THE BEES Winter death rate halved


    DIGGING THEIR HEELS IN The country is in the grip of the nitrogen crisis. Agriculture needs to change course to reduce emissions and save nature, landscapes and biodiversity. The good news is that ‘cleaner’ farming really is possible. We heard that at the nitrogen debate Resource organized (see p.6), and reporter Albert Sikkema saw it with his own eyes when he visited sustainable farming initiatives in the Northern Netherlands (see p.12-15). But these jewels of the countryside are exceptions. Most of the farmers who’ve been demonstrating in The Hague haven’t got that far yet. And that is apparent when you look at the Agriculture Collective, a coterie of farmers’ representatives that negotiates with government on the farmers’ behalf on the ‘nitrogen dossier’. The collective is an initiative by the Farmers Defence Force. (The name says it all.) As chair, they picked former WUR President Aalt Dijkhuizen – Dutch intensive agriculture personified and someone who is more part of the problem than of the solution. So the Agriculture Collective’s starting point seems clear: forget a change of course, dig your heels in. I would love to be proved wrong about that.

    Roelof Kleis, Science and Organization editor

    AND MORE... 4 Louise Fresco chair of 4TU 6 ‘Farmers can solve the

    ammonia problem’ 7 Moment of truth for the

    Aula 10 Urban heat lingers 26 Students homeless after

    fire safety check 28 ‘She screamed and cried

    like I’d never seen before’

    >> Sound insulation with fibre from pig manure | p.10


    7 November 2019 — RESOURCE

  • RESOURCE — 7 November 2019

    4 >> news

    Louise O. Fresco will be at the helm of the 4TU Federation for the next two years. She wants to concentrate on building up the scientific collaboration.

    In the 4TU Federation, the four Dutch science and technology universities pull together to build and share technological knowledge. At the end of October, the federa- tion presented five new research programmes to the government in The Hague, which were allocated 22 million euros. In these pro- grammes, the four science universities run research on personalized medicine, disease prevention and treatment, ‘smart’ industry, a resilient society and the global food issue. By appointing 44 tenure-trackers, the federa-

    tion invests in research for the long term. The aim is that the researchers set up their own research projects under these five themes, obtain funding and take on PhD students. The overarching theme is ‘high tech for a sustainable future’. Four years ago, Fresco entered into discus- sions on WUR’s behalf with the then 3TU, with the idea of turning it into 4TU. ‘You can

    see a massive demand in society for technologists who are also sensitive to social and ecological issues. It was logical to join forces.’ Another mo- tive for col- laborating, in Fresco’s view, is that ‘our’ kind of edu- cation is more expensive than the average education. ‘We thought it was in the interests of the Dutch economy to increase the visibili- ty of the four universities. You can now see that the government in The Hague has understood the potential of 4TU.’ At the meeting in The Hague, Fresco took over the role of chair from Victor van der Chijs (Twente University). The future of 4TU now focuses on improving scientific collaboration, including in the area of education. It must also improve the mobility of PhD students and postdocs. ‘We are not changing direction, but we are gaining something additional. Access to knowledge, people and talent.’ WA


    ‘HELP THE AMAZON’ Indigenous leaders from Brazil were in Impulse on 31 October to talk to about 150 WUR students and staff about deforestation, land-grabbing and human rights. The group is touring Europe and came to Wageningen at the invitation of the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group and others. The Brazilians expressed their concern about the impact of agro-business on their lives and the biodiversity of the Amazon. It would help if students and scientists in Europe were to put pressure on their governments to ban products that cause deforestation, said the indigenous leaders. JS

    WUR JOINS NETWORK FOR INNOVATION IN SCIENCE EDUCATION WUR has joined CDIO (conceive, design, implement, operate), a worldwide net- work for educational innovation at science universities.

    ‘The world is changing at an ever faster pace, and that calls for continuous adapta- tion of our education,’ says Emiel van Puffelen of the Education & Student Affairs department. He represents WUR in 4TU, a collaboration between the four science and technology universities in the Netherlands, and he arranged for WUR to join CDIO. ‘By joining this network, we can learn from educational innovations at our fellow universities. That way you make progress faster.’ CDIO was set up in 2008 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and three Swedish universities. There are now 175 science and technology universities around the world taking part in the network. WUR teachers have access to information about CDIO’s innovations through the 4TU website. ‘There they can find out more about which educational approaches combine well, what works and what doesn’t in the ar- ea of living labs, and how you shape multi- disciplinary, international and project-ori- ented education,’ says Van Puffelen. LZ

    Federation allocates millions to appointing 44 tenure-trackers.

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    : G U

    Y AC

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