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1000 Questions for CoAVerSationTo the TeacherIntroductionLet's Talk About It is for adults and young adults and is designed to get false-beginners andintermediate-level English learners talking about Japan and the world Let's Talk About It introduceshigh-interest topics through pictures then guides conversations through questions developlngfluency and building vocabularyUsing Let's TalkAbout lt in the classroomTQlk (boUIEach unit beginswith a picture or set of pictures introducing a high-interest, everydayconversation topic followed by a set of discussion questions The first ten questions are about thepicture the second ten on related matters Students should read the questions aloud You can makecomments on pronunciation and explain difficult words and expressions Insisting on completesentence replies from students will help reinforce English syntax Skip any questions that seeminappropriateM(IchIn this exercise students choose an appropriate word for the blank space in each of ten sentencesDepending on students level some vocabulary may need to be explained first This exercise alsocan be used for homework.Ask iIHere students are glVen ten answers and are asked to supply ten appropriate questions for eachYou can glVe Prompts and hints if the students have difficulty formlng queStionsFinishThis exercise asks students to create questions based on answers provided as in Ask il and also tofill in a misslng word in each given answer You might ask students to work independently, inpalrS Or in small groups The first word of each question is provided as a guide(Answers to each Match it, and suggested questions and answers forAsk it and Finish it areprovided in the back of the book AboutCONTENTS1 FoodTQlk clboul it1.Whatisthemanordering?2.Whatisthewaiterdoing?3.Whatisthewaitresscarrying?4.What objects can you see on the couples table?5.Whatisthebartenderdoing?6What is the waiter wearlng around his neck77Whattimeofdaydoyouthinkitis?Why?8What is the waiter holdingbehind his back?9.Whatdoesthesignsay?10.Whichjob in this picture would you prefer to do?11Are there any kinds offood you dislike?12What is the strangest food you have eaten? How was it?13Howmanycupsofteaorcoffeedoyoudrinkaday?14.Whatkindofsnacksdoyouliketoeat?15 What did you eat for breakfast today? How about last nights dinner?16 Ifyou could go to any country in the world for a meal where would you go?What kind of meal would you order?17Which do you prefer, red orwhite meat718How often do you eat out? Where do you usually eat?19 What kind of food do you think visitors dont like to eat in your country?20 How much was the most expensive meal you have ever eaten? How was it? Wheredid you eat it?Food qboUl it1.Whoisthemaninthefirstpicture?2.Did/DoyouwatchthisshowonTV?3.What instmment is the girl playing?4Whatseasondoyouthinkitis?5 What can you see falling from the treebehind her?6Whattemplecanyousee?7Haveyoubeentothistemple?8What does the sign in the last picture mean?9.Whatishedrinking?10Whatseasondoyouthinkitis?Why?ll.What city inJapan is famous for comedians?12.What Japanese people are famous overseas?13.Have you ever climbed Mount Fuji?14.WheredomostpeopleskiinJapan?15.What are some of the dangers inyour country?16 Why do you thinkvisitors come to your country?17. Where would you recommend visitors to go in Japan? Why718 Wherewould you most like to live in your country? Why?19 Some people describe Americans as wopen andfriendlyH How would you bestdescribe Japanese people?20 What country in the world do you think is the most similar to Japan? Why? Describethe similarities.3 ShopplngTQlk (boUl. il.1What departmentis this in the department store?2Can you name other departments in a department store?3.What do we call the woman in uniform?4WhatisshewearlngOnherhands?5How many floors does this department store have76Whyistheyounggirlcrying?7Whatisthemanholding?8Which do you prefer, escalators or elevators79.How much does the coat on the left cost?10What kind ofclothes can you see on the hangers?11Whats your favorite store? Do you prefer big or small stores?12What products are cheap tobuy inJapan?13Where did youbuy the clothes you are wearlng now?14How many times a week do people do grocery shopplng ln your COuntry? Do youthink grocery shopping in America differs from Japan? How?15What is the most expensive thing you have everbought?16Whatdidyoubuytoday?17Whatdoyoudisliketoshopfor?18Would you rather shop alne