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Things To Known About Brain Tumor

Things To Know About Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is an abnormal growth of cells in your brain and tissues close to your brain.

A tumor can be noncancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant).

Tumors that begin in brain itself are called as primary brain tumors.

A Brain Tumor


Exposure to radiations


Unhealthy lifestyle

Risk Factors of Brain CancerThere are certain risk factors that can give rise to a brain tumor, such as

Signs and Symptoms of Brain CancerProblems in vision blurry, double or loss of visionLoss of movement or sensation in arms or legsUnexplained nausea and/or vomitingBehavior and personality changesA kind of brain tumor headacheFrequent and severe headachesDifficulty in balancing the bodyDifficulty in speakingProblems in hearingConfusionSeizures

Brain Cancer DiagnosisNeurological examination

MRI, CT, and PET scan


Brain Cancer TreatmentThe treatment of brain tumor usually depends on the stage, type, size and location of cancerous mass, and your overall health.

Brain Cancer TreatmentSurgical InterventionSurgery is suggested for brain tumor removal.

This helps in reducing the signs and symptoms.

Brain Cancer TreatmentRadiotherapy In radiotherapy, high-energy beans like protons or X-rays are emitted to destroy the tumor cells.

Side effects of radiotherapy depend on the type, frequency, and dose of radiation.

Brain Cancer TreatmentRadiosurgery Surgery is suggested for brain tumor removal.

This helps in reducing the signs and symptoms.

Brain Cancer TreatmentChemotherapy In chemotherapy, cytotoxic drugs are injected in the body intravenously or orally to kill tumor cells.

The most common drugs used for brain tumors are Temozolomide (Temodar) and Lomustine, which are to be taken orally.

Brain Cancer TreatmentTargeted Drug TherapyIn this treatment focuses on certain abnormalities that are present in malignant cells.

Cancer cells die after ingestion of drugs that stop the blood supply to tumor cells.

Rehabilitation After TherapiesBrain lesions or tumors can develop in some areas of the brain, which control speech, vision, thinking, and motor skills.

Rehabilitation is essential for recovery from brain cancer.

Rehabilitation After TherapiesPhysical therapyPhysical therapy to strengthen muscles and motor skills.

Rehabilitation After TherapiesOccupational therapyOccupational therapy helps in carrying out daily chores.

Rehabilitation After TherapiesSpeech therapySpeech therapy may overcome difficulty in speaking.

Rehabilitation After TherapiesBehavioral therapyBehavioral therapy helps to become happy

Brain Cancer PreventionHow to prevent Brain cancer ?

Brain Cancer PreventionAvoid exposure to harmful environmental chemicals

Brain Cancer PreventionEat a well-balanced diet that include essential nutrients

Brain Cancer PreventionExercise regularly to rejuvenate new cells in the body

Brain Cancer PreventionQuit smoking

Brain Cancer PreventionLimit alcohol consumption

Brain Cancer PreventionGet regular check-up for screening

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