Let’s review what we know about the brain:

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Let’s review what we know about the brain:. requires a lot of glucose. generates toxic waste. needs healthy, oxygen-rich blood. EXERCISE!!!. Nebraska Dreamin’. Flap your wings like a Meadowlark. March across the Lewellen bridge. Husk the corn. Wade in the Platte River. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Let’s review what we know about the brain:

  • Lets review what we know about the brain: requires a lot of glucoseEXERCISE!!! generates toxic waste needs healthy, oxygen-rich blood

  • Nebraska DreaminAdapted from California Dreamin at http://www.ncpe4me.com/pdf_files/K-5-Energizers.pdfMarch across the Lewellen bridgeSwim in Lake McConaughyClimb a cottonwood tree

    Flap your wings like a MeadowlarkKnead the kolache doughHusk the cornTrudge across the plainsClimb Panorama Point, the highest point in NEWade in the Platte RiverHit a homerun at Rosenblatt StadiumDig for fossils at the Ashfall Fossil BedsShoot a foul shot at the Bob Devaney Sports Center

  • Stop and Scribble http://www.ncpe4me.com/pdf_files/K-5-Energizers.pdf

    1. Call out physical activity.

    2. FREEZE! and spell your word.

    3. New activity and word!

  • Head, Thorax, Abdomen(To the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes)

    Head, thorax, ab-do-men, ab-do-menHead, tho-rax, ab-do-men, ab-do-men-eh-eh-enSix legs, some wings, and an ex-o-skel-etonHead, thorax, ab-do-men, ab-do-men

    Head, thorax, ab-do-men, ab-do-menHead, tho-rax, ab-do-men, ab-do-men-eh-eh-enBig eyes, small size, and two an-ten-nae, tooHead, thorax, ab-do-men, ab-do-men

    Taken from Growing Up WILD: Exploring Nature with Young Childrennebraskaprojectwild.org

  • Get Physical with Math factsJUMPING JACKSHIGH


  • Ready, Set, FocusYoga movementshttp://teacher.scholastic.com/products/instructor/Oct04_yoga.htm



    If the habit strengthens the brain, jog in place for 15 seconds.If the habit weakens the brain, squat for 5 seconds.

    Drinking caffeineRiding a bike Exercising at least twice a weekNever going outside to play and watching TV all the timeGetting a good nights sleepSkatingNever eating fruits/vegetablesRiding a scooterRepeating things in your mindDoing one thing at a timeStaying up late to cram for a testIgnoring stress in your lifeMeditatingEating potato chips and TwinkiesWondering