orwith friends?19What was the last present you received? When did you receive it? Who gave it to you?20 Ifyou could go anywhere to shop in the world where would you go?Shopping394 Music1blk (bouI1Which member of the group would you like tobe? Why?2Which band members are wearlng earrlngS?3Which of these instruments do you think is the hardest to play?4What instmment is the man on the far left playing?5What do you call the people in front of the stage?6Whichband members are wearlng hats?7Whatkindofgroupdoyouthinktheyare?8Whatisthevocalistdoing?9What kind of guitars do you think they are playing?10Describe what the vocalist is wearlng11 Is music important to you? Could you live without it? Why? Why not?12What kind of music do you like to listen to? How many different types of music doyou know?13Who are your favorite male and female slngerS?14What singer or group would you mostlike to see in concert? Why?15Which do you prefer, Japanese or Western music? Why?16Can you play an instmment? If yes what? If no what instrument would you like toplay? Why?17What kind of music do your parents like to listen to? What do you think of it?18Howoftendoyougotokaraoke719Do you know any world-famous bands? Can you name any of them?20DoyoubuyCDsorrentthem?Music 472. (bouI1WhatisthistraincalledinEnglish?2Whatdowecallthesepeopleonthetrain?3What is the farthest you have travelled by shinkansen?4What is the woman in the second picture doing?5What are they doing in the third picture?6What are they riding on in the fourth picture?7Whatdoyoucallapersonwhoridesabicycle?8Which of these kinds of transportation do you prefer? Why?9Which is the safest? The most dangerous?10Whichofthesedoyouusethemost?11Howoftendoyoutaketaxis?12What do you call the place where people wait for a taxi?13Whatisyourfavoritecar?14Which side of the road do cars drive on inJapan? In the US?15Do you own any form of transportation? How long have you owned it? Do you use itoften? Where do you usually go?16When are trains usually crowded?17Haveyouevertakenaferry?Where?18Have you ever had a traffic accident? If yes, where? When? How did it happen? Wasit your fault? Who had to pay?19Whatdoyouusuallydoonthetrai?20What kind of transportation havent you tried?6The salaryman and work1blkbouI1Why is his family standing outside the house?2.Where is he at 7:30 a.m.73.Whatisheholdingonto?4Have you ever slept on the train like this man?5.WhatishedoingatlO:00am?6.What time does he eat lunch?7Whodoyouthinkheis eatingwith?8.Whatishethinkingofat7:30pm?9.Whatishedoingat10:00pm?10 Is your schedule the same as his? Describe your schedulell. Do you have ajob? Ifyes what do you do? Ifno what would you like to do? Why?12.Whatjobdidyouwanttodowhenyouwereachild?13.What do you consider is a dangerous job? Adirtyjob?14Whatdoyourparentsdo?15Does your company have an annual company trip? Have you ever been on a com-pany trip? If yes where?16Do you expect to workin one company all of your life?17Haveyoueverhadapart-timejob718Would you rather work for a big company or a small company?19Whatdoyoudislikeaboutyourjob?20.Did/Do you need any special training foryourjob?157FamilyTQlk (boUl it1How many grandchildren are there? Grandparents?2.Who is Simons uncle?3How manybrothers does Karen have?4Which child is the second youngest?5.Who is Karens sister-in-law?6HowmanycousinsdoesJanethave?7How manyyears older is Peter than his wife?8WhoisThomassnephew79What is the relationship between George and Mary?10.Who is Simons eldest cousin?11How many people are there in your family?12How manybrothers and sisters do you have? What do they do? Do you livewith them?13Were you ever punished? Ifyes why? How?14Tell aboutyour family's hobbies15Who doyouspeaktothemostinyourfamily?16Who is the tallest in your family? How tall is that person?17Whoisthelaziestinyourfamily718Doyouhaveafamilypet?Ifyeswhotakes careofit?19When did you and your family last go on a vacation? Where did you go? How longwas the vacation?20How often do you and your family spend time together?FamHv Travel1blk (bouI1What time does the flight leave for Paris? What are the earliest and the latestflights72Whatdotheywanttobuyatthedutyfreeshop?3What is the woman with the sunglasses holding in her left hand? What is this passusedfor?4Whatisthemanpushing?5 Is this an international airport or a domestic alrpOrt? Why?61Whoisthemanwiththeflag?7What problem does the man at the front left have?8How do you know that the couple have just returned from vacation?9 In flight BA 018 for London what does BA stand for?10Whodoyouthinkthewomaninuniformis?11What countries would you like to visit? Why?12Have you everbeen on a high-school trip? Where?13What places are popular now forJapanese to visit?14Describe your lastvacation Where did you go? What did you do?15How do you prefer to travel in a group orbyyourself?16Do you like to take photographs orvideos onvacation?17What do you like most about golng abroad?18Describe your ideal vacation19 Is there anything you dislike about travelling? Why?20Where would you recommend visitors to Japan go in your country? Why?Travel (boUIlWhat nationality is the woman in the first picture?2What is she holding? What is in the background?3What city is shown in the second picture? What is in the background?4What kind of person do you think he is? Have you ever seen this kind of personbefore? Where?5What famous city is this in the third picture?6What is the mas nationality? What is he standing in?7What do we call these people in the last picture? Where are they from?8HaveyoubeentoanyofthesecountTies?9Which of these countries would you most like to visit? Why?10What is the language of each of these countries?11WhatisyourimageofEurope?12What is the most popular country in Europe foapanese tourists? Why?13What Europeans first came toJapan?14Have you been to Europe? Ifyes where did you go? What did you do? Ifno wherewould you like to go?15What European food do you like thebest? Why?16Can you name any famous European products?17Can you name any famous sightseelng Places in Europe?18What country is famous for bullfighting?19Can you name some famous Europeans?20 If you could bring back something from Europe what would it be?( Famous peopleTQIk qboUl. il.1Who is the man in the first picture? Where do you think he comes from? Whyis he famous?2Howheavydoyouthinkheis?3What did the person in the second picture do? Who is he?4Canyounametheotherbandmembers?5.What is the womans name?6WhydoyouthinksheissopopularinJapan?7Whoisthemaninthelastpicture?8.Where does he come from? What is he famous for?9Which of these people do you think is the most famous?10Which of these people do you like best? Why?11 Ifyou could be famous who would you like to be? Why?12What are thebad points aboutbeing famous?13Who is the most famous sports star in your country now?14Do you know of any famous people who died traglCally? Who was it? When?What happened715Haveyoueverseenormetafamousperson?16Who do you thinkis the worlds most famous sports star?17Are there any famous people you dislike? Why?18What country has the most famous people? Why do you think this is?19Who is the most famous person inJapanese history720Who is the most infamous person of the past century?Famous people SportsTQIkboul. il.1What are the tennis players holding?2Whichpersonisthepitcher?3Whichofthesesportsdoyoulikebest?4Whatisthegoalkeeperdoing?5Which of these sports has the most team members?6WhatistheboxerwearlngOnhishands?7Which of the these sports takes place in a ring?8Whathastheboxerjustdone?9Which of these sports is the most popular inJapan?10Haveyoudoneanyofthese sports?11Name the three most popular sports in your country12 How many different sports did/do you do in high school?13What sport do you think is the toughest?14What sport did/do you dislike at school?15What sport do you thinkis the most expensive to do inyour country? Why?16Have you everbeen to a sports stadium? Ifyes what did you see? When did you go?How much was the ticket?17What sports do you consider dangerous? Would you try them?18 Ifyou could be good at any sport which would you choose? Why?19Do you own any sports equlpment? Ifyes what do you own? Ifno what would youlike to own?20Haveyoueverbeeninasports contest?212 HomeTdtk (bouI1.Whatarethechildrendoing?2.Whatobjectcanyouseeonthewindowsill?3.Whatisthewomanwearing?4Whatcanyouseeonthetable?5.Whatisthefatherdoing?6Whereistheboysitting?7.What kind of machine is the mother using?8.Whatisthemotherdoing?9How many cushions can you see? Where are they?10 Is your living room like this? Whats different?11What is your accommodation near? Is it in a convenient place712. 1mwhatroomdoyouspend mostofyourtime?13Are your neighbours noISy Or quiet?14Describe whats in your kitchen15 Ifyou were very rich where in the world would youbuy a house? Why? Would itbein the mountains or by the ocean?16How far is your accommodation from downtown?17What do you like and dislike about your accommodation?18.How many different houses/apartments have you lived in?19Do you prefer to live in the city or the countryside?20 What doyou have to pay when you rent an apartment for the first time? Whats theaverage cost of renting an apartment in your town?Home HealthTQlk clboUl iT1Whatisthepersonontheleftdoingtokeephealthy?2 Do you think the person on the right is healthy? Why? Why not?3Whatisthepersonontheleftcarrying?4 Which person do you think you are most like? Why?5 Is anyone in your family like either of these people?6Whatisthepersonontheleftwearing?7.Whereishejogging?8.What objects can you see on the living roomfloor79Whatkindofshowdoyouthinkheiswatching?10 In the left picture what can you see in the background?11Doyouthinkyouarehealthy?Why?Whynot?12Haveyoueverseenadoctor? Ifyes why?13Howmuchsleep doyouusuallyget?14 Istherea lotofstressinyourlife? Ifyeswhy?15Which is better, your mental or physical health716 Is being ln good health the most important thing ln your life?17 Do you have any unhealthy habits? Ifyes what are they? How often do you do them?Do you think you can change your lifestyle? Why? Why not?18 Is the environment you live in healthy? Why? Why not?19Do you take vitamin tablets? Why? Why not?20 What can you do to make your life more healthy? What age would you like to live to?Health EntertainmentTQlk clboul. iI1 Isthisakaraokebarorbox? Howcanyoutell?2Whatdoyouthinkthewomanisreading?3Whatobjectscanyouseeonthetable?4.Whatdoesthe l DRINKORDER signmean?5.Whatkindsofdrinks canyoubuyhere?6Can you slng English songs like this man?7Where do you prefer to slng karaoke, in a karaokebox, in a bar, or at home?8.What instmments are they playing?9 There are four people at this karaokebox How many people do you usually go with?What songs do you slng there?10Howmuchdoes itcost?Howlongdoyouspendthere?11What kind of entertainment do your parents like?12.What is karaoke? When did karaokebecome popular inJapan?13 How often do you go to the movies? What kind of movies do you like to watch? Howmuch does it cost?14How many hours ofTV do you watch per day? Whats your favorite TV program?15Howdoyouspendyourweekendsorfreetime?16Do you do any outdoor activities? What?17How do you celebrate yourbirthday?18 Have you everbeen to a musical or play? What have you seen? What would you liketo see in the future?19.WhatisacheapwaytoenOyyourself?20What kind of entertainment do you think you couldnt live without? Why?Il3115 AnimalsTQlk (boUl.1Wherearethesepeople?2Whatanimalscanyousee?3Name some other kinds of animals you can see at this place4Which of these animals do you like the best? Why?5Which of these animals do you think is the most dangerous?6Whatisthewomanholding?7Do you think the students with the hats are elementary school students?8Whydoyouthinktheyarethere?9Whatisthechild pointingat?10Whatisbeingsoldatthestall?111Name three animals that are native to your country Try to name three animals nativeto Australia.12Whatkindofpetdoyouhave?Whatkind doyouwanttohave?13Whatdoyoucalla tanukiinEnglish? InJapan, isita goodsymbo1714What animals do you think are intelligent?15Canyounameanyrareanimals?16Whatisthebiggestanimal?17Doyoulikezoos?Why?Whynot?18Canyounametwoanimalsthatliveinthesea?19.What animals live in a cold climate?20What animal do you think is known as a mas best friend? Why?Animals WeatherTQlk (boul. il.1.Describe the weather in the first picture2What are they doing in the second picture?3Whatishisjobinthethird picture74What are they doing in the fourth picture?5Whereisthecoupleeating?6What is she wearlng On her ears in the second picture?7.What do the two slgnS mean On the weather map?8What do you think the weather forecastwillbe from this map?9Have you ever experienced the same situation as in the first picture?10What has happened to herumbrella?11What was the weather like yesterday? How about today? What about tomorrow?12Whatdoyouusuallydoonasunnyday?13DoesJapan have a rainy season? Ifyes when?14Have you everbeen afraid of the weather? Ifyes why? What area inJapan has themost dangerous weather?15Would you like to live in a hot country? Why? Why not716Whichseasondoyoulikebest?Why?17How do you cope with the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter? Which doyou prefer?18What is the weather like in your hometown from sprlng through winter?19Try to name five different kinds ofweather20Do you enjoy sunbathing? Did you ever get a sunburn?3517 America1blk clbouI1Haveyoubeentoanyoftheseplaces?Wheredidyougo?2What do we call this kind of transportation in Sam Francisco?3Whatbigcityis southofSanFrancisco?4.What do we call this statue in New )rk?5.WhatstateisNewYorkCityin76.Which of these cities is in the desert?7.Whatothercitiesdoyouknow?8What do we call thisbuilding inWashington DC?9Whatpeoplecanyouseeinthemiddleofthismap?10Who do you think these people are either side of the map?11What is your image of America? The people?12 Ifyou went toAmerica whatwould you see and do?13What American product is popular in your country? Why?14Do you own anyAmerican products?15WhatfamousAmericandoyoulike?16. What state of America do you think is the most visited by Japanese tourists? Why doyou think this is?17Name the three most popular sports in America Which do you like the most? Haveyou ever played any of them?18.Who do you thinkwas the firstAmerican to visitJapan?19Why do you thinkAmerica is so popular?20Do you thinkAmerica is dangerous? Why? Why not?Amerka SuperstitionsTcllk (boUl. il.1Whatistheboydoinginthefirstpicture?2Why do you think the woman is telling him to stop?3What has the girl done wrong in the second picture?4 IsitOKtodothisinyourcountry?5What has happened to the mirror in the third picture?6What other thingsbringbad luck ifyoubreak them?7What object is above the door in the last picture?8What doJapanese put outside their houses for good luck?9Haveyoudoneanyofthesethings?10Are any of these superstitions the same inyour country?11What are considered to be signs of good luck in your country?12Are you superstitious? Why? Why not?13Haveyoueverseenorheardaghost?14What are slgnS Ofbad luck in your country?15Do you read your horoscopes? What star slgn are you? Can you name all the animalsin the Chinese horoscope? What animal are you?16Haveyoueverhadyourfuturetold?17What animals are a good sign in your country?18Have you everbeen to a Halloween party? What kind of costume did you wear? Canyou name other costumes that people often wear?19Do you think you are a lucky or an unlucky person? Why?20Doyoucarryanyluckcharms?19 EducationTQIk Qboul iI1.Whatsubjectis themanteaching?2What is the boy next to the person wearlng glasses doing?3 Where is the girl with the long hair looking? What is under her hand?4Do you think there is a student absent? Why? Why not75.Name all the objects you can see on the students desks6Which student do you think studies hard77.Did/Do you wear a uniform like this at high school78.Where is the clock?9Whatistheboyhidingbehindhisbook?10.Did/Doyoudoanyoftheabovethingsatschool?ll.When does the school year start inJapan?12.Did/Doyoubelongtoanyschoolclubs?13. What did/do you like and dislike about your high school? Why?14 Was/Is your high school mixed? Do you think a mixed school is a good idea?15.What was/is your favorite and worst subject? Why?16. Have you ever stayed at home from schooljustbecause you didnt want to go717.What was/is your major at college/university?18. What kind of changes would you like to see inJapanese high schools?19 Did/Does your high school punish you if you were/arebad? Ifyes what kind ofpunishment did/do you receive?20. 1f you could be really good at one subject which would you choose? Why? Howcould you benefit from this in the future?Education NationalitiesTQlkboUl it1What are the nationalities ofall thesepeople72What is the maninthe first picture wearlng On his head?3.What is behind him?4Whatamimalscanyousee75What can you seeinthebackgroundinthe second picture?6What is the man in the third picture walking on771What isinthebackgroundinthe fourth picture?What is he wearlng On his head781Have you ever met anyone from any of these countries?9What language do they speak in each of these places?10Which of these places would you most like to visit? Why711Do you have any non-Japanese friends7 Where do they come from? Where did youfirst meet them712What nationalityis famous for making cheese?13What country is famous for champagne714WhatisyourimageofEngland?151What country do you think has a romantic image?16What do you think is the second language in hdia?17Would you like to study another language? Why718CanyoudescribetheJapaneseflag719Do you know of any famous non-Japanese people living in your country7 What istheir nationahty? What do they do?20What is the nationality of your teacher?42Nationalities ?AnswerMQIch1. microwave2. bill3. canned4 poured5. seaweed6. starter7. baked8. buffet9. lamb10. friedKeyFinish1. Who cooks at a restaurant?2. Whatkind offood isa tomato?3 What makes you cry when you slice them?4 What do you eat soup with?5. What are used to eatJapanese food?6. What dont Hindus eat?7 When are perslmmOnS ready to eat78. Where does the kiwl fruit come from?9 What is the staple food inJapan?10, What is sliced raw fish known as?MQtCh1 What do you think about Japanese people?2 Have you worn a kimono before?3 Where are you golng next Week?41 How many kanji do you know75 What kind of Japanese food do you like?6 Is the Japanese language difficult77 How many times have you been to Japan?8 What city inJapan do you like best?9 When did you first come toJapan?lot Why did you come to Japan?FinishHokkald oTokushimaNaraKyotohot sprlngSSapporoStamp23rd of DecemberLake BiwaNippon Telegraph &Telephone CorporationMqlch1.florist2. basement3 wrapped4 cheap5. crowded6. cost7 receipt8 stationery9 gloves10, sellFiniSh1 Where did jeans orlglnate?2 What is the opposite of spend?3 Wheredoyou gotobuymeat?4 At what shop do you buy fresh bread?5 Where can you shop duty free76. What do you call a shop that sells alcohol?7 How much is sales tax in Japan?8 Where can you buy medline?9 What kind of shop is Lawson?10. Where are Rolex watches made7M(Ich1 How many times a week do you play the piano?2 Which do you prefer, discos or karaoke73 How many tickets do you want for the concert74. Is the violin difficult to learn?5 When did punk music become popular?6 How long have you been playlng the flute?7 Are you able to read music?8 Whydoyouplaythedmms?9 What kind of music do you like to llSten tO?10 Is reggae popular in Japan?Mcltch il,l platform2. brokedown3. boarded4. domestic5 delayed6 jam7 1ayover8 jetlag9. attendant10. ambulanceF:inishconductorviolin/violaLiverpoolrockElvis PresleypianoScotl andlistenlngBrazilJanet/LatoyaFinish it1. What does 4WD stand for72, What is the shlnkanSen known as in English?3, What is the kyuukou in English74 What ls a tax free shop known as?5 How many colors does a traffic light/signalhave?6 What do you Call a tlre Wlth a puncture?7 What is the cheapest class on a plane?8 What is the London subway known as?9. Where was the steam train invented?10. What does ANA stand for?44Mcch1 promoted2. commute3 paid4 quit5. overtime6 secretary7 department8. business cards9. colleague1 0. transferredFinish1 Who flies aplane72. What does NEC stand for?3. Who directs movies74 What is a dangerous job?5. Where are Rolls-Royce cars made?6 Who fixes your car?7. What is the opposite of employer?8. Who wears a tall white hat?9 What do you call the head of the company?10. When do most people retire?MQl.ch1 Did you used to do many household chores?2 How many people are there in your family?3. Who babysits for your chlldren?4 Why was he smacked?5 Who is your favorite uncle?6 How many children do you hope to have77 Do you have any brothes or sisters?8. How often do you see your grandparents?9 Are you related to him?10 How was your homestay family?Finish itMqlch il.1 tip2. Cancelled3 sightseelng4. service5. souvenirs6 agent7. turbulence8. terminal9 immlgration10 baggageFinish il.1. What is the Currency of Canada?2 Where can Big Ben be found?3. Where are fish and chips popular?4. How was the tour guide?5. What do you need to enter a country76. What is the safest way to travel?7. Whenis Obon?8. Where is the Golden Gate Bridge?9. Where does an ambassador work?10. Where is a cheap place to stay?Mcch1 Are you interested in European culture?2 How long does it take to Londonby plane?3. Why did you go to France?4. What was Mrs. Thatcherknown as75. When is thebeer festival held?6. Where is Milan?7 Are you golng tO Europe this year?8 Did you think Switzerland was expensive?9. How many people are there in the UK?10. What country in Europe is popular forJapanese tourists?FinishMcch1. talented2 autographs3 appearance4. starred5. hit6 popular7. actress8. released9. wrestlers10. comedianFinish1. Who was the first man in space?2. Where does Michael Jackson come from?3. Who was the first U.S. President?4. Where do the Rolling Stones come from?5. Who was married to John Lennon76. Which Fl driver died in 1994?7 Who was Mickey Mouse drawnby?8. What was Albert Einstein famous for79. Who was Cleopatra710. Who is the best basketball player?Answer KeyM(Ich1 lnJured2. athlete3 passed4. tackle5 COmPetition6. amateur7. striker8. lacrosse9. referee10. bronzeFinish il.1L What is Ping-Pong also known asp2 What do you ride on to play polo?3 What is the natlOnal sport of England?4 How many players are there in a volleyballteam?5 What are used for ice-skating?6. Where were the 1964 Olympics held?7, What are dumbbells used for?8. Who was the first non-Japanese yokozuna79 What is Japanese fencing known as?10. What is Wimbledon famous for?Mqlch1 How long have you lived in your house?2 How many bedrooms does your house have?3 Who built your house?41 Wtlen Will you have moved into your house?5 Where does your uncle have an apartment?6 Can your father decorate the house?7 Which would you prefer, a house or anapartment?8 Does your father help with the housework?9 Howbigisyourroom?10 What kind of toilet does your apartment have?Finish il.MclllCh il.I. tablets2 coughing3 temperature4, blood5 hangover6 sneezlng7. broke8. sick9 patients10. stomachFinish il.1 Where do sick people stay?2 What do you call someone who cant see?3 Why are you on a diet?/Why do you go to the gym?4. When do you suffer from hay fever?5. What can smoking cause?6 How is malaria spread?7 Where is your eyesight checked?8. What is the nationwiththe greatest life expectancy79 Where do you go if you have a toothache?10 What do you call someone who cant hear?M(Ich1 Does the program start at 5 0clock?2 Which are more expensive musicals or concerts?3 How much did you bet at the horse races?41 Why do people playpachinko?5 What was the prlCe Of the ticket?6 What time is the next performance?7 What is your favorite video game?8. Which TV channel doesnt have commercials?9. Whatiskabuki710 What was the last movie you saw?Finish il.Charlie ChaplinmusicalJames BondHalloweenBritish BroadcastingCorporationSteven SpielbergsoccerLos AngelesCasinos / gamblingdiscoMql.ch1 cage2. barks3. fur4. bitten5. camel6. insect7 puppy8. feathers9 wlngS10. wildFinish1. What is the fastest animal?2. When do owls come out?3. What animal keeps its young ln its pouch?4. How many legs do insects have?5. What animalhas black and white stripes?6. What is a rare animal in China?7. What do mostbirds live in?8 What animal sleeps upside down?9 What has eight legs?10. What is a baby Cat called?Mqlch1 cloudy2 windy3 freezlng4. mild5.flooded6 lightning7 Centigrade8. forecast9 foggy10. monsoonFinish il.1 What do people use when it rains?2 How IS the weather in Kyoto in the summer?3 What klnd of weather does Egypt have?4 What is the weather like in summer in Japan?5 What keeps you Cool in the summer?6 When do maple leaves change color?7 When can cherry blossoms be seen?8 What is the coldest place in Japan?9 What do tropICal countries have a lot of?10. Where do hurricanes start?Mqlch1 Where is Los Angeles?/Sam Francisco?/et?2 What airline will you fly with?3. How many states are there inAmerica?4 What is the biggest state inAmerica?5. Which is smaller, Seattle or New York?6 How many hours IS Los Angeles behind Tbkyo77 What is your favorite place inAmerica?8. Where isthe World Trade Center79, Where were denim Jeans first made?lot Which do you think lS Safeapan or America?FinishCanada and MexICOpresidenEKennedyCokeNew York CityMQIch il.1. nails2. believe3. afrald4. crow5. fortunate6 unlucky7. Bermuda8. witch9 horoscope10 combFinish1. What does UFO stand for72. Who lives in hell?3 Wlt is an unlucky number in America74 What animal is a symbol of long life?5 Who tells you your future76 What doJapanese throw at Setsubun?7 What do Chinese think lS a lucky color?8 What plant is a symbol of good luck?9 What is a lucky number?lot What is an unlucky day?Mqlch1 What universlty did you go to?2 What was your worst subject?3 What club do you belong to?4 Did you have to wear a school uniform?5 Didyou pass thetest?6, How many students were there in yourclass?7 Why do you study English78. How often do you have a school reunion?9 What do you do after school?lot When do you have to hand in your report?Finish il.Mcch1. Mexican2. traditlOna13. state4. nation5 troplCa16 Portuguese7. Roman8. cltizen9. Asia10. tribesFinish1 What does the Canadian flag have on it?2. What is a traditional Russian drink?3. Where is the Rio Carnival?4 What is the natlOn With the most people75 What is the main religlOn in Egypt?6. What does UN stand for?7. Where does Nelson Mandela come from?8 What is the capltal of Indonesia?9 What language does a person from Thailand speak?10 What is the worlds largest country?Published byLongmanAsia ELT2/F Cornwall HouseTaikoo Place979 King's Roadquarry BayHong Kongfax: +852 2856 9578e-mail: aelt@pearsoned.comJlkW.longman.comand Associated Companies throughout the world. 